PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 Night Three Results | SSS16

Alexandra Palace

Progress Super Strong Style 16 Day 3 results, submitted by Parker Holland

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Hangover Battle Royal 
Roy Johnson, DJZ, Artemis Spencer, Chris Brookes, OJ, Darby Allin, Connor Mills, Lucky Kid, Chris Ridgeway, Trevor Lee
Chris Brookes wins with a package piledriver on Connor Mills

OJ leads us off on the rap battle, followed by DJZ. Lee chokes and can’t come up with anything. 

Brookes is up next but Lykos comes out to interrupt and spit some bars. 

After insulting most of the roster, Lykos distracts Johnson and Brookes hits him from behind with a tray to start the match proper. 

Lots of fun spots to highlight every guy. 


SSS16 Semi-Final Elimination Triple Threat
Travis Banks vs. David Starr vs. Ilja Dragunov
David Starr wins with a straight jacket suplex on Travis Banks. 

A good mix of action from all three men the whole way. Banks eliminates Ilja with a springboard kick after Ilja hit a torpedo headbutt on Starr. 

Starr recovers and m, despite interference from TK Cooper, still pin Banks. 


SSS16 Semi-Final
Jordan Devlin vs Kyle O’Reilly​​​​​​​
Devlin wins by rolling up O’Reilly while caught in a knee bar. 

A long and vicious match with lots of striking and submissions. Devlin is slowly worn down by O’Reilly. Devlin finally gets the upper hand but lands bad on his feet while going for a moonsault. O’Reilly takes advantage and wears down Devlins knee. 

Devlin is able to counter at the very end by rolling up O’Reilly while still caught in the knee bar. 


Jimmy Havoc's final match (for now) in Progress
Death Match
Paul Robinson vs Jimmy Havoc
Robinson wins with a double stomp to the back of the head

A bloody, bloody match involving more than a few chairs, thumbtacks, light tubes, tables, and light tube tables. Jimmy goes out on his back and covered in blood. Which seems appropriate. 


Jim Smallman comes out to say goodbye to Jimmy and plays a video covering his entire time in Progress from 2012 until today. 

Jimmy gets on the mic after, makes fun of Jim for not booking anyone not signed to WWE. 

AFI plays Jimmy out and we go to intermission. 


Progress Tag Team Title Match
Aerostar & Daga vs Aussie Open

Aussie Open wins with the double pump handle driver 

Daga and Aerostar worked from a disadvantage as no one was really buying they could win. While they never fully overcame this hurdle, it was still an easy to watch and fun tag. 

Post match Flash Morgan Webster and Wild Boar Mike Hitchman attack Aussie Open and leave with the tag titles. 


Progress Women’s Championship Four-Way
Jordynne Grace vs Nina Samuels vs Millie Mckenzie vs Session Moth Martina
Jordynne retains by pinning Martina after Millie hit Martina with a spear. 

Jordynne talks down to the crowd at the beginning of the match and says she is “sorry” for not being in Progress more often. Then says she is sorry she has to face the stick figure, the WWE sellout, and the total joke. Martina slaps her after this and we get started. 

The three Progress women team up on Grace whenever they get the chance, but her power is tough to fight. 

Even though they were able to get her out of the ring she takes advantage of their her three fighting amongst themselves and wins. 


SSS16 Final
David Starr vs Jordan Devlin
David Starr wins by submission

One hell of a match, especially at the end. Devlin and Starr hit each other with everything in their arsenals multiple times. 

Devlin was still having issues with his knee from the Kyle O’Reilly match, and this led to him being more grounded than usual. 


Starr takes the mic and says he is here to build things up, not tear them down. It’s not about contracts vs no contracts, it’s about the many vs the few. He says he can’t keep his promise of challenging WALTER, because that coward left the country early. But he is coming for him, and he will be Progress champion. 

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