PWG ALL Star Weekend 14 Night 1 Review!

Hello Fightful! As always, I’m KOSS and I thank you for deciding to click on one of my articles. First off, I apologize for the wait. Between the passing of my aunt, the hospitalization of my grandmother, the start of Big Brother 20, PWG announcing entrants for BOLA, and a general lack of motivation, I’ve been hard pressed to find a reason to get one of these shows going. But, that doesn’t matter now, as I’m excited, and ready to review! So with that, let’s get right into it! Also, I have a few other PWG related articles that I have planned, so keep your eyes open for those as well!


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Match #1: Rey Horus vs. Trevor Lee


The TNA Superstar is back!! This is Trevor’s first PWG appearance in what feels like a short time, but has actually been his first PWG appearance since October 20th, at All Star Weekend 13, Night One. I like the fact that Trevor hasn’t been on all the shows, it allows me to feel refreshed when I see him. His opponent here is the always great Rey Horus, someone I find to be super underrated. He’s not someone that will make it to the finals of BOLA, or win the PWG Title, but he’s a guy you can put anywhere on the card, against any kind of opponent, and he’ll deliver a hell of a match for you.


Excalibur says that Trevor Lee has been serving a 150 day PWG suspension, lol. On the mic, Trevor says that he’s seen PWG going downhill, and that he’s decided to take a break from his million dollar lifestyle, and take a pay cut to work PWG. He says that TNA keeps the checks coming, so he makes a pledge to the Resedians that he will win the PWG World Title in the last show in the Legion Hall! Since Bask in his Glory was *allegedly* the last show in the Legion Hall, that didn’t end up so well. Horus immediately gets Trevor with a Hurricanrana and nearly gets a three count right at the start of the bell! Horus hits Lee with a beautiful Leg Lariat and hits a single foot dropkick to a grounded Lee! Horus hits a beautiful Lucha style Hurricanrana in the corner, and when he tries to go to the top rope, Lee shoves Ref Justin into the ring and Horus is crotched! Lee is having a ball posing in the corner. Lee gets Horus into the corner and launches Horus into the opposite corner. THIS SICK BASTARD TREVOR LEE IS THREATENING TO DEMASK REY HORUS, AND THEN HE BACK RAKES HIM. Lee gets Horus in a back suplex, squats him, then hits the Back Suplex, which Excalibur attributes to Lee’s strong, Carolina Pine Tree legs. Horus gets a backslide, bit it’s only a two count. Horus hits a picturesque Springboard Cross Body! Horus hits a Tope Con Hilo to a chair-seated Lee! HORUS JUST CHUCKED A CHAIR AT LEE’S FACE! Horus dodges a Lariat, and hits a Spanish Fly!  Lee goes for the deadlift German, but Horus counters into a rollup. Kickout! Lee hits the Superman Forearm, and KILLS HORUS WITH THE MUSHROOM STOMP! HORUS HITS A CRAZY FRONT FLIP SATELLITE DDT!!!!! THAT WAS AMAZING! THAT WAS NEARLY THREE!!! LEE IS SOMEHOW STILL ALIVE!!! That one got a THAT WAS THREE Chant. Trevor tries to get a rollup on the ropes, but Justin catches him. Horus comes at him in the corner, but Trevor counters with a boot and gets on the top rope behind Horus. Lee deadlifts Horus up, but Horus elbows and gets out, and he wipes Lee out by dragging him off the top rope! HORUS KILLS LEE WITH A TOP ROPE SUNSET BOMB!!! THAT IS IT!! IT’S OVER!!


Winner: Rey Horus  


Solid match to start off the show. It was nothing to write home about, but by absolutely no means was it bad. I enjoyed it a fair amount. A fun way to start off the festivities of All Star Weekend 14!


