New Japan Pro Wrestling On AXS TV 10/14 IWGP Jr Tag Titles Match & Katsuyori Shibata vs Tomohiro Ishii NEVER Openweight Title Match

IWGP Jr.Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Match 

Matt starts off with Fish then tags in Nick, the two doing some double teaming on Bobby, Nick tagging Matt back in then he tags Nick back in, the two tagging in and out frequently. Bobby tags in Kyle then Nick tags in Sydal, Kyle hitting him with a series of strikes then Rocky tags himself in, he and Baretta double teaming Sydal. Baretta drops Sydal with a series of chops then Baretta hits him, but Matt tags himself in, Baretta taking out everyone on the outside. Riochet gets in and he and Sydal do a double standing moonsault on Nick then then Matt sends them to the outside. reDragon double team The Bucks then Kyle puts a standing armbar in the ropes then Sydal, Matt and Rocky dive out to the outside. Cody Hall hits a Razors Edge to the outside and tosses Ricochet onto everyone out there. The Bucks do some double teaming on Ricochet then Matt gets a close 2 count off of a draped senton off the top rope as we go to commercial.

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Sydal and Ricochet are in control as we come back then Ricochet takes out Hall on the outside. Ricochet gets a very close 2 count off of a 450 splash. reDragon come in and take out Sydal then Nick for a close 2 count, but Cody yanks Fish out of the ring to break up the pin. They hit a quadruple suplex where everyone finds a partner and does a suplex basically. Rocky drops everyone with clotheslines, first in every corner then double clotheslines. Rocky gets a close 2 count  then Rocky dives onto reDragon on the outside as Matt hits a canadian destroyer then Ricochet hits a pele kick, the two hitting shooting star presses as Matt Jackson tags himself in then they hit More Bang For Your Buck for the pin and the win. Great fast paced match.

Winner: The Young Bucks via pinfall with More Bang For Your Buck

Katsuyori Shibata vs Tomohiro Ishii NEVER Openweight Championship Match

They start off the match instantly with each other hitting each other then Ishii drops Shibata then goes for a sliding lariat, but Shibata gets out of the way. They exchange forearms in the center of the ring then Shibata turns Ishii inside out with a running knee, Shibata kicking Ishii on the back of the head until he gets up and drops him, hitting Shibata with a kick to the back; Ishii sitting down and telling him to kick him and he does, the two alternating this for half a minute at least. Next they exchange chops, Shibata getting dropped with one to the throat then kips up and drops Ishii with a right hand. Ishii gets up and hits a back suplex then kicks Shibata in the side of the head, chopping him and hitting him with forearm shots in the corner. Ishii runs into Shibata, but Shibata turns him around and hits him with forearms, the two running to the center and Shibata dropping Ishii with a yakuza kick. Shibata goes for an octopus hold, but Ishii gets to the ropes quickly, Shibata following up quickly with kicks in the corner, scrubbing his boot across the face of Ishii then as soon as he gets up, hitting him with a series of forearms, Ishii knocking Shibata into the corner and hitting him with forearms and slaps to the face. They exchange forearms yet again and Ishii falls back into the corner, Shibata hitting him with more forearms then a dropkick, but Ishii is right up and drops Shibata with a lariat as we go to commercial.

Shibata hits a floatover suplex for a quick 2 count then transitions into an armbar then a triangle armbar, but Ishii gets to the ropes. Shibata kicks him in the arm and chest then they exchange lariats and kicks, the two not stopping until someone falls, Shibata dropping Ishii with a kick then he drops Shibata with a clothesline then Shibata hits a deadlift german suplex. They exchange chops and kicks next, Ishii hitting a powerbomb for a close 2 count. Ishii puts Shibata on the top rope then Shibata goes for a kimura then Ishii knocks him down, following up with a missile dropkick. Ishii drops Shibata again with a sliding lariat, but Shibata kicks out at 2. Shibata hits a suplex on Ishii, but immediately falls to the mat, both of them exhausted by this point as we go to commercial.

Shibata hits a death valley driver for a quick 2 count then puts on a rear naked choke, but Ishii gets to the ropes. Shibata goes for the PK, but Ishii dodges it then catches another kick and hits Shibata with a headbutt, dropping him. They exchange headbutts in the center of the ring then Shibata hits a perfect dropkick, Ishii turning him inside out with a lariat as soon as he gets up for a very close 2 count. They exchange kicks then Shibata hits the PK for the pin and the win, they went to war for 17 minutes!

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata via pinfall with the PK

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