Progress 84 Live Report And Results: Devlin, Jinny, Banks, Seven, More

Report submitted by Parker Holland


Wrestling Television Viewership Numbers: WWE Raw, SmackDown, NXT, AEW, IMPACT

Pre-show match

  • Niwa (New Zealander making Progress debut) vs. Sugar Dunkerton (also his Progress debut)
  • Crowd really behind Sugar and his comedy from the start. Niwa takes over after Sugar makes him mad with a paradise lock followed by a running kick to the butt. 
  • Niwa wins after a super kick, enziguri, into a powerbomb backbreaker combo. 
  • Sugar over huge with the crowd the whole time. Gets a pretty big please come back chant.
  • Fun opener to get the people going.
  • Chant of the match: “Sugar, Sugar, Sugar da da da da da da” from Sugar, Sugar by the Archies 


Main show

  • Jim out to open the show in his wonderful new trainers. They really are quite special. 
  • Tune in for the G1 Climax banter alone. 


Mark Haskins and Mark Andrews vs Do Not Resuscitate (Mambo and Trivet w/ Parker)

  • Andrews needs a replacement after his injury last night at the NXT UK tapings. 
  • Haskins says he will just do it alone. 
  • Out come Mambo and Trivet. Trivet talking trash on the mic and gets kicked in the face by Haskins to start the match. 
  • Haskins takes it to both men on the outside for awhile before the numbers catch up and DNR starts to wear Haskins down in the ring. 
  • Mambo holds Haskins up in a Gory Bomb position while Trivot spits champagne in his face. 
  • Finally Haskins has had enough and mounts a comeback. He gets a creative combo of a camel clutch and a Boston crab on both Mambo and Trivot at the same time. 
  • Haskins gets a double armbar on both men before Trey Parker runs down to break it up. DNR beats on Haskins for awhile, and Trivot shows Vicki Haskins down. 
  • Then the lights go down and Jimmy Havoc makes his return to Progress to save his former tag partner. 
  • Chairs are thrown at people’s heads with reckless abandon and Jimmy goes wild, ending with a rainmaker on the stage. 
  • Chant of the match “Jimmy’s on a rampage, Jimmy’s on a rampage, na na na na na na na na”


Millie McKenzie vs Bea Priestley

  • Millie a HEAVY favorite with the crowd to start. 
  • Bea in control for the most part, trying to wear Millie down. Millie gets a few shots in but Bea keeps regaining control. 
  • Millie counters Bea then hits a top rope German for a two. 
  • Finally Mille catches Bea with a spear as Bea was coming off the top rope and gets the win. 
  • Crowd was mostly quiet for this one, but was up for a few high spots. 
  • Chant of the match: “Suplex Millie, clap clap clapclapclap”


  • Jim tried to introduce the next match but is interrupted by Eddie Dennis. 
  • Dennis out to ask the question, when is he cashing in his contract for the Progress title?
  • He says he will pick his opportunity wisely and will be the next Progress Wrestling world champion. He also almost beat up two fans. 


Nina Samuels vs Jinny - Women's Title Match Qualifier 

  • Jinny out with Laura, but Nina ambushes them on the stage. Jinny did not care for this at all and the two brawl on the outside. 
  • Eventually they make it into the ring and the match begins. Most of the match is Jinny in charge and cutting off Nina anytime she gets momentum. 
  • Jinny hits Nina with a nasty rope hung X-factor in the corner where it looked like Nina landed right on the top of her head. 
  • After interference from Laura, Jinny hits a rainmaker then goes for a piledriver but Nina counters with a roll up and gets the win! Jim announces she now moves on to the four way for the title at Super Strong Style 16.
  • Chant of the match: “Let’s all go to Tesco, where Jinny buys her best clothes” 


Jordan Devlin vs Travis Banks

  • A complete opposite from NXT UK. Here Devlin is face and Banks is heel. 
  • Jordan grabs the wrist and through rolls, flips, and body slams, he still holds on for around 2 minutes. Banks can’t escape until he finally makes it to the corner and climbs the ropes. 
  • Travis escapes through the crowd but Devlin cuts him off at the stage. 
  • Lots of back and forth crowd brawling. Banks gets control in the ring for awhile until Jordan hits a slingshot cutter. Banks rolls outside but Jordan follows with a top rope moonsault. 
  • Jordan sets up for the package piledriver, but Niwa and the returning TK Cooper hit the ring for the save. The three Kiwis (Kiwi Club according to the shirts) beat down Devlin. 
  • Chant of the match: Dueling “Travis is our champion, Travis is a wanker”



LAX vs CCK announced with a video for March 31st at the Electric Ballroom


Swords of Essex (c) vs Aussie Open - Tag Team Titles Match

  • Dueling Aussie Open/Swords of Essex chants to start. 
  • Aussie Open isolate Robinson early and Mark throws Osprey into some fans. They almost win a couple of times with some double team moves but Osprey saves. 
  • Osprey gets both guys on the outside quickly though and hits a sasuke special. 
  • Osprey takes out Fletcher for awhile with a top rope drop kick to the back of th head. After a ong best down on David Fletcher makes his return though and hits Osprey with a sickening Canadian destroyer from the second rope. 
  • It breaks down for awhile into amazing move after amazing move. 
  • Eventually Osprey hits Davis with the tag belt while the ref isn’t looking and gets the win. 
  • Go out of your way to see this one. 
  • Davis then announces next time at the ballroom it will be a TLC match for the titles so it can be a fair fight. 
  • Chant of the match “Willy Willy you’re a c***, Willy you’re a c***
  • Jim explains Davis can make this match due to winning the natural progression series which earned him a title shot. 


Trent Seven's Open Challenge - Atlas Title Match

  • Timothy Thatcher our for the challenge. 
  • Typical Thstcher match with methodical grappling and some hard chest chops mixed in. 
  • Most of the crowd is behind Trent, but it is still pretty quiet. 
  • Trent wins with the reverse Death Valley driver. 
  • An ok but mostly boring match that was a cool down. 
  • Chant of the match: None. Crowd was pretty quiet. 


WALTER (c) vs Chris Ridgeway - World Title Match

  • Walter treating Ridgeway like a child, throwing him around the ring. He pats Ridgeway on the head and that is enough for Chris. He goes wild with chops and kicks. 
  • Ridgeway has Walter on the ropes until he recovers with a big boot. 
  • Ridgeway jumps guard for a guillotine but Walter turns him around and tombstones him. 
  • Ridgeway keeps attacking the leg any chance he gets. 
  • After a long back and forth Walter wins with a big clothesline. Walter still selling his leg after the match. 
  • Chant of the match: “He comes from Austria, he’ll fu***** murder ya”
  • Trent now out. Says he dominated in BSS, dominated in Mustache mountain, and now he needs to dominate on his own. 
  • He challenges Walter to unify the Progress World Title and the Atlas title. 
  • Jim out for the end of the show. Says the unification match will be over Super Strong Style weekend. 
  • Calls out Johnny Saint in the audience for a round of applause. 
  • End of show. 
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