My rating: ***


Match #2: Bandido vs. Taiji Ishimori


OHHHHHH YESSSSSS. THIS is the kind of match you watch PWG for. One of the most decorated, respected Juniors in Japan facing the hottest Luchadore in the world. PWG is SO GREAT. This is Bandido’s second appearance, and first PWG Singles match after he, Flamita, Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier stole the show at Time is a Flat Circle. Bandido came out of that match with more buzz than ever, and since then, he’s gotten more and more popular with every PWG outing, and he’s now starting to get booked on other US Indies too. AAW in Chicago recently announced a Bandido/Flamita vs. FENIX/PENTA EL ZERO M Tag Match, and WOAH MAMA is that gonna be insane. Bandido’s my personal pick to win BOLA this year, as I think he and WALTER could have a really unique, fun match. And this is Taiji Ishimori’s PWG debut! This was only a few weeks before he debuted as the BONE SOLDIER for New Japan, and a month or two before his Match of the Year Candidate against Hiromu Takahashi (and if you haven’t seen that match, DO IT RIGHT NOW, THAT MATCH IS GOD DAMN INCREDIBLE) in the finals of the Best of Super Juniors. I’m hype, this is two awesome high flyers, let’s get into this!


The crowd is HYPE for both guys, and they shake hands before starting. Bandido just has a great look about him, between the mask, his size, his hair, and everything, he’s just got a special look about him. The two grapple to start, while Excalibur explains Ishimori’s past, bringing up his time in Toryumon Pro and his time in NOAH. Bandido gets a Bow and Arrow, but Ishimori counters into a rollup! More grappling, and we get double flips! Bandido handstands out of a Hurricanrana, but Bandido nails him with a Lariat! Taiji goes for another Lariat, but BANDIDO DODGES INTO A HEADSTAND!!! Ishimori goes for a third lariat, but Bandido handsprings over it, and hits a headscissors! Ishimori lands on his feet! Ishimori goes for a kick, but Bandido catches the leg! Ishimori goes for a kick with the other leg, but Bandido ducks! Ishimori catches him with the kick on the rebound! WOW. Ishimori gets Bandido in the cravate. Bandido throws Ishimori into the corner, BUT ISHIMORI SPIDERS HIS WAY THROUGH THE ROPES, AND HITS A SPRINGBOARD SENTON! THE SHIRT IS OFF OF ISHIMORI!!!! THIS IS SERIOUS!!! Taiji Ishimori is SHREDDED.  The two trade kicks, and BANDIDO HITS AN INSANE TILT-A-WHIRL DDT!! BANDIDO WITH A HUGE OVER THE TOP ROPE DIVE!!! THIS MATCH ALREADY RULES! Bandido gets huge height on a crossbody. BANDIDO HITS A MOVE THAT I CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE.


Ishimori hits the handspring kick! Ishimori hits a double knee strike in the corner! Ishimori hits a GROSS Stomp on Bandido. That looked like it would like a BEEYOTCH. Ishimori hits the Tombstone Double Knee Gutbuster! Two count! Ishimori hits a HUGE Pop-Up Cutter! Ishimori hits a huge Rolling Death Valley Driver, and a grounded superkick, but Bandido rolls through into a Running European Uppercut! I could watch these two wrestle the whole show. This is excellent. Now they’re on their knees, trading strikes. They slowly get to their feet and they trade overhand chops! Bandido rolls through a lariat into an armbar! Ishimori muscles him up for a Powerbomb! Two count! Ishimori slams Bandido down, and goes up top. He goes for a 450 but rolls through after Bandido dodged, and Bandido hits a Superkick! He’s going for a Springboard Corner Moonsault, BUT BANDIDO MURDERS HIM WITH A KICK TO THE GUT. OH MY LORD. Ishimori hits him with the Bloody Cross! That ends it!



Winner: Taiji Ishimori


WOW. What a match. That was two of the best Junior Wrestlers around going out there and absolutely killing it, and man, kill it they did. I absolutely loved that match, and it’s no shock that Bandido has one on to become one of PWG’s favorites, and it’s even less of a shock that Taiji went on to have his classic with Hiromu. That was great.


My rating: ****¼


Match #3: RINGKAMPF (WALTER and Timothy Thatcher) vs. Violence Unlimited (Tyler Bateman and Brody King)


This match got a TON of buzz when it happened, as something that made King into a breakout star in PWG. In fact, this match is the reason that King is wrestling WALTER at the upcoming Threemendous V show. This is Tyler Bateman’s PWG debut. I’m excited to see what happens in this one, and if it’s as great as people made it out to be.


