NXT UK Results for 11/28/19 Gallus vs Imperium, Jinny vs Piper Niven, Eddie Dennis in Action

-We open the show with a video package for the rivalry between Gallus and Imperium ahead of tonight's main event where the two sides will clash.

Piper Niven vs Jinny w/Jazzy Gabbert

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Jinny avoids Piper early before she tries to capitalize on a distraction by Jazzy, but Piper drops her before hitting a scoop slam and whips Jinny across the ring. Piper misses a running splash in the corner before Jinny hits a slingshot senton for a quick two count before locking in an octopus stretch. Jinny stomps and shoves Piper out of the ring before Jazzy is barred from ringside and Piper hits a senton for a near fall. They exchange until they both collapse to the mat after a headbutt by Niven before Piper hits a Saito suplex and an electric chair facebuster for a near fall. Jinny then nearly knocks Piper out with a high kick before Piper comes back with a shotgun dropkick into a cannonball and a Michinoku driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Piper Niven defeats Jinny via pinfall with a Michinoku driver.

-After the match Piper calls out the NXT UK Women's champion Kay Lee Ray before Ray comes out and they slap each other before Piper hits a Saito suplex and Ray leaves the ring before she's attacked by Toni Storm. Ray then escapes before she and Piper have a stare down before Toni leaves as we go to commercial.

-We come back to see Ilja Dragunov getting ready before Dereiss Gordon comes out to the ring for his match against the returning Eddie Dennis.

Eddie Dennis vs Dereiss Gordon

Eddie wrenches Gordon's wrist and takes him down before they exchange wrist locks and Eddie locks in a cravat before Gordon runs the ropes and dropkicks Eddie. Eddie sling shots Gordon over the top rope and down onto the floor before nearly knocking him out with a stiff forearm. Eddie tosses Gordon back into the ring and whips Gordon across the ring for a two count before locking in a cravat and drops Gordon with a boot. Eddie turns Gordon inside out with a lariat before hitting a buckle bomb and the Next Stop driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eddie Dennis defeats a local performer via pinfall with the Next Stop driver.

-We then get an interview with Joseph Conners as we go to commercial.

-We come back to Gallus getting ready for tonight's main event before Ashton Smith comes out to the ring for his match against Noam Dar.

Ashton Smith vs Noam Dar

Ashton shoves Noam away and slams him down before dropping Dar with a shoulder block before dropkicking him out of the ring. Ashton tosses Dar back into the ring and Dar drops Ashton with kicks to the leg and a leg lariat into a shotgun dropkick before Ashton hits a delayed suplex for a two count. Dar rolls out of the ring and Ashton goes after him before Dar sends Ashton into the barricade and drops him with a rebound clothesline off of the apron. Back in the ring Dar stomps the ankle and wrist of Ashton hits a sliding forearm to the back of the neck. Dar kicks Ashton in the chest before Ashton hits a rolling DVD for a near fall before Dar hits a running boot in the corner.

Ashton then hits a blue thunder bomb for a near fall before Dar slaps Ashton and dropkicks him off of the apron before tossing him back into the ring and hitting the Nova Roller for the pin and the win.

Winner: Noam Dar defeats Ashton Smith via pinfall with the Nova Roller.

-A-Kid versus Jordan Devlin and a Triple Threat match between Joseph Conners, Ligero and Travis Banks is announced for next week's show.

Imperium vs Gallus & ilja Dragunov

Wolfe and Wolfgang start things off by exchanging wrist locks before Wolfe drags Wolfgang to his corner and Imperium chain together offense and frequent tags. Joe comes in and slams Wolfe before hitting a shining wizard to the back of the head for a quick two count before Ilja gets a quick two count when he counters a fall away slam and drops him with a kick. Wolfe rocks Ilja with a right hand and drags him to the corner where Fabian beats on the mad Russian and Ilja drops Fabian with a discus chop and a senton. Ilja slaps WALTER before all eight men get into the ring momentarily and Ilja drops Marcel off of the apron. WALTER low bridges Ilja before he and Marcel attack him at ringside and toss him back into the ring before the referee is aware.

WALTER enters the match for the first time and brutalizes Ilja on the mat before dropping him with a chop when he gets back to his feet. Marcel stomps Ilja in the corner and shoves him back into it before hitting him with a flurry of punches before playing to the crowd. Aichner hits two backbreakers for a two count before hitting a scoop slam and Marcel locks in a chin bar with a straight armbar. Ilja drops Marcel with a clothesline and suplexes Wolfe who knocks Joe from the apron and Mark gets the tag. Mark takes out all four members of Imperium before he and Wolfgang hit a double monkey flip and Mark hits a Samoan drop before Wolfgang hits a running senton for a near fall.

Wolfgang takes out both Marcel and Fabian with a double spear before Ilja hits Wolfe with Torpedo Moscow and Joe and WALTER face off for the first time in the match. Joe hits WALTER with a belly to belly suplex and hits him with punches in the corner before WALTER hits a shotgun dropkick and Gallus take out Imperium at ringside with topes. Everyone then brawls at ringside as the referee calls for the bell, presumably due to a double count out, but it's never mentioned.

Winner: No contest due to double count out.

-We then end the show with both teams brawling as we go off the air.

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