NXT UK Results for 12/17/20 NXT Tag Team Championship Match

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Isla Dawn vs Kay Lee Ray

Women's Title Match Booked For AEW Double Or Nothing 2021

KLR takes the back of Isla before taking her down with a straight armbar before KLR backs Isla into the corner before Isla hits a jumping knee for two. KLR clotheslines Isla and kicks and stomps her before sending Isla into the corner and missing a knee drop before Isla comes back with a flurry of kicks. Isla hits a V-Trigger into a running meteora for two before beating the champion down in the corner and KLR hits a suplex for two. KLR locks in a submission before Isla gets her foot on the bottom rope for the break. KLR then counters a fireman's carry and superkicks Isla before hitting the Gory Bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray defeats Isla Dawn via pinfall.

- KLR cuts a promo after the match where she talks about how the women's division are too busy fighting amongst themselves to come after her and that she's going to be champion for a long time.

- We get a graphic for our NXT Tag Team Championship main event.

- We get a video package for Seth Rollins' protégé Ben Carter who is set to debut in NXT UK as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a video package promo by Isla Dragunov who talks about having to start all over again.

2 on 1 Handicap Match

Jack Starz & Levi Muir vs Saxon Huxley

Saxon and Levi lock up before Levi tries to drop Saxon with a shoulder block and Saxon locks in a side headlock before knocking Levi out of the air. Jack comes in and rocks Saxon with a flurry of strikes before Saxon hits a Thesz press and beats on him in mount before man handling him around the ring. Saxon launches Jack across the ring and knocks Levi off of the apron before hitting a running boot to Jack and clotheslining Levi at ringside. Back in the ring Saxon huts a gut wrench powerbomb before missing an elbow drop and Levi gets the hot tag and rocks Saxon with uppercuts. Saxon drives Levi into the corner and hits a running splash before missing a running back elbow and Jack and Levi dropkick Saxon.

Saxon then clears the ring before Jack goes for a sunset flip and Saxon grabs the ropes before Levi smacks his hands and Jack pins Saxon when he's forced to let go.

Winner: Jack Starz and Levi Muir defeat Saxon Huxley via pinfall.

- Saxon attacks Jack and Levi after the match before he's ran off by Dave Mastiff.

- Earlier this week Piper Niven met with Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala and demanded a match against Jinny which he made for the number one contendership for the NXT UK Women's Championship in three weeks time.

- We go to the ring to the Heritage Cup champion A-Kid who talks about being the first Heritage Cup champion and the journey to winning the cup. A talks about defeating his mentor Tyler Bate last week before challenging WALTER for the NXT UK Championship. WALTER comes out and gets into the ring with A and says that he has fire and that he's clearly proud to be a professional wrestler before saying that his fairy tale will end when he steps into the ring with him. WALTER then says that he will always be NXT champion before holding the belt over his head and faces off with A before leaving.

- We go to earlier this week where Amir shows up and checks on Kenny who's still not ready to get back into the ring as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a video package interview promo by Trent Seven who talks about how he nearly won the Heritage Cup Tournament and where he goes from here. Trent then says that there's things he need to do and work on and that he's going away for a while, but he'll be back in time.

Rampage Brown vs Josh Morrell

Brown backs Josh into the corner before hitting a high angle back body drop and knocking Josh out of the ring before tossing him back inside and hitting a scoop slam. Rampage hits several elbow drops before whipping Josh into the corner and hitting several shoulder thrusts before dropping him with a forearm. Josh briefly comes back with a jawbreaker into a dropkick before hitting a standing corkscrew senton for one before Rampage clotheslines him. Rampage then hits a powerbomb into a Doctor Bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rampage Brown defeats Josh Morrell via pinfall.

- Backstage Sid Scala announces that WALTER will defend his NXT United Kingdom Championship against A-Kid in the new year as we go to commercial.

- We get the announcement of a special Christmas edition of NXT UK for next week before we go back to the ring for our main event.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match

Gallus (c) (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) vs The Hunt w/Eddie Dennis

The Hunt immediately double up on and isolate Wolfgang in their corner until he comes back and drives Boar into the corner and Mark tags himself in. Gallus take the momentum back on their side and Mark hits a side Russian leg sweep and gets distracted by Eddie at ringside. The Hunt chain together offense and frequent tags for several two counts before Mark gets the hot tag to Wolfgang who drops Boar repeatedly and hits a kitchen sink into a running senton. Wolfgang hits a hip toss that sends Boar out of the ring before hitting a diving clothesline into a suplex for a near fall that Primate breaks up. Eddie helps Boar when Primate distracts the referee before Joe comes out and takes out Eddie at ringside before South Wales Subculture show up and help Gallus.

Gallus then pin Boar with their finisher to retain their titles.

Winner: Gallus retain their NXT UK Tag Team Championships by defeating The Hunt via pinfall.

- After the match Pretty Deadly then come out and face off with Gallus before they're attacked by Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter who toss them into the ring and Gallus clear the ring as we go off the air.

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