NJPW ON AXS TV 2/24 KUSHIDA VS Will Ospreay IWGP Jr.Heavyweight Championship Match & More!

The Briscoes vs The Guerrillas of Destiny IWGP Championship Match

Mark and Loa start it off, rolling around then Tonga backs Mark into the corner and stomps on him. Mark makes his comeback and chops Tonga repeatedly before tagging Jay in. Jay drops Tonga repeatedly then tags Mark back in, the two tagging in and out frequently and isolating Tonga in their corner. Tonga tags Loa in and Loa turns Mark inside out before GOD start tagging in and out. Tonga gets tagged back in and the Briscoes double team Tonga before GOD hit Mark with a double team move for a quick 2 count. GOD then follow up with a doomsday powerbomb for a near fall that Jay breaks up, Mark then hits Loa with shotgun dropkick into a brainbuster for a near fall. Mark tags Jay in and hits Loa with the Jay Driller for a near fall, following up with a doomsday device for the pin and the win.

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Winner: The Briscoes via pinfall

-After the match Hangman Page and Yujiro attack Mark and Jay then hold up the belts.

Katsuyori Shibata vs Yuji Nagata NEVER Openweight Championship Match

They do a lot of grappling for a clean break, then drop each other with kicks as we see Shinya Aoki at ringside. Shibata hits a snapmare into an armbar, but Yuji counters, Shibata countering immediately into a hammerlock then a variation of a Nagata Lock, Nagata dead set on not tapping to his own move. Yuji gets out then Shibata kicks him before hitting him with a series of forearms that drops Nagata to the mat. Shibata hits a series of kicks, then runs the ropes, but Nagata hits a kitchen sink before dropping Shibata with a kick of his own. Nagata then hits Shibata with a series of kicks, Shibata telling him to keep it up, standing up, but is soon dropped with the last one. Nagata hits Shibata with a forearm in the corner then a running big boot, Shibata whipping him into the opposite corner and hitting him with the same kick. Shibata hits Nagata repeatedly in the corner with a series of forearms then a running dropkick. Shibata hits a float over suplex for a quick 2 count, then they exchange forearms before hitting each other with kicks and suplexes, Shibata finishing it with an STO as the crowd erupts. Shibata tries to lock in an octopus stretch, but Nagata counters, then Shibata immediately puts him into a sleeper, but Nagata powers out of it. Shibata kicks Yuji then hits a bridging back suplex for a near fall, immediately going for the PK afterwards, but Nagata counters and puts him in a Fujiwara armbar, doing his best Undertaker impression and rolling his eyes into the back of his head. Shibata gets his foot on the rope, then Nagata kicks him right in the arm, dropping him. Nagata hits Shibata with a series of knees in the corner, then hits a back drop suplex for a near fall as we go to skip forward in the match.

Nagata hits a brainbuster, then a PK of his own, the two then exchanging strikes before Shibata locks in a sleeper, following up with his own PK for the the pin and the win.

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata via pinfall

KUSHIDA vs Will Ospreay IWGP Jr.Heavyweight Championship Match

They lock up immediately for a clean break, then exchange flips and wrist locks before exchanging spinning headlocks. KUSHIDA focuses on the ankle of Will, following up with a surfboard stretch, but Will gets out of it. They exchange wrist locks and headlocks again before they both do several flips, KUSHIDA dropkicking Will at the end. They do more flipping, then KUSHIDA counters a head scissor by kicking Will in the arm. Will gets out of the ring, but KUSHIDA goes right out and puts him back in before locking in a Hoverboard Lock, Will powering out and trying for a brainbuster, but KUSHIDA counters that. Will hits a handspring roundhouse kick, then an enzuigiri into a springboard forearm and finally a flip over the top ropes that takes KUSHIDA out and to the floor. Will hits a standing corkscrew moonsault for a near fall once they're back in the ring, then hits a running forearm in the corner into a Cheeky Nandos, but KUSHIDA counters it and kicks Will in the injured left arm. KUSHIDA kicks it again when Will tries to grab him, then they exchange strikes, Will hitting KUSHIDA with a flurry of strikes. KUSHIDA sends Will out of the ring then hits a rolling senton, KUSHIDA getting right back into the ring, Will taking to the count of 19 to get back in. KUSHIDA meets him with a missile dropkick immediately, then goes for a moonsault, but Will gets his knees up as we go to commercial.

They exchange strikes as we come back with Will getting the upper hand until KUSHIDA hits a sunset flip for a near fall. Will catches KUSHIDA, then tosses him away before hitting a standing moonsault and a phoenix splash for a near fall of his own. Will hits a Cheeky Nandos, then a spinning kick before they exchange strikes, Will hitting a standing Spanish fly, but KUSHIDA counters right into an armbar. Will powers out of it, then hits another phoenix splash, following up with an attempted OsCutter, but KUSHIDA counters into the Hoverboard Lock for the tap and the win.

Winner: KUSHIDA via submission

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