NWA Powerrr 2/25/20 Results: The Women's Title Is Defended, Jax Dane Debuts & The Bouncers Attack

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- Sean Mooney appears to reveal what will go down tonight on NWA Powerrr.

- Joe Galli & Stu Bennett welcome everybody to the show, Dave Marquerz then brings out Tim Storm to the interview area. Storm says his match last week didn’t go as planned, but Storm says that he isn’t close to giving up at this time. Storm says the “Mama Storm” situation is his hop button issue and nobody should mess with his mother, Thom Lattimer comes out and he says that nobody cares about what Storm is saying. Lattimer accused Storm of driving a wedge between himself and Nick Aldis, Danny Deals comes out and he apologizes for the ‘Mama Storm” situation. Deals says he has a tag team partner for Storm and it will bring him to the top, Storm says he wants to get his hands on Deals. Deals gives Storm some options and Storm says he will kicks all the doors down to get at Deals, Deals says Storm will face a mystery opponent and if Storm wins, he will get five minutes with him. Deals brings up the shady tactics that Storm used to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Deals brings out Jax Dane and he goes face to face with Storm.

- Dave Marquez interviews Matt Cross, who says it feels good to be in the NWA and Cross talks about what he brings to the NWA. Cross says he made a name for himself while traveling the globe and he wants to make his name in the NWA, Cross says he and wrestling are forever.

Ricky Starks vs. Zicky Dice vs. Matt Cross

The match begins with Dice quickly exiting the ring instead of battling Starks, Starks gets Cross in a headlock and Cross gets free. Dice drags Starks out of the ring and they get into a striking exchange, Dice ends the exchange by sending Starks into the ring post. Cross then nails both opponents with a suicide dive, Cross gets Dice back in the ring and Dice immediately leaves. Starks catches Cross with a roll up before attacking Dice, Starks and Dice drop each other with a double clothesline. Dice gets back in the ring and he gets near falls on both opponents, Cross and Starks work together to attack Dice. Starks goes back after Cross and Cross nails him with a Cross Cutter, Cross then hits Starks with a shooting star press. Dice knocks Cross out of the ring before pinning Starks for a three count.

Winner: Zicky Dice

- May Valentine’s Diary is up next and she says she started the diary because her life is so amazing, May talks about all the amazing people she has met in pro wrestling. May talks about embracing Royce Isaacs after he defeated the Rock N’ Roll Express and that was the first time he said that he loved her, May talks about her makeup routine and being friends with Sal Rinauro. May says that people think Kamille is a scary monster and she isn’t, May talks about how busy she is before ending the diary.

- Joe Galli brings out NWA National Champion Aron Stevens, who talks about how good he is as a professional wrestler. Galli questions Stevens recent actions in weeks as the champion, Stevens talks about those who have failed to take the title away from him. The Question Mark comes out as Stevens hypes him up, Mark grabs the microphone to say “karate.”

The Question Mark w/Aron Stevens vs. Trevor Murdoch

The match begins with Murdoch attacking Mark with some strikes and clotheslines, Murdoch misses a charge in the corner and Mark misses The Spike afterwards. Murdoch nails Mark with a top rope bulldog for a three count.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch

After the match, Aron Stevens attacks Trevor Murdoch and The Question Mark joins in a short time later.

- Sean Mooney brings out NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis, Aldis says he is the thoroughbred of the wrestling business. Aldis talks about his victory over Flip Gordon at NWA Hard Times and then the win over the Rock N’ Roll Express on NWA Powerrr, Aldis says Marty Scurll must be second guessing himself after accepting the challenge a few weeks ago. Aldis says he will give Scurll one chance to back out of their deal, Scurll comes out and Scurll says he isn’t backing out. Scurll challenges Aldis to a fight right now and he gets into the ring, Aldis brings out his cohorts and they come to the ringside area, Brody King comes out and he attacks Strictly Business and a huge brawl breaks out between everybody.

- Dave Marquez brings out Eddie Kingston, who is taping up his fists before saying it is time for him to bust up The Pope. Kingston says The Dawsons have been dealt with and now he wants The Pope to face him, The Pope comes out to remind Kingston who he is. The Pope says that he chooses to do whatever he wants to do, The Bouncers come out and they eventually jump Kingston after The Pope reveals they have been paid off. The battle continues in the ring and he eventually gets overwhelmed by The Bouncers.

- Sean Mooney returns for the NWA Powerrr update and The Rock N’ Roll Express are the first team entered in The Crockett Cup, Mooney announces the NWA TV Title and the NWA World Tag Team Titles will be defended next week.

NWA Women’s World Championship
Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Melina

The match begins with Melina and Rosa having a back and forth in the middle of the ring, Rosa shoves Melina and Melina leaves the ring. Melina heads up the bleachers and the referee counts her out.

Winner: Thuder Rosa, by count out, still the NWA Women’s World Champion

After the match, Allysin Kay attacks Melina and they battle into the ring, Kamille comes out and she nails Kay with a spear.

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