MLW Fusion Episode #97 Results The Von Erichs vs The Dynasty for the MLW World Tag Team Championship

Septimo Dragon w/Konnan vs Gino Medina

They dodge each other before Septimo hits a moonsault off of the apron into a superkick and a suicide dive. Septimo rolls Gino back into the ring for two before they run the ropes and they each miss several kicks before doing flips. Gino teases a handshake, but Septimo doesn't bite and hits a huricanrrana before Septimo walks on his hands and hits another huricanrrana. Gino slams Septimo against the ropes for two before chopping him across the chest and hitting a snap mare into a rear chin lock. Gino stomps Septimo and plays to the crowd before hitting him with open hand palm strikes in the corner and whipping him across the ring.

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Septimo catches Gino coming in and hits a springboard arm drag before Gino rocks Septimo with a whirlwind kick for two. Gino goes outside and turns his attention to Konnan before Septimo hits an Asai moonsault and superkicks Gino. Septimo puts Gino back I to the ring and hits a kick into a Spanish fly for two before Gino counters a fireman's carry and sends Septimo onto the apron. Septimo then hits a tornado DDT for two before missing a diving stomp and Gino hits snake eyes before pinning Septimo with an inside cradle with his feet on the ropes.

Winner: Gino Medina defeats Septimo Dragon via pinfall.

-After the match Gino and Richard attack Septimo and Konnan before ripping his mask off and Konnan runs them off with a blackjack.

-We then go outside to Mance Warner who's been barred from the building due to the dress code as we go to commercial.

-We get a vignette for Erick Stevens who is set to debut next week.

MLW National Openweight Championship Match

Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs Aerostar

Alex drives Aero into the corner before Aero hits a missile dropkick into a springboard trust fall and sends Alex over the top rope and out of the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back to see that Alex powerbombed Aero onto the apron during the break before we come back to Aero on control. Aero hits an enzuigiri into a diving corkscrew cross body and Aero counters the Nightmare Pendulum into a small package for a near fall. Aero hits a rolling cutter for a near fall before Alex crotches him on the top rope and Alex hits a superplex into a bicycle kick and a German suplex. Aero counters a powerbomb into a sunset flip for a near fall before Alex rips off Aerostar's mask and rolls him up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Alexander Hammerstone retains his MLW National Openweight championship by defeating Aerostar via pinfall. 

-After the match Konnan yells at Alex before helping Aerostar to the back as Alex holds the mask of Aero and the title in the air. We then get another segment of Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini in Dallas, Texas.

-We get another promo by Mance Warner before we have a video package for Killer Kross and a promo by Contra Unit before it's announced that Jacob will defend his MLW World Heavyweight Championship against CIMA in three weeks.

-We get a graphic for the Von Erichs being interviewed in the Dallas Morning News before they're interviewed alongside Davey Boy Smith Jr backstage where they talk about the unity between the Von Erichs and the Hart Foundation.

-Mance tries to get into the building and is stopped by Grogan before Mance bribes him with beer and convinces him to leave before Mance makes his way into the arena.

-We get a video package for the return of La Park soon before we get a video package for The Dynasty before we're told about King Mo will be in action and Erick Stevens will take on Douglas James in his MLW debut as well as Tom Lawlor versus Ross Von Erich.

MLW World Tag Team Championship Match

The Von Erichs (c) vs The Dynasty (MJF & Richard Holliday)

MJF and Richard attack the Von Erichs as they're making their way out to the ring before beating on them at ringside until they toss Ross in the ring and double up on him. The Dynasty isolate Ross and mock Marshall who tries to enter the match several times, inadvertently distracting the referee and allowing MJF and Richard to capitalize. Richard pulls Marshall off of the apron before he gets back up and Ross finally tags him in and Marshall drops MJF and Richard with right hands and clotheslines before hitting Richard with a cannonball in the corner and a discus lariat for two. MJF is sent out of the ring before Ross hits a flipping senton over the top rope off of Richard's back before Marshall sets Richard on the top turnbuckle. Richard hits an avalanche corkscrew neckbreaker off of the top before MJF hits a diving splash for a near fall that Ross breaks up.

Alex makes his way down to the ring only to be attacked by Mance with a chair before Mance and Gino brawl to the back. Richard is sent out of the ring before MJF tries to shake hands with the Von Erichs and Marshall applies the Claw before he and Ross hit a combination Claw back suplex to MJF for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Von Erichs retain their MLW World Tag Team Championship by defeating The Dynasty via pinfall.

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