MLW Fusion Results for 1/27/21 Caribbean Championship Strap Match

Hey Fight Fans, it's time for tonight's edition of MLW Fusion!

- We open tonight's show with a video package for Savio Vega and Richard Holliday in a Caribbean Strap Match for the Caribbean Championship.

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- We get a video package promo by Josef Samael and Daivari of Contra Unit.

AAA Cruiserweight Championship Match

Laredo Kid (c) vs Zenshi

They shake hands before the match before Laredo backs Zenshi into the corner for a clean break before Zenshi turns it around and backs Laredo into the corner. Laredo locks in a front headlock before they flip around the ring and Zenshi hits a basement dropkick into a hang spring kick. Zenshi hits a running shooting star press off of the apron before tossing the champion back inside and hitting a slingshot corkscrew senton for two. Laredo comes back with an enzuigiri into a shotgun missile dropkick before Zenshi rolls out of the ring and Laredo hits a Driver onto the floor. Laredo hits a 450 off of the apron for two before hitting a running forearm in the corner into a suplex before hitting a moonsault before Zenshi gets his knees up for the second one. 

Zenshi plants Laredo and hits a running shooting star for two before they exchange strikes until Laredo hits a Destroyer out of nowhere for a near fall. Zenshi then catches Laredo up top and rips him down for two before going up top and Laredo slaps him before hitting a Spanish Fly for the pin and the win.

Winner: Laredo Kid retains his AAA Cruiserweight Championship by defeating Zenshi via pinfall.

- After the match Laredo says that he's come to MLW to become the World Middleweight champion, issuing a challenge to Lio Rush.

- We get a recap of Injustice ambushing Contra Unit last week at the end of the show before we get a monochrome taped promo by Myron Reed.

- We get this week's PWI top ten with Low Ki, Tom Lawlor, and Alex Hammerstone as three, two, and one, respectively.

- We get a recap of Tom Lawlor costing the Von Erichs their MLW World Tag Team titles when he conspired with Los Parks two weeks ago.

- We then go to a taped promo by the Von Erich family in Hawaii where they tell their dad that they've got unfinished business with Tom Lawlor and are going to get the belts back. We then have a subtitled promo by Los Parks in their gym.

- We get a graphic for TJP teaming up with his disciple Bu Ku Dao up next as well as our Caribbean Championship main event.

- Gino Medina shows up to the arena and says that he's there to see Richard Holliday lose to Savio Vega.

- We get a graphic for Alex Hammerstone and Mads Krügger in a Baklei Brawl next week.

- We get a taped promo by Tom Lawlor who says that Team Filthy had nothing to do with the attack on ACH last week.

Violence is Forever (Dominick Garrini & Kevin Ku) vs TJP & Bu Ku Dao

Dom and Bu kick things off before VIF isolate Bu briefly and Bu comes back with a head scissors into a suplex before TJP slams Bu onto Kevin. Bu gets backed into the ropes before Dom comes in and VIF hit an uppercut into a German suplex before Dom grounds Bu. Kevin locks in an abdominal stretch and chops Bu in the throat before VIF double up on Bu for two before Bu comes back with a crucifix bomb. Bu gets the hot tag to TJP who hits Kevin with a tornado DDT and clotheslines Dom before dropkicking him and hits an arm drag into a head scissors. TJP hits several suplexes before going up top and Dom knocks him down from behind before Bu comes in and locks in a cross face.

TJP and Bu then lock in submissions before everyone hits a move before Bu hits a diving flat liner into a Mamba Splash by TJP for the pin and the win.

Winner: TJP and Bu Ku Dao defeat Violence is Forever via pinfall.

- After the match we get a graphic for the announcement of TJP and Bu challenging Los Parks for the MLW World Tag Team titles.

- We get a promo by King Mo in the hospital where he says that he may end up killing Low Ki if they ever have a match.

- Backstage Richard Holliday cuts a promo on Savio Vega ahead of their title match.

Caribbean Heavyweight Championship Strap Match

Richard Holliday (c) vs Savio Vega

Richard immediately touches two of the four turnbuckles you need to win before Savio pulls him down onto the mat and chokes him. Savio hits three turnbuckles before they have a tug of war and Richard whips Savio across the back with the strap before hitting three of the four turnbuckles. Savio blocks Richard's way before choking him and Richard digs his thumb into his eyes before hitting a back suplex. Richard spills out of the ring before Richard snaps Savio's throat across the top rope before hitting a diving clothesline. Richard touches three buckles before Savio turns him inside out with the strap before hitting three buckles and Savio clotheslines Richard.

Savio chokes Richard on the mat before whipping him and hog tying Richard with the strap before hitting three turnbuckles. Richard clotheslines and falls on top of Savio before they clothesline each other and Savio nearly wins before the referee gets in the way. Richard then goes around behind Savio who has a hold of the referee before hitting the fourth buckle for the pin and the win.

Winner: Richard Holliday retains his Caribbean Championship by defeating Savio Vega when he touches all four turnbuckles.

- After the match the referee leaves with Richard before he's interviewed backstage with the referee he knows by name as we go off the air.


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