MLW Fusion Episode 88 Results The 2019 Opera Cup Begins with Two Opening Round Matches

-We open the show with Injustice in the ring complaining that they're not in the Opera Cup Tournament before they stage a sit in and King Mo comes out to the ring before he's joined by the returning ACH. Injustice then quickly leave the ring before a tag match is made.

King Mo & ACH vs Injustice (Kotto Brazil & Jordan Oliver)

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Injustice attack Mo and ACH from behind before the match starts and ACH sends Kotto into Jordan before chopping Kotto in the corner. ACH dropkicks Kotto and hops up before Mo comes in and he and ACH double team Kotto. Mo takes Kotto down before Kotto frantically gets to the ropes and ACH comes back in and stomps him in the corner. Injustice send ACH out of the ring and into the railing before ACH slaps Jordan and Kotto and Jordan beat ACH down into a heap in the corner. Injustice isolate ACH and chain together tags and offense until he finally gets the tag to Mo who hits Kotto with a spinebuster and an inverted atomic drop before slamming him down. Kotto counters a powerbomb into a huricanrrana that sends Mo into the ropes before Mo hits a double spear to Injustice. ACH comes back in and takes out Injustice with a series of kicks before he and Mo hits a gut wrench powerbomb into a double ankle lock for the pin and the win.

Winner: King Mo and ACH defeat Injustice via submission when Mo submits Kotto with a double ankle lock.

-We see Konnan in a stairwell from earlier today before we go to Dynasty at the bar and MJF has finally returned to the group after being gone for weeks. MJF then gives Richard giant Apple Airpods for Christmas before Richard gives MJF a small Doppelganger of himself.

Opera Cup Opening Round Match

Timothy Thatcher vs Richard Holliday

They lock up several times before Richard backs Tim into the ropes for a clean break before Tim hits an enzuigiri into a Saito suplex for two. Richard hits a twisting neckbreaker before dropping Tim with a back elbow and rocking him with a forearm and chopping him against the ropes. Tim takes Richard down with a single leg and locks in a single leg Boston crab before transitioning into an ankle lock and they exchange pin attempts for two. Richard stomps Tim and and hits an elbow drop for one before missing a second elbow drop and Tim comes back with clubbing blows and a back elbow for two. They exchange forearms before Richard DDTs Tim for two before Tim rocks Richard in the corner before Richard hits a backbreaker and a spinebuster for two. 

Tim hits a butterfly suplex for a near fall before Richard counters a superplex into a 2008 for a near fall of his own and Tim locks in a Fujiwara armbar out of nowhere and forces Richard to tap for the win.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher defeats Richard Holliday via submission with a Fujiwara armbar to advance to the next round of the Opera Cup.

-We go backstage to an interview with Salina de la Renta before she leaves without answering a question and we get a promo by Mance Warner who sets up a blindfold match between him and Jimmy Havoc as we go to commercial.

-We get a video where the Von Erich brothers talk to their father about what's been going on with Tom Lawlor before he gives them sound advice and we throw to a promo by Contra Unit where Josef talks about their global expansion and Ikuro Kwon's excursion to Japan.

-We get a subtitled promo by The Wild Hearts from Dragon Gate who are coming to MLW.

Opera Cup Opening Round Match

TJP vs Brian Pillman Jr.

They kick things off by grappling before they exchange wrist locks and Brian locks in a head scissors before TJP stands on his head to get free. TJP sends Brian out of the ring with a huricanrrana before hitting a backbreaker once they're back in the ring. TJP tries to pin the shoulders of Brian down to the mat before he hits him with rapid kicks and locks in a sharpshooter. TJP transition into a Muta lock before Brian gets free and TJP locks in an octopus stretch. Brian counters into a stretch muffler before TJP rolls him up for two before TJP does a Pentagon style arm breaker. TJP hit a belly to back suplex and goes to the top turnbuckle before he misses, but catches himself before Brian drops him with running forearms and chops.

Brian hits a tilt-a-whirl powerslam for a near fall before TJP hits a tornado DDT and TJP superkicks Brian off or the apron and down onto the floor when he goes for a springboard. Brian knocks TJP away and climbs the top turnbuckle before TJP goes after him and TJP hits a superplex into a brainbuster for a near fall. TJP drops Brian with a buzz saw kick for a near fall before locking in the TJP Clutch and transitioning into a rings of Saturn when Brian tries to get to the ropes with one arm. Brian gets to the ropes for the break with his free arm before TJP kicks Brian in the leg and Brian chops TJP. They then go back and forth with strikes until TJP hits a t-bone suplex and Brian hits a kamigoye into the Dire Promise for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brian Pillman Jr. defeats TJP via pinfall with the Dire Promise to advance to the next round of the Opera Cup.

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