MLW Fusion Episode 94 Results Jimmy Havoc vs Mance Warner in a Barbed Wire Rope Match

-We open the show with Contra Unit coming out to the ring to start the show before Davey Boy Smith Jr and Brian Pillman Jr attack them and clear the ring.

Injustice vs Drago & Puma King vs Taurus & Low Rider

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Drago and Puma clear the ring before Low drops Puma and hits a springboard flipping senton to the outside. Taurus comes back in and runs over Drago and Puma before Low hits a springboard splash for two. Injustice double up on Low for two before Jordan hits a snap mare into a dropkick to the back of the neck. Puma gets the blind tag and hits Kotto with a flap jack before powerbombing Jordan and he and Drago clear the ring. Taurus rushes in and chops Puma and Drago before Drago hits a huricanrrana and Puma locks in a camel clutch.

Puma hits a code breaker into a tornado DDT by Drago for two before Injustice take out Puma and Low breaks up a pin on Drago. Low hits a springboard code breaker before Taurus hits a backbreaker and he and Low hit a diving back stabber powerbomb combo. Drago then pins Low for the pin and the win after Puma takes out Taurus at ringside.

Winner: Puma King & Drago defeat Low Rider, Taurus and Injustice via pinfall.

-We get a video package for the Barbed Wire Ropes match in tonight's main event before we get a video package for the Hart Foundation and Contra.

Chandler Hopkins vs Low-Ki

Low-Ki goes for a single leg, but Chandler quickly backs into the ropes for the break before they exchange wrist and head locks. The two lock up and Chandler backs Low-Ki into the corner and onto the top turnbuckle before Low-Ki applies an armbar in the ropes. Chandler locks in a hammer lock before Low-Ki hits a massive mule kick and chops Chandler in the corner before countering a huricanrrana for two. Chandler hits a spike huricanrrana into a rolling flat liner for two before hitting an ushigaroshi before missing a shooting star press. Low-Ki then chokes Chandler unconscious for the referee stoppage and the win.

Winner:Low-Ki defeats Chandler Hopkins via referee stoppage.

-After the match Low-Ki shakes Chandler's hand after he comes around before we go backstage to an interview with Davey Boy Smith Jr, then one with Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini who's seeming joined Team Filthy. We then get a graphic for the forthcoming Erick Stevens as we get a run-down of the card for Fightland next month.

-We get highlights of the Von Erichs winning the tag titles at Saturday Night SuperFight by defeating The Dynasty before we go to a backstage interview with MJF and Grogan.

-We get highlights of a barbed wire match from 2003 before we go backstage to Jimmy Havoc and Priscilla Kelly ahead of Jimmy's Barbed Wire Rope match in this week's main event.

Barbed Wire Rope Match

Jimmy Havoc w/Priscilla Kelly vs Mance Warner

They rush each other with their respective weapons; Mance a chair and Jimmy a barbed wire covered baseball bat before they back each other into the barbed wire ropes. Mance whips Jimmy into the wire and drags his forehead across it before hitting a drop toe hold onto it as we see Jimmy now cut open. Mance hits Jimmy in the back with a chair before Jimmy hits a sit-out facebuster into a suplex into the barbed wire. Priscilla gives Jimmy a staple gun before he staples Mance and whips him in the ropes before ripping his shirt off. Jimmy staples Mance's shirt to his back before ripping it off and Priscilla hands Jimmy wire cutters before he cuts some of the wires off.

Jimmy chokes Mance with the barbed wire before putting it into his mouth and pulling back on it as Mance pours blood. Jimmy hits Mance with the barbed wire wrapped baseball bat before Jimmy hits a curb stomp for two as Priscilla tosses several chairs into the ring. Jimmy and Mance hit each other in the groin with the bat before Mance hits a uranage onto a chair on its side for two. Mance sets up a piece of plywood that Priscilla put into the ring in the corner before Jimmy hits a DVD through it for a near fall. Jimmy sets up plywood between two chairs before Mance hits a chokeslam through the board for a near fall.

Mance then wraps barbed wire around his arm before knocking the powder Jimmy has in his hands in Jimmy's eyes and hits a lariat before he piles up chairs and hits a piledriver onto them for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mance Warner defeats Jimmy Havoc via pinfall with a piledriver onto a pile of chairs.

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