Progress Chapter 94: Jordynne Grace Dominates

Check out results from the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London from Parker Holland!

Pre Show match

GCW Take Kare Results (3/6/21): Rickey Shane Page Vs. Joey Janela, And More

Danny Black vs. Rex

Black wins with a cutter out of the corner after jumping from the ropes. 

Rex was in control most of the match, playing a power guy game. Some good natured heckling from the crowd seemed to throw him a bit off though. 

Black is a daredevil (has the Marvel logo for him on his tights in case you need proof) but was mostly just beaten up before his win so we didn’t get to see much of him showing off. 


Jim our to start the show. Somehow this devolves into a battle of representatives from middle England supermarket chains Marks & Spencer’s, Lidl, and Waitrose. No one knows how we got here. 




Semi Final 1: Chakara vs Nina Samuels

Samuels wins with a roll up

Candy Floss was originally scheduled but is ill so her replacement is Nina Samuels. 

Chakara and Samuels were in House of Couture with Jinny not too long ago. Chakara tries to take her frustration out on Samuels for Samuels leaving HOC, but Samuels’ experience makes that difficult. 

Chakara wrestles Samuels down to the mat and keeps her grounded for a good portion of the match. Samuels is able to recover after taking a dragon auplex and rolls Chakara up for the win. 


Semi Final 2: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Dani Luna

Grace wins with a pump handle driver

One of the better women’s matches in Progress in awhile. Crowd solidly behind hometown favorite Dani Luna. 

Luna matching Grace in the power game. Strong holds traded back and forth until Luna misses a 450 splash from the top rope and lands on Graces legs. Grace is fired up afterwards and hits a massive clothesline followed by a pumphandle driver for the win. She remains Progress women’s champion and goes on to the finals versus Nina Samuels later tonight. 


South Pacific Power Trip (NIWA/ TK Cooper)vs Anti Fun Police

SPPT win with a spike piledriver/top rope drop kick combo on Dunne

No Travis Banks out with SPPT. A quick fun match with very few shenanigans considering it was a Anti fun Police match. 

Santos goes for a forward roll in the match and the referee has to roll to get out of his way. Santos sees this as too much fun, and pulls out the finger gun. NIWA takes this chance to attack Santos and SPPT never really lose control again. 

At one point Cooper dropkicks Dunne in mid air as he was going for a high flying move on NIWA. 

Santos gets taken out on the outside and SPPT picks up the win. 


Paul Robinson vs William Eaver w/Spike Trivet and Chuck Mambo

Eaver wins with a Crucifix Powerbomb followed by a clothesline, after a chairshot to the head of Robinson from Mambo

Lucky Kidd was originally scheduled but could not make it, so now Eaver steps in. This match will determine the first and last entrants to the Proteus Rumble at Ally Pally.

This was really a 3-on-1 match with Robbo fighting off all 3 members of Do Not Resuscitate at all times. 

Eaver used his size to dominate when he could, and when he couldn’t, Mambo and Trivet stepped in to distract Robbo. At the end, Mambo hits Robbo in the head with a chair shot, followed by Eaver hitting a Crucifix Powerbomb. Robbo licks out and fires up but is put away with a clothesline. 


Aussie Open vs Do Not Resuscitate

Aussie Open win with a double pumphandle slam

A long match that started as a squash of DNR by Aussie Open. Eventually Eaver came out and distracted the Aussies long enough to let DNR get control. 

Trivet eventually gets frustrated and decks the referee and all three get in the ring to beat down Aussie Open. Paul Robinson runs down to help them out and even the odds 

Aussie Open regain control and win the match. 

Afterwards, OJMO comes out and says he has had more time to think about DNRs offer to join them, and the answer is still no. 


Chris Brookes vs Eddie Kingston

Kingston wins by count out and gets to choose the stipulation for CCK vs LAX at the Natural Progression Series on September 14th. 

This started with a wild crowd brawl that lasted 15 minutes and had Kingston slam Brooke’s through his own Kerch table and Brooke’s single leg crab Kingston with ring equipment. Brooke’s figure fours Kingston on the ringpost. 

Eventually they both are in the ring and the shell sounds. 

It doesn’t take long for it to breakdown again. Kingston hits Brooke’s with 3 backfists, but pulls up on the pin nat two, drags him to the stage, and lays him out with a Powerbomb on the steps. He tells the ref to count and stays with Brooke’s until 8, makes it into the ring, and wins by countout. 

After the match, Kingston continues to beat up Brooke’s on the stage and says their match at NPS will be a street fight. 


Finals of the Revelations of Divine Love Tournament 

Jordynne Grace vs. Nina Samuels

Grace wins with a pumphandle driver

Nina is able to get the crowd behind her early on, and even bite on a few near falls, but i think most people knew that since the winner would go on to face Meiko Satumora at Ally Pally, Grace was the only one who could really win. 

Grace over powers Nina at every point, and even hits a Vader Bomb and later a top rope senton. Grace picks up the win with her pumphandle driver and grabs the microphone to tell Meiko she thinks she is ready for a real challenge now. 

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