NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors 24 Day One Results: The Tournament Kicks Off With All 16 Competitors In Action

NJPW BOTSJ Block B Match: Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru

The match begins with Kanemaru locking Taguchi in the headlock, Taguchi breaks free and he trips up a charging Kanemaru. Taguchi starts nailing Kanemaru with his patented hip attacks, Kanemaru then sends a charging Taguchi around the ring until he gets tired and falls to the ground. Taguchi looks for some rest and Kanemaru stomps away on him, Kanemaru then catches a leaping Taguchi before dropping him with a back suplex. Kanemaru brings Taguchi to the arena floor before planting him with a DDT, Kanemaru places Taguchi on the ring apron before nailing him with a drop kick. Kanemaru tortures Taguchi further by simply standing on top of his head, Kanemaru locks Taguchi in the camel clutch as he hunts for the submission finish.

Kanemaru releases the submission so he can stomp away on a downed Taguchi, Kanemaru starts focusing his attack on the behind of Taguchi. Kanemaru drags Taguchi back to the mat before locking him in a head scissors, Taguchi eventually gets to the ropes to get out of the head scissors. Kanemaru goes right back to stomping away on a downed Taguchi, Taguchi tries fighting back and Kanemaru sends him flying across the ring. Taguchi then drops a charging Kanemaru with a flying hip attack, Taguchi follows that up by nailing Kanemaru with a series of running hip attacks. Taguchi then catches Kanemaru with a springboard hip attack for a near fall, Taguchi starts taunting Kanemaru and Kanemaru nails him with a drop kick in the corner.

Kanemaru and Taguchi exchange a series of clotheslines and hip attacks, Taguchi tries taunting Kanemaru again and Kanemaru nails him with another drop kick. Kanemaru follows that up by nailing Taguchi with a tornado DDT and a reverse DDT for a near fall, Kanemaru then hits Taguchi with his diving DDT from the middle rope for a near fall. Kanemaru misses an enzaguri and Taguchi catches him in an ankle lock and then Taka Michinoku hits the ring to distract the referee. This allows Kanemaru and Taguchi to exchange low blows, Taguchi knocks Kanemaru into Michinoku and rolls him up for the three count.

Winner: Ryusuke Taguchi

NJPW BOTSJ Block A Match: Hiromu Takahashi vs. Dragon Lee

The match begins with the wrestlers exchanging a ton of chops in the middle of the ring, Lee catches Takahashi with some forearm strikes as well. Takahashi goes for a hurricarana and Lee winds up landing on his feet, Lee then knocks Takahashi out of the ring with a hurricarana of his own. Takahashi gets to the ring apron and Lee nails him with another hurricarana that knocks them both to the arena floor, Lee then hits Takahashi with a suicide dive. Lee throws Takahashi back into the ring and he locks him in the Boston crab, Lee traps Takahashi in the corner while assaulting him with strikes and a running drop kick for a near fall. Takahashi recovers and he propels a charging Lee into the corner, Takahashi stomps on a downed Lee before nailing him with a running clothesline into a drop kick for a near fall.

Takahashi then traps Lee and he tries ripping the mask off of his face, Takahashi slows things down by pulling back on the arms of Lee. Lee recovers by dropping Takahashi with a knee lift before nailing him with a running drop kick to the face, Takahashi rolls out of the ring and Lee gives chase. Lee eventually catches Takahashi with a sunset flip power bomb on the arena floor, Lee gets back into the ring and Takahashi follows him in there a short time later. Lee then hits Takahashi with a suplex into a tiger driver for a near fall, Lee traps Takahashi on the top rope. They both come off the top rope and then take turns nailing each other with German suplexes, Takahashi and Lee then start exchnaging strikes while on their knees. Takahashi and Lee get to their feet and they continue exchanging blows, Lee then drops Takahashi with a knee strike to the face.

Lee goes back up to the top rope and Takahashi meets him up there, Takahashi goes for a top rope victory roll and Lee counters with a double stomp for a near fall. Lee looks for his modified tiger bomb and Takahashi counters with a guillotine choke, Lee eventually gets to the ropes to break the choke. Takahashi then hits Lee with a fireman’s carry side slam for a near fall, Takahashi follows that up by hitting Lee with a death valley driver into the corner. Takahashi again looks to rip the mask off of the face of Lee, Lee catches Takahashi with a roll up for a near fall. Lee and Takahashi exchange roll ups for a series of near falls, Takahashi then gets into yet another striking exchange with Lee, Takahashi crushes Lee with a second rope destroyer for a near fall.

Takahashi picks up Lee and he nails him with another death valley driver into the corner, Takahashi then cracks Lee with a wheelbarrow slam. Takahashi looks for another destroyer and Lee counters with a death valley driver into the corner, Lee catches Takahashi with his finisher to get the three count.

Winner: Dragon Lee