NJPW Togi Makabe 20th Anniversary Event Results: NJPW Celebrates The Milestone Moment For Togi Makabe

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Togi Makabe 20th Anniversary Match (Non-Title Match): Great Bash Heel (Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Homna) def. Chaos (Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii) (IWGP Tag Team Champions)

Chaos (Kazuchika Okada, Yoshi-Hashi & Hirooki Goto) def. Third Generation (Manabu Nakanishi, Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan)

David Finlay, Ryusuke Taguchi, Kushida, Juice Robinson & Hiroshi Tanahashi def. Los Ingobernables (Tetsuya Naito, Evil, Bushi, Sanada & Hiromu Takahashi)

Suzuki-Gun (Taichi, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Takashi Iizuka & Minoru Suzuki) def. Tiger Mask IV, Jushin “Thunder” Liger, Katsuyori Shibata & Yuji Nagata

Chaos (Gedo & Jado) def. Suzuki-Gun (Taka Michinoku & El Desparado)

Tomoyuki Oka def. Henare

Match By Match Recap

The show starts with Togi Makabe coming to the ring and he give a speech to the crowd in attendance, a video presentation plays afterwards. A wrestler from Makabe’s past comes to the ring to present him with a bouquet of flowers before giving a short speech, Makabe says one more thing to the crowd before heading backstage.

Henare vs. Tomoyuki Oka

The match begins with the wrestlers locking up and nobody gains much of an advantage, then the two men exchange some chops and forearm strikes. Henare holds Oka in a headlock before they exchange shoulder tackles, Henare seemingly hurts his ankle during a tackle and Oka attacks him. Oka traps Henare in the corner before assaulting him with chops, Oka catches Henare with a hip toss for a near fall. Oka stomps on a downed Henare until the referee stops the match due to the ankle injury suffered by Henare.

Winner: Tomoyuki Oka

Chaos (Gedo & Jado) vs. Suzuki-Gun (Taka Michinoku & El Desparado)

The match begins with Jado backing Desparado into the ropes before mocking him, Desparado gets angry and he nails Jado with a knee to the midsection. Jado drops a charging Desparado with a clothesline before assaulting him with chops, Desparado rolls out of the ring before tagging Michinoku in and then Gedo gets a tag as well. Michinoku kicks Gedo in the midsection before Gedo recovers to nail him with a series of jabs, Michinoku trips up Gedo and he locks him in a cross face. Jado interferes and Desparado takes him out with a high cross body, Michinoku traps Gedo in the corner before choking him. Desparado tags in and he assaults Gedo with strikes in the corner, Desparado slams Gedo to get a near fall.

Michinoku tags back in and he teams with Desparado to hit Gedo with double boots to the face, Michinoku then rips away at the face of Gedo. Michinoku chokes Gedo as Desparado attacks the referee, Desprado tags in and Gedo fights both of them off until he’s taken out with a double team maneuver. Gedo fights back against Desparado before dropping him and his partner with super kicks. Jado tags in and he cleans house on both members of the opposition, Jado sends a charging Michinoku out of the ring. Jado catches Desparado with a back suplex for a near fall, Jado then decides to attack Desparado with a series of chops.

Desparado fights back by nailing Jado with a flying back elbow strike, Michinoku tags in and he catches Jado with a running knee strike. Michinoku then hits Jado with a running kick before locking him in a cross face, Desparado and Gedo brawl on the arena floor. Jado catches Michinoku with a rope assisted DDT for a near fall, Jado then locks Michinoku in the cross face. Michinoku counters into a cross face of his own until Gedo catches him with a super kick, Gedo lays out Desparado and Jado reapplies the cross face to Michinoku to force a tap out.

Winners: Chaos (Gedo & Jado)

Tiger Mask IV, Jushin “Thunder” Liger, Katsuyori Shibata & Yuji Nagata vs. Suzuki-Gun (Taichi, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Takashi Iizuka & Minoru Suzuki)

The match begins with an all out brawl between all eight competitors in the match, Shibata just throws Suzuki into the barricade multiple times. Nagata and Izzuka battle near the crowd as Taichi dukes it out with Liger in the ring, Taichi traps Liger in the corner before Kanemaru comes in to attack him as well. Liger recovers to catch Kanemaru and Taichi with tilt-a-whirl back breakers, Iizuka trips up a charging Liger and drags him out of the ring. Another brawl breaks out on the arena floor between all the competitors in the match, Suuzki drops Shibata on a table before further attacking him with a chair. Kanemaru tries ripping the mask off of the face of Mask IV. Taichi and Liger resumes their battle in the ring, Taichi places Liger on the top rope before trying to remove his mask as well.

Liger is then triple teamed by everybody from the opposition except for Suzuki, Suzuki grabs Mask IV and they start brawling on the arena floor. Liger eventually drops Tauchi with a palm strike and looks for a tag until Iizuka interferes, Kanemaru tags in and he attacks a downed Liger. Suzuki interferes and he locks Liger in an arm from fro the ring apron, Kanemaru stomps on a downed Liger once again before catching him with a DDT. Iizuka tags into the match and he assaults Liger with some stomps, Liger recovers and he eventually drops Iizuka with a palm strike. Nagata tags in and he nails the entire opposing team with boots to the face, Nagata then nails Iizuka with a running boot to the face. Nagata follows that up by nailing Iizuka with a low drop kick before applying the Nagata Lock.

Taichi hits the ring to break up the submission and Nagata takes care of him, Suzuki gets the tag and he immediately eats forearm strikes from Nagata. Shibata tags in and he assaults Suzuki with strikes in the corner, Shibata keeps Suzuki trapped in the corner before destroying him with a running drop kick. Shibata then hits Suzuki with a head and arm suplex for a near fall before applying the abdominal stretch, Suzuki escapes the hold and he starts attacking Shibata with a ton of forearm strikes. Shibata recovers and he has a striking exchange with Suzuki, Suzuki catches a kick from Shiabta and he applies a heel hook to him. Suzuki eventually releases the hold before nailing Shibata with a running boot to the face, Shibata gets angry and they exchange kicks to their faces until both go down.

Mask IV and Kanemaru get the tags from their respective partners, Kanemaru goes to the top rope and Mask IV propels him off the top rope. Another brawl breaks out between all the wrestlers in the match, Mask IV catches Kanemaru with a Tiger Driver for a near fall. Kanemaru tries ripping the mask off of the face of Mask IV again, Mask IV hits Kanemaru with a tombstone pile driver as Iizuka distracts the referee. Suzuki brawls with Shibata as Taichi hits Mask IV with his cane, Kanemaru hits Mask IV with a diving DDT for the three count.

Winners: Suzuki-Gun (Taichi, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Takashi Iizuka & Minoru Suzuki)

After the match, Yoshinobu Kanemaru rips the mask off of Tiger Mask IV, then Minoru Suzuki cuts a promo until a brawl breaks out with katusnori Shibata and the rest of the opposing team they just defeated.

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