RINGKAMPF chants start. Violence Unlimited is announced out of Van Nuys, to a huge cheer. Excalibur notes that these are two super different teams. Thatcher and Bateman are starting. We get some grappling. I always found it interesting that Thatcher was more well received in PWG, a place known for high flying, than in somewhere like EVOLVE, where grapple-style is more prevalent. Thatcher gets Bateman in a Half Crab, and hits some gnarly kicks to Bateman’s back, and a NASTY grounded knee. Bateman has control of Thatcher’s fingers, but Thatcher counters by grabbing Bateman’s nose. WALTER and King get tagged in to big reactions! Collar and Elbow tie up! King ducks one of WALTER’s infamous chops. KING hits a big chop to WALTER! WALTER hits one back! Shoulder Tackles! Neither go down! WALTER takes King down with a boot. WALTER with his chops! KING WANTS MORE!! He dodges a WALTER chop, and delivers chops of his own! WALTER tags to Thatcher.

Thatcher starts stomping the shoulder of King. I absolutely LOVE Ringkampf. They’re a pair of brutal guys wearing black trunks and black boots that have no flash in their moves, just old fashioned hard hitting strikes and submissions. Eat your heart out, Revival. Thatcher works over the arm of King. Thatcher goes for a Butterfly Suplex, but King flips him over and tags in Bateman! Bateman takes Thatcher down and tries to take out WALTER, but WALTER doesn’t like that and gives him a Lariat! Thatcher and WALTER hit a pair of gutwrench suplexes. WALTER with a chop to Bateman, which prompts him to remove his shirt. WHY!? WALTER hits another GROSS sounding chop. Excalibur agrees with me on commentary. Bateman goes for a chop, but WALTER goes MISS ME WITH THAT LAME CHOP SON, no sells it and chops Bateman again, who immediately falls to his knees and clutches his chest in pain, haha. Excalibur can’t get over Bateman taking his shirt. Thatcher gets the tag. Thatcher is working him over with some MEAN looking strikes. Thatcher just looks like the kind of wrestler that you’d see in a 1950’s wrestling school that’d break your ankle because he was a dick. Thatcher working the arm as WALTER gets the tag. WALTER hits a running big boot to King, and Bonzai Drop to a grounded Bateman! This match is pretty damn good. More chops between Bateman and WALTER. Tag to Thatcher. Thatcher goes for a Backdrop Suplex, but blocks it, and also blocks an Enzuigiri! Tag to King! King is running wild! BRODY KING HITS A DOUBLE LUCHA ARM DRAG TO RINGKAMPF!!! KING WITH THE TOPE CON HILO TO RINGKAMPF!!!! Violence Unlimited with Tag Strikes to Thatcher! Thatcher hits the Enzuigiri to Bateman. Backdrop Driver by Thatcher! WALTER and King are in! They’re trading lariats! I can see why PWG is booking this as a singles match at the next show. King and WALTER’s interactions have been highlights of this great match. ANOTHER CHOP WAR BETWEEN KING AND WALTER!! RESEDA IS ON THEIR FEET FOR THIS!!!! German Suplex and Butterfly Suplex by WALTER! Kickout by King! Thatcher is in! German to Thatcher! Thatcher gets an Armbar! RINGKAMPF has Violence Unlimited in submissions! Piledriver to Thatcher! Brainbuster by Bateman to Thatcher! WALTER with the Tag. WALTER kills King with a Lariat. He murders King with a second lariat, but King kicks out! WALTER with the Shotgun Dropkick, and a Powerbomb! Kickout by King! WALTER wraps King into a choke, and King taps!

Winners: RINGKAMPF (WALTER and Timothy Thatcher)


What. A. Match. Those four went to WAR, and it resulted in a star making performance for Violence Unlimited, but none moreso than Brody King, who went Chop for Chop with the beast that is WALTER.  That was a great, great match. These last two matches have been excellent.


My rating: ****1/4


Match #4: Robbie Eagles vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Flash Morgan Webster


Another debut! And this time, it’s in the form of Robbie Eagles, an Australian talent that has been known for his amazing high flying style. He’s in the ring with Sammy Guevara, another young, high flying wrestler, as well as Flash Morgan Webster, one of the more unique wrestlers around.

Unfortunately, Webster signed a WWE UK Deal, so this pair of shows will most likely be the last of him in PWG. But let’s get into what I’m sure will be a slow paced, submission filled match with no flips, or anything of the sort.


Guevara starts off by telling the crowd to quiet down so they cheer him lol. Sammy kicks Eagles’ head off with a Superkick and wails on Flash! Flash hits a Bicycle Knee, and Eagles hits a Springboard Dropkick to Sammy’s knee! Robbie is showing some really great athleticism. Flash gets a Guillotine Choke, but Eagles gets out, and Flash hits the implosion senton! Sammy tries to get on the apron, but Flash shoves him off. Eagles hits a combination of kicks, and back in comes Sammy! Robbie hits a Flipping Tope Suicida to Sammy! Flash hits a Tope Con Hilo to Robbie! Flash and Eagles are fighting on the apron. Sammy clotheslines both off the apron and Sammy hits a Fosbury Flop! Robbie is working both Flash and Sammy! He takes both Flash and Guevara out with a Dropkick/Elbow Combo. Robbie, Flash and Sammy are all trading strike with one another. DOUBLE REVERSE RANA BY FLASH TO ROBBIE AND SAMMY!!! Flash with the Angel’s Wings to Robbie, and Sammy breaks the Pin! Sammy hits a Back Suplex into a DDT to Flash, but Robbie breaks the pin with a dropkick! Robbie hits an over the shoulder Michinoku Driver! Robbie is going up top, but Flash breaks the move up, but Eagles knocks Flash down. Now Sammy stuns Robbie on the top. Sammy flips out of a Sunset Flip Powerbomb, but gets caught immediately by a DESTINOOOOOO by Flash! Eagles with a standing Sliced Bread! Eagles up top with a 450! FLASH COUNTERS INTO A CHOKE! Sammy goes up top and hits a Shooting Star Press onto Flash and Robbie! It looked like Sammy’s knees landed RIGHT ON FLASH’S CHEST. OUCH! The Shooting Star gets the pin on Eagles!


Winner: Sammy Guevara


Fun match! Triple Threats in PWG are a PAIN to try to describe since so much happens so quickly, especially with guys like Flash, Sammy and Robbie. I thought Robbie was fine in his debut. Not super awesome, but not a disaster, like Jason Cade’s debut. Sammy winning makes sense, since he’s in the midst of a push.


My rating: ***½


Match #5: Joey Janela vs. Jonah Rock


This is one of the more unique matches PWG has put together. Joey is known for being wild and dangerous, with little regard for his own safety. And putting him in with Jonah Rock may seem like an odd move, but I think it makes sense. Rock can hurl around Joey and look like a badass beast, while Janela can valiantly fight and hurl himself at Rock to try to bring him down. I’m interested to see how these two’s unique styles will mesh.


Jonah has a 120 pound weight advantage over Joey. WOW. Jonah has Godzilla on his ring jacket, and his nickname is the King of Monsters, so major respect.

Joey goes for a Collar and Elbow Tieup, but Rock just pushes him away. Joey tries for a shoulder tackle but Rock shrugs it off. A second one yields the same result. Joey tries for another one, but Rock crushes him with a crossbody. JOEY MANAGES TO GET JONAH DOWN WITH A SHOULDER TACKLE! Now Jonah is FLATTENING Joey with chops, but Joey hits a kick to the gut and a kick to the jaw, BUT JONAH HITS A MASSIVE POP-UP SAMOAN DROP. Jonah starts wailing on Janela on the outside, but the outside is where Joey Janela thrives. JONAH ROCK JUST MILITARY PRESSED JOEY INTO THE CROWD!!!!! Jonah CRUNCHES Janela with a Senton. Joey is valiantly fighting against Rock, but Rock is just wailing on him. Jonah FLATTENS Janela with a right hook. Rock puts Joey up top, but Janela fights through and hits a top rope Sunset Flip Powerbomb to Rock! Two count! Joey tries to get Rock up for a Death Valley Driver, but Rock is just too massive. Jonah goes for a corner splash, but Rock hits him out of the air with a Superkick! Rock with a brainbuster! Rock is going up top! Joey dodges the Frog Splash! Janela gets Rock up for the Death Valley Driver! JANELA HITS A MOONSAULT FROM THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!!!! Janela up top again! Diving Double Stomp to Rock! Rock kicks out! Janela is going up top yet again! Rock stuns Janela with a Gamengiri! Rock is going up top too!!! HUGEEEE SUPERPLEX BY ROCK!!!! Sit-Out Powerbomb by Rock! Janela kicks out! Rock up top! Frog Splash ends it!


Winner: Jonah Rock


I really dug this match! It told a fun story of Rock being just too big for Joey, but Joey trying to fight Rock anyway. This was a really fun match!


My rating: ***¾


Match #6: PWG World Champion Keith Lee vs. Hangman Page (Non-Title)


Hangman Page is someone I don’t get. I don’t think he sucks, not at all. I think he’s a really good hand to have around. But I absolutely don’t think he’s on the level of other people in the Bullet Club. I even think Marty Scurll is better than Hangman, when he’s not doing awful comedy matches. Oh well. This is Hangman’s PWG Debut, and what a way to debut; against the NEW PWG Champion, Keith Lee! I absolutely HATED the Lee/Chuck Taylor match from Time is a Flat Circle, so I hope that this match can pleasantly surprise me.


Well, it’s certainly obvious that Hangman forgot to put fake tan on his back. We have a TAN YOUR BACK chant, and the Reseda crowd is laughing at Hangman now. Wow, I can’t look away from Hangman’s back lol. Now, we have a Tanman chant. Lee is on the outside for some reason, and the PWG crowd is having a blast mocking Hangman’s back. Keith is showing his agility by dodging some of Hangman’s moves. LEE hits a Hurricanrana on Hangman! Hangman goes for the Apron Shooting Star Shoulder, but Lee catches him out of the air, and hits a NASTY Belly-to-Belly on the floor! Lee with a big elbow to Hangman. Hangman goes for a Baseball Slide Dropkick, but Lee dodges and hits a big forearm.

Lee arranges some seats and goes for a Powerbomb, but Hangman counters and gets himself on the ropes, and superkicks Lee. Hangman gives Lee a Shooting Star Press on the chairs! Hangman hits some big Lariats to Lee, but Lee doesn’t go down. Hangman hits the Slingshot Lariat on Lee! Hangman hits a Top Rope Moonsault to the Floor! Hangman goes for another Slingshot Lariat, but Lee counters into a German. Hangman counters Ground Zero into a Rollup. Superkick to a grounded Lee by Hangman. Keith pounces Hangman off the apron! Lee and Hangman are trading chops and strikes! Spirit Bomb by Lee! Hangman kicks out. Keith is looking like he’s going for the Moonsault, but Hangman gets him off the ropes into a Powerbomb! Hangman with a GROSS Piledriver! Keith Lee gets Page up for a Spirit Bomb, but Hangman rolls around and hits a Reverse Rana! Hangman tries to go for Last Rites, but Lee counters into the Ground Zero and gets the win!


Well that was mediocre. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really good either. But it’s easily the worst thing on the show thus far. Hangman and Lee just did not mesh at all.


My rating: **½


Main Event:

PWG World Tag Team Championships

The Chosen Bros. (Jeff Cobb and Matt Riddle)


The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier)


The Young Bucks


And we’ve arrived at the main event! This is sure to be a pain in the ASS to write about. It’s really neat to see that The Rascalz are already getting a PWG Tag Title Shot after debuting at the last show. The Young Bucks ALWAYS deliver in crazy spotfests like this, so I KNOW this’ll be a WILD spotfest. And The Chosen Bros. have shown they can keep up in crazy matches like this; just watch their match with The Lucha Bros. from the last All Star Weekend. This is gonna be pure insanity, and I can’t wait!!


Dezmond and Riddle are starting this one. Riddle immediately gets Xavier on the ground, and tries to get in an Armbar. Xavier gets the rope break. Riddle is HURLING Dezmond with Gutwrench Suplexes. Xavier flips out of a German! Wentz gets the tag from Dezmond, while Nick Jackson blind tags Riddle. Wentz hits the Springboard Tornillo! Jeff Cobb has come in and hurls both around, and Riddle tags Cobb, and they hit the Roundhouse/German Combo! Cobb hits the Sidewinder Suplex on Wentz! Riddle goes for the Broton, but Wentz gets the knees up! The Bucks take out the champs, and clean house on the Rascalz too!  THE YOUNG BUCKS SUPERKICK MATT RIDDLE’S BