PROGRESS Chapter 93 Live Report (7/28/19)

By Parker Holland

  • Eddie Dennis is our guest ring announcer this evening as Jim Smallman has taken his family on holiday. 
  • He kindly asks the crowd the change some of their call and response favorites. 
  • For the first timers it is no longer “It’s your round” instead it is “welcome friends”. Instead of “Don’t be a dick” it is “don’t be unkind”. 
  • As a former head teacher he is trying his best to break progress and it’s fans. 
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Travis Banks w/TK Cooper and NIWA vs Ricky Shane Page

  • RSP pins Banks after a choke slam back breaker 
  • Page is in charge most of the match and is able to fight off Cooper and NIWA fairly easily. Some miscommunication at the end leads to Banks hitting NIWA and then getting pinned. 
  • After the match, Banks and NIWA get into a shoving match while Cooper tried to keep the peace. 
  • Chant of the match: “Lucha Ricky” after RSP displayed some fantastic aerial maneuvers. 


Do Not Resucitate (Eaver and Trivet) vs the NIC

  • DNR wins with a combo rock bottom/lung blower
  • This was the main show debut for the NIC. The crowd wasn’t really into it very much and didn’t seem to care very much for DNR. Not even enough to really boo them. 
  • At the end Eaver grabbed Trivet and got him up in a Razors Edge and threw him at one of the members of the NIC in the corner. 
  • NIC has some impressive tag team offense at the beginning, but other than that was thoroughly dominated. 
  • Eaver seems to have gotten quite a bit crazier and wild with his persona. 
  • After their win, Trivet grabs the mic and says he is head of recruitment for DNR and invites anyone in the back who is young and pissed off to join them as friends. 


YUU vs Dani Luna vs Jody Threat vs Gisele Shaw 

  • Dani Luna wins with a 450 splash onto Yuu
  • A fun four way with all the women looking to prove themselves to the Progress crowd. Shaw was the most over of everyone and seemed to be the most out together of all of the talent. 
  • Everyone got their high spots and held their own. 


Lucky Kid vs Paul Robinson 

  • Robbo wins with the double stomp to the back of the head. 
  • The two seemed to be on different pages quite a few times in this match. No huge botches, but a lot of slightly mistimed spots. 
  • Robinson did the darn deer thing after his win. In a match where he lived up to the hatred the crowd had for him, he was able to then turn face. He has a match with WALTER in Toronto for the Progress world title and called both him and David Starr out. 
  • He said he is a true independent wrestler. He works full time and will be at work at 8am tomorrow. 
  • He gets in the camera and tells WALTER he is 5’4, 150lbs and he is going to stomp his effing head in. 
  • Paul Robinson then gets a standing ovation and chants of “Robbo‘ sour champion” as we go to intermission. 


CCK vs South Pacific Power Trip (TK Cooper and NIWA w/Travis Banks)

  • CCK won with a combo package piledriver/head kick
  • Lots of sick tag moves from CCK. The crowd was behind the returning Chris Brookes in a big way. Chants of “he got his twitter back” and “welcome back”
  • SPPT tried to use the hunters to their advantage again, but a miscommunication almost led to Travis kicking Cooper. As they argued, Lucky Kidd made his way out and attacked all three, leading CCK to get the advantage and the win. 
  • Gresham and Brooke’s were hesitant to embrace the Schadenfreude member Kidd, but Ebetualky all three hugged. 
  • SPPT continued to argue but left before coming to blows. 
  • The crowd serenaded Banks out with a sad, low key “Trav WAS our champion” chant



Shigehiro Irie vs The O.J.M.O.

  • OJMO wins with a rollup
  • Crowd is WAY behind OJMO and so is Progress. Towards the beginning of the match he goes for a dive outside, misses, lands on his feet, but is pounced into the third row of chairs by Irie. 
  • From here OJMO is fighting from behind most of the match. Midway through, Spike Trivot comes out on stage and sits in a chair, presumably to scout OJMO. 
  • As OJMO is celebrating, Spike gets in the ring with a microphone. He says OJMO is a rising star, but eventually it will fall, people won’t be behind him anymore, and he will need friends. Spike offers his hand to join DNR. OJMO just laughs, says no, and walks off. 


Aussie Open (c) vs Grizzled Young Veterans - Tag Team Title Match 

  • GYV win with an armlock on the injured arm of Mark Davis
  • GYV our before the match, sitting in chairs, saying how they can’t stand the state of the Progress wrestling tag division. After quite a lot of talking from Gibson, Aussie Open come out to start the match.
  • Mark Davis has his left shoulder taped up at the start and it is a sign of things to come. A great back and forth match, but the Grizzled Young Veterans now have both the NXT UK and Progress tag team titles. 
  • Aussie Open was given a standing ovation, as rumors about them heading to New Japan Pro Wrestling grow. 


  • Eddie Dennis has the mic to close the show. He goes through his history of injury, signing with WWE, he says rehab is going great and he is going to wrestle again real soon. 
  • He says it’s been his dream to be a WWE wrestler every night when he goes to sleep since he was 5. He says he will never wrestle again in a Progress ring again, so that he can do what’s right for him and for his family and stay healthy for a WWE career. 
  • He says he loves Progress and has been here since the beginning, and even with him gone, everyone should keep defending Indy wrestling. 
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