MLW Fusion Episode Episode 29 Results Hart Foundation vs Rich Swann, ACH & Marko Stunt

-Konnan comes out to the ring and says that Salina de la Renta made sure that the Lucha Bros couldn't be at the show before she and Ricky Martinez interrupt him. They go back and forth until Puma King comes out and he and Ricky have a match.

Ricky Martinez vs Puma King

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Puma hits an enzuigiri before Ricky gets out of the ring and Puma hits a springboard cross body, Puma rolling him back in the ring for a diving cross body for a quick two count. Ricky attacks Puma from behind when he gets distracted by Salina before smashing the face of Puma into the mat repeatedly for a quick one count. They run the ropes until Puma hits a flap jack into a superkick and Ricky hits a lung blower for a quick two count. Ricky hits a huricanrrana and catches Puma up on the top turnbuckle, Puma hitting a frankenteiner into a springboard dropkick for a near fall when Ricky takes too long to hit a diving stomp. Ricky then hits a code breaker for a near fall before hitting an enzuigiri and Puma hits a powerbomb off of the top for the pin and the win.

Winner: Puma King defeats Ricky Martinez via pinfall with an avalanche powerbomb.

Brody King vs Tommy Dreamer

They lock up to start the match before Brody drops him with a shoulder block and Tommy comes back with a series of right hands. Brody hits a back suplex and gets caught when he goes for a tope to the outside before Tommy spits water in his face, King crotching him on the railing. Tommy gets back in the ring at the count of five, King immediately stomping him down in the corner before clotheslining him for a quick two count. Brody hits a running European uppercut into a running senton for a quick two count before hitting a scoop slam and missing a moonsault off of the top. They exchange strikes until Tommy hits a cutter for a near fall, Brody hitting a spinning flat liner for a near fall.

Tommy hits a DDT for a near fall, Brody getting his foot on the rope before getting a cheese grater out from under the ring. King then low blows Tommy before hitting a piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brody King defeats Tommy Dreamer via pinfall with a piledriver.

Rich Swann, ACH & Marko Stunt vs The Hart Foundation

Brian gets started with ACH, the two grappling and exchanging one counts until ACH hits a few chops and a dropkick. Teddy and Rich come in next and Teddy immediately takes the high flier Swann down, Swann getting to his feet and coming back with a dropkick before they run the ropes and Teddy hits a powerslam. Marko tags himself in and jumps off of Rich on his knees into an MX on Teddy before hitting a code breaker on Brian and Davey comes in. Davey puts Marko in a torture rack before clearing the ring and Teddy hitting a moonsault off of the top onto Swann, ACH and Stunt at ringside. Davey chops Marko at ringside before tossing him back in the ring and hits two scoop slams for a quick two count.

Davey hits an overhead belly to back suplex before Teddy hits a Canadian destroyer and a release dragon suplex. Brian hits a Michinoku driver for a near fall before ACH gets the tag and hits a leg sweep into a jumping foot stomp for a quick two count. Brian hits a springboard dropkick before ACH tags in Swann who takes out Teddy and Brian with a double handspring cutter. ACH and Rich hit topes to the outside before Teddy sends Marko into the ring post, Rich getting a near fall on Brian. Everyone hits a move before the Hart Foundation hit a Doomsday Destroyer into Open Hart Surgery for a very close near fall.

Swann then hits a 450 splash for a near fall before the Hart Foundation hits a blockbuster powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Hart Foundation defeats Rich Swann, ACH & Marko Stunt via pinfall when Teddy pins Marko with an assisted blockbuster powerbomb.


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