NJPW The New Beginning in Osaka Results: Jay White Challenges Hiroshi Tanahashi and More!

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title

Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Taiji Ishimori (C)

Grappling exchanges got this one started, with Taguchi taking control early until Ishimori's strength came to the fore. He soon got himself into trouble though, almost being caught in the Ankle Lock but scurrying to the outside. A dropkick then put Ishimori back on top and he taunted right back at Taguchi, frustrating the challenger in the process. Ishimori's speed then furthered his momentum, flurrying big before slowing things down as well. The champion's dominance continued too, countering Taguchi's hip attacks until a dropkick turned the tide.

A big dive to the outside followed, with an urgent Taguchi next hitting a springboard dropkick also. Another aerial attack to the floor then kept Taguchi on top, with the challenger soon returning things to the ring and hitting Three Amigos for 2. However, Ishimori fired back out of nowhere, landing a handstand kick to regain control and then hitting his sliding German suplex as well. Taguchi avoided the double knees though, scoring a counter and applying the Ankle Lock until Taiji reached the bottom rope.

Bummer Ye came next and then the Ankle Lock again but before long, Ishimori had came back, hitting Bloody Cross but being unable to get the cover. Instead, Taguchi countered, re-applying the Ankle Lock in emphatic fashion. As Ishimori approached the bottom rope, Taguchi shifted gears, hitting Dodon instead for 2. Ishimori then powered himself back into things regardless, landing a massive lariat to leave both men floored. The champion was up first though, landing his double knees in the corner and scoring with a Death Valley Driver for 2.

Taguchi briefly rallied, looking for Dodon again until Ishimori countered, hitting Bloody Cross for the win.

Winner and STILL Champion: Taiji Ishimori

Post-match, Ishimori challenged Jushin Thunder Liger and the legend accepted, saying that he's ready "anywhere, anytime."

Bad Luck Fale vs. Kazuchika Okada

Okada jumped Fale at the bell, flurrying early but then running into a big boot for his troubles. Either way, Okada then rallied, evading his foe and hitting a big dive too. However, Chase Owens' distraction allowed Fale to turn the tide, tackling Okada and retrieving a chair while in the meantime, Yujiro and Owens went to work. 'The Rainmaker' avoided a potential count-out loss but Fale continued to dominate regardless, attacking Okada's back and using strikes to stay on top. A back body drop came next, sending Okada to the floor and forcing him to barely break the count again.

After failing to do so on multiple occasions, Okada then landed the big body slam, finally turning the tide and setting up some of his signature offense. Fale's power regained him control though, landing a Samoan Drop for 2. Okada avoided the follow-up Bad Luck Fall regardless, countering and then kipping up to flurry with forearms. Fale's own forearms rocked Okada but that didn't deter the former champion, with Okada landing a dropkick and then the elbow drop also. Fale countered Rainmaker either way, landing an emphatic clothesline for 2.

The big splash came next but Okada again survived, next escaping Bad Luck Fall and hitting a missile dropkick too. As he began to think Tombstone Piledriver though, Owens interfered. In the meantime, Fale pulled Red Shoes into Okada's forearm and BULLET CLUB seized, going to work on Okada right away. However, YOSHI-HASHI then made the save, clearing the ring until Fale flattened him. With the match's participants now remaining alone, Fale scored with a sudden spear but failed to hit Bad Luck Fall again, with Okada landing a dropkick to regain control.

Fale had an answer for Rainmaker regardless, landing with his Grenade for 2. Frustrated, Fale then headed up top but Okada cut him off, heading up to land a superplex! The Rainmaker came next and as a result, Okada had scored the pivotal win.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada

IWGP Heavyweight Title

Jay White vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (C)

As the bell sounded, White opted out, bailing to the outside and taunting the champion too. The opening lock-up soon commenced either way, with White almost landing Blade Runner early until Tanahashi fought to the ropes. He then wrestled his way back into things also, taking control with a headlock until White used a pull of the hair to shift things. Tanahashi continued to evade White's focus on his knees though, constantly fighting free to maintain control until a Gedo interference allowed White to seize.

That resulted in White suplexing Tanahashi to the floor, damaging his knee in the process. At home on the outside, White now went to work, using the barricade and apron to his advantage before celebrating his handy work. The knee soon became White's focus once again also, with the challenger constantly cutting Tanahashi off while dominating proceedings too. This included a suplex onto one of the announce tables as Tanahashi landed knee-first. Tanahashi barely broke the count but rallied regardless, landing some forearms to slightly regain momentum.

The somersault senton came next and Tanahashi then focused on White's leg as well, landing a dropkick to the knee but then being stopped in his tracks via flatliner. White followed up too, landing a sharp German suplex and then the Blade Buster for 2. The challenger then unleashed a salvo of strikes, trapping Tanahashi in the ropes and battering him as a result. Tanahashi's own focused attack also continued, using the ropes to land an emphatic dragon screw leg whip. The crossbody to the floor came next but a Gedo distraction reset things.

Tanahashi used White to take Gedo out and a flurry of counters followed before eventually, the champion landed Twist and Shout on three occasions. White evaded slingblade though, stumbling around the ring as Tanahashi continued to attack the leg. A German suplex almost did the job either way, with Tanahashi next heading up top to hit a High Fly Flow to White's back. White then avoided Tanahashi's follow-up attempt though, leaving both men floored. A violent kick to the knee then put White on top, allowing him to apply TTO.

After being almost frozen in center ring, Tanahashi somehow dragged himself to the bottom rope but the damage was seemingly done. Two brutal Saito suplexes came next as well as the DVDDT for 2. Kiwi Crusher followed but Tanahashi still kicked out, even if only barely. A sleeper suplex was next but Tanahashi countered Blade Runner, almost catching a quick roll-up just as he had in October. Tanahashi then defiantly continued his own assault on White's leg, regaining momentum in an instant. That culminated in a Cloverleaf and as White finally edged towards the ropes, Tanahashi adjusted, hitting Styles Clash to leave both men floored.

Tanahashi's momentum didn't waver though, landing two slingblades as well as a dragon suplex for 2. Sensing the end, Tanahashi headed up top but his crossbody was caught, with White hitting Blade Runner to become IWGP Heavyweight Champion!!!

Winner and NEW Champion: Jay White

Post-match, White reminded the crowd that two and a half years ago, it was in Osaka that he wrestled his last match as a young lion. White then claimed that none of the fans truly believed in him and that he's champion in spite of them. He doesn't play by their rules but it doesn't matter because he's the real IWGP Heavyweight Champion. It's a new beginning, a new era.