NXT UK Results for 4/2/20 The Mad Russian Outlasts Nineteen Other Superstars

Good afternoon Fight Fans and welcome to our coverage of today's edition of WWE NXT UK headlined by a massive twenty man battle royal with championship implications!

- We open the show with a video package for tonight's main event before the opening video package and we go to the arena with a match between Kay Lee and Jinny against Piper Niven and Dani Luna.

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Kay Lee Ray & Jinny vs Piper Niven & Dani Luna

KLR starts the match off, Piper stopping Sami from starting and going after KLR before KLR tags out and Piper tags back out. Dani gets grabbed by KLR at ringside when she knocks her off of the apron before Jinny attacks her. Dani sends KLR out of the ring when she goes after Dani before she goes to drag Jinny to the corner, but KLR pulls Piper off of the apron. Dani chases KLR around ringside before she gets back into the ring and Jinny drops her for two before KLR and Jinny double up on Dani while the referee is busy with Piper. KLR hits a front facebuster for two and follows up with a cravat into a snap mare and hits her with clubbing blows across the chest.

Jinny comes in and locks in a variation of an abdominal stretch before locking in the Iron Octopus, but Dani rolls through to get free. Dani knocks KLR off of the apron before Jinny applies a guillotine and Dani hits an overhead belly to belly before getting the tag to Piper. Piper drops Jinny and hits a fisherman's buster before hitting a flying cross body for two. Piper powerbombs Jinny into the corner before hitting a cannonball and grabbing the foot of KLR when she tries to kick her when she climbs to the top. KLR gets the tag before Piper headbutts her and KLR superkicks Piper before Dani comes in and hits a release German suplex before stomping KLR in the corner.

Piper sends Jinny out of the ring before Jinny sends her into the steps and Dani rolls KLR up for a near fall before Jinny hits her with a forearm from the apron. KLR then hits a Gory bomb to Dani for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray and Jinny defeat Dani Luna and Piper Niven via pinfall.

- After the match we get a graphic for the Rise of NXT UK special on next week's show as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a video package for Gallus before a graphic for the twenty man battle royal in our main event before we go to the ring for our next match between Amale and Xia Brookside.

Amale vs Xia Brookside

They exchange wrist locks before Xia takes Amale down to the mat and Amale starts focusing on the left arm of Xia. Amale locks in a kneeling chin bar before Xia breaks the grip and hits a snap mare into a jawbreaker. Xia then hits a huracánrana into running knees in the corner before hitting the Broken Wings for the pin and the win.

Winner: Xia Brookside defeats Amale via pinfall.

- After the match we get the rules of the battle royal match up next.

NXT UK Championship Number One Contender Battle Royal Match

Before the match Trent Seven and Tyler Bate of Moustache Mountain come out to the ring before Joe Coffey of Gallus makes his way out as we go to commercial.

We return to the match nearly full before Ilja Dragunov, Ridge Holland and Alexander Wolfe of Imperium come out to the ring to round out the twenty men in the ring. The match officially starts and everyone attacks Ohno before eliminating him first before Kenny Williams is eliminated by Saxon Huxley. Joe Coffey eliminates Flash Morgan Webster next before Amir Jordan eliminates Saxon and A-Kid is sent over the top, but lands on the back of Saxon before managing to get back inside. Tyson T-Bone is eliminated next before Travis Banks is eliminated by Dave Mastiff. Dave gets his next elimination before Ridge eliminates both Smith and Carter at the same time.

Ligero is next eliminated by Dave before Joseph Conners distracts Ridge and he's eliminated by Joe Coffey and Ilja Dragunov. Moustache Mountain hit a double airplane spin before they exchange and Trent turns Tyler inside out with a lariat before Joey Coffey eliminates Trent. Jordan Devlin eliminates A-Kid before Jordan single-handedly takes out everyone before Dar eliminates him out of nowhere. Everyone team up to eliminate Mastiff next before Bate eliminates Dar as we get down to the final four Superstars. Everyone poses in a corner before brawling until Joe swings Ilja around and hits a butterfly suplex.

Joe hits Ilja and Tyler with a double Glasgow Send-off before Wolfe sends Ilja into Joe and knocks him off of the apron for the elimination. Ilja and Tyler double up on Wolfe before Ilja accidentally hits Tyler and Wolfe takes out Ilja. Tyler rocks Wolfe before Ilja eliminates him and the final two exchange until Ilja lays into Tyler with chops and knees. Tyler catches a kick before dropping Ilja with a jab and Ilja clothesline Tyler before Tyler turns him inside out with a slingshot lariat. Ilja hits a six one line that turns Tyler inside out before they both end up on the apron, separated by the ring post.

Ilja then counters a superplex attempt by Tyler before Ilja hits a high angle senton and counters the Tyler Driver '97 before Tyler tries to skin the cat and Ilja knocks him off of the apron and eliminates him with Torpedo Moscow for the final elimination and the win.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov wins the battle royal by being the last person in the ring and thus gains an opportunity to face WALTER for his NXT UK World championship.

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