MLW Fusion Episode 80 Results Jimmy Havoc's Slaughterhouse Promociones Dorado vs Contra

-We open the show with a video of the Von Erichs talking about how Dynasty and MJF avoided defending their titles against them before saying that their match will be moved to Saturday Night SuperFight in a Texas Tornado Tag Team match.

-We open the show with the intro they've been showing for several weeks for Jimmy Havoc's Slaughterhouse before Jimmy welcomes us to the show and says that there will be a lot of blood and violence.

No Disqualification Trios Blood War Match

Los Haraganes (Animal, Demencia & Silver Star) vs Triple Amenaza (Star Boy, Arandu & Zarco)

Everyone brawls at ringside, in the ring and even in the audience before Los triple up on Zarco and Star Boy before doing the same to Arandu as we go to commercial.

We come back to Demencia and Zarco exchanging chops and kicks until Zarco sweeps Demencia and drops Animal with a right hand before hitting a shotgun dropkick. Zarco runs the ropes and takes out all three of his opponents while never stopping until he sends Silver Star out of the ring and Contra take over the stream before Josef and Jacob talk about Promociones Dorado and LA Park ahead their match at Saturday Night SuperFight.

We return to the ring where Zarco hits a double underhook piledriver for a two count to Star Boy before Arandu puts Star Boy in a submission and Arandu hits a spinebuster for a two count. Animal hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall on Arandu before Zarco is sent out of the ring with a huricanrrana by Silver and Arandu and Zarco miss suicide dives and go through boards set up at ringside. Los then hit Star Boy with three triple powerbombs for the pin and the win.

Winner: Los Haraganes defeat Triple Amenaza via pinfall when they pin Star Boy with three triple powerbombs.

-We get a subtitled promo by LA Park backstage in Spanish before we get a video of Brian Pillman Jr. talking to a young woman poolside about what Low-Ki said to him last week before we go backstage to Jimmy trying to find the two opponents for their street fight and Josef Samael attacks El Hijo de La Park from behind when Jimmy leaves.

Tijuana Street Fight Match

El Hijo de La Park vs Josef Samael

They brawl on the roof outside and Josef sends Hijo into the wide of the building, a poll, a chain link fence and more before Hijo slams Josef through a board hits him with it. They exchange strikes until Hijo throws Josef into a thicker board and stomps him before Josef comes back with chops and right hands until Hijo is attacked by other members of Contra.

Winner: No Contest

Contra then beat on Hijo as we go to commercial before we come back to being told that Hijo has been sent to the hospital before getting a promo by Mance Warner who sets up a Stairway to Hell match between him and Jimmy Havoc at Saturday Night SuperFight.

-Jimmy says that he has studied the match Mance has challenged him to and he's ready and Mance will regret it and that he will enjoy it.

-We get a video package running down the card for Saturday Night SuperFight before we see Dynasty discussing their title defense against the Von Erichs and how they get to pick the stipulation for the match which the Von Erichs made a Texas Tornado Tag Team match.

No Disqualification Pentagram Triple Threat Match

Jimmy Havoc vs Savio Vega vs Damian 666

Savio and Damian double team Jimmy and send him out of the ring before Savio chops Damian across the throat and Jimmy hits Damian with a cookie sheet. Savio drops Damian with a kendo stick and chokes Jimmy in the corner before Damian sends Savio out of the ring and Jimmy crotches Damian with the stick. Jimmy puts a chair into the ring before Damian hits Savio and Jimmy with a blackjack and Vega hits Jimmy and Damian with a trashcan lid and a kendo stick. Damian hits Savio with the blackjack and kendo stick for a quick two count before Damian goes into the chair set up in the corner and Damian headbutts Jimmy in the groin. Jimmy sends Savio out of the ring and pours thumbtacks on a chair before Damian shoves him on the chair and hits a drop toe hold into the chair before Savio bends two trashcan lids over the head of Damian and Jimmy. Savio slams Jimmy across a chair for a two count before Damian chokes Savio with a belt and Savio hits him with the kendo stick to get him off before setting up a table in the ring. Savio lies Jimmy across the table and Jimmy jumps up and crotches him on the top turnbuckle before Damian hits him from behind and superplexes Savio through the table. Jimmy then sends Damian out of the ring and hits the Acid Rainmaker to Savio for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc defeats Savio Vega and Damian 666 via pinfall when he pins Savio with the Acid Rainmaker.

-After the match Jimmy attacks Damian before he's saved by his son Bestia 666 and Jimmy flees as we go off the air.

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