NJPW Road To Wrestling Dontaku Day 9 Results: IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Title Match & Chaos Picks Up Some Big Tag Match Wins

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IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title Match
Suzuki-Gun (El Desparado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru)def. Los Ingobernables (Bushi & Hiromu Takahashi) to retain the titles

Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki, Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr.) def. Los Ingobernables (Tetsuya Naito, Sanada & Evil)

Hiroshi Tanahashi, David Finlay & Ryusuke Taguchi def. Chaos (Kazuchika Okada, Jay White & Gedo)

Chaos (Will ospreay, Tomohiro Ishii, Toru Yano, Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi) def. Juice Robinson, Togi Makabe, Michael Elgin, Toa Henare & Kushida 

Chaos (Rocky Romero, Sho & Yoh) def. Suzuki-Gun (Takashi Iizuka, Taichi & Taka Michinoku) by DQ

Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi def. Tomoyuki Oka, Shota Umino & Ren Narita

Yuya Uemura fought Yota Tsuji to a draw

Yuya Uemura vs. Yota Tsuji

The match begins with some chain wrestling between the competitors, Uemura starts wrenching away on the arm of Tsuji. Uemura drags Tsuji to the ground while controlling his arm, Tsuji gets free and he drops Uemura before stomping away on his leg. Tsuji then wrenches away on the leg of Uemura, Uemura gets free and he goes back to work on the arm of Tsuji. Tsuji gets free and he twists away on the ankle of Uemura, Uemura gets free and he catches Tsuji in a headlock. The competitors would then exchange shoulder tackles until Uemura goes down, Tsuji keeps Uemura down while wrenching away on his leg. Tsuji transitions to a single leg crab against Uemura, Uemura gets to the ropes to break the submission hold.

The competitors then have a striking exchange until Uemura drops Tsuji with a drop kick, Uemura then stomps away on a downed Tsuji before landing a slam for a near fall. Uemura keeps Tsuji down before applying an americana to his arm, Tsuji gets to the ropes and Uemura attacks him with strikes afterwards. Tsuji recovers to hit Uemura with a drop kick in the corner followed by a running back elbow strike, Tsuji then hits Uemura with a slam for a near fall. Tsuji applies the Boston crab to Uemura and Uemura gets to the ropes, Tsuji cracks Uemura with some strikes followed by a back body drop for a near fall. Uemura surprises Tsuji with a few roll ups for a few near falls, Tsuji then goes for an arm bar as the bell sounds to signify the end of the match.

Match Result: Draw

Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi vs. Tomoyuki Oka, Shota Umino & Ren Narita

The match begins with Oka nailing Nakanishi with a kick before applying a headlock, Nakanishi gets free and he drops Oka with a shoulder block. The rest of Oka’s team hits the ring and they attack Nakanishi, Oka would then get into a striking exchange with Nakanishi. Tenzan and Umino get tagged in before another striking exchange breaks out, Umino’s teammates hit the ring to ambush Tenzan. Narita tags in and he attacks Tenzan with a few chops, Tenzan recovers and he drops a charging Umino with a headbutt. Nagat and Narita get tagged into the match by their respective partners, Narita quickly drops Nagata for a near fall. Nagata locks Narita in an arm bar and Narita’s teammates break it up, Nagata would then attack Narita with some kicks.

Nakanishi tags in and he drops Narita with a chop before landing a slam, Nakanishi then hits Narita with a splash for a near fall. Tenzan tags in and he rips away at the face on a downed Narita, Tenzan then catches Narita with a running clothesline in the corner followed by a suplex for a near fall. Narita recovers and he drops Tenzan with a drop kick, Oka tags in and he cleans house on the opposing team. Oka then hits Tenzan with an avalanche before slamming him, Umino nails Tenzan with a rolling senton before Narita lands an elbow drop. Oka then hits a charging Tenzan with a clothesline, Tenzan recovers to catch a charging Oka with a spinning heel kick. Nagata tags in and he attacks Oka with some kicks, Oka uses a head and arm throw to get Nagata down.

Umino tags in and he drops Nagata with a running forearm strike, Umino then hits Nagata with a missile drop kick for a near fall. Nagata recovers and he goes for the Nagata Lock until the opposing team breaks it up, Oka and teammates would then triple team Nagata. Umino nails Nagata with another missile drop kick for a near fall, Umino and teammates would then apply Boston crabs to all of their opponents, the action would spill to the arena floor as Umino and Nagata brawled on the inside of the ring. Nagata levels Umino with a knee strike and kick for a near fall, Nagata then hits Umino with an exploder suplex followed by the cross face to force a submission.

Winners: Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi

Chaos (Rocky Romero, Sho & Yoh) vs. Suzuki-Gun (Takashi Iizuka, Taichi & Taka Michinoku)

The match begins with Suzuki-Gun jumping their opponents before the bell sounded, the action quickly spills to the arena floor. Michinoku chokes Sho on the barricade as Iizuka works over Yoh by biting his arm, Yoh recovers and he throws Iizuka into the barricade. Taichi gets Sho in the ring, Sho and Yoh work together to attack all three members of the opposing team. Romero tags in and he catches Taichi with a top rope axe handle smash, Romero nails Michinoku and Taichi with Forever Clotheslines. Romero would then take Taichi down with a hurricarana, Iizuka appears from behind and he chokes Romero with some rope before another brawl breaks out between both teams. Taichi grabs Yoh and he throws him into the barricade, Taichi then grabs an umbrella and he chokes Yoh with it.

Romero gets back in the ring before getting triple teamed by Suzuki-Gun, Iizuka tags in and he chokes Romero in the corner. Iizuka releases the choke before biting Romero in the head and arm, Iizuka also decides to bite Sho and Yoh. Taichi tags in and he gets a near fall on a downed Romero, Romero fights back and Taichi drops him with a kick. Taichi follows that up with a clothesline in the corner for a near fall, Taichi misses a super kick and Romero catches him with a mule kick. Yoh tags in and he quickly cleans house against the opposing team, Yoh traps Taichi in the corner to land a few strikes. Yoh then hits Taichi with a Whisper In The Wind for a near fall, Taichi fights back and Iizuka returns to bite the arm of Yoh. Michinoku tags in and he has a striking exchange with Yoh, Yoh eventually drops Michinoku with a spinning clothesline.

Sho tags in and he cleans house on the opposing team, Sho and Yoh then work over Michinoku with double team moves. Sho catches Michinoku with a German suplex for a near fall, Iizuka hits the ring and Sho nails him with a spear. Taichi tries hitting everybody with a microphone stand before Sho and Yoh take him out with a double knee strike, Romero then takes out Taichi with a suicide dive. Iizuka hits the ring to attack Sho with the iron glove for a disqualification.

Winners: Chaos (Rocky Romero, Sho & Yoh), by DQ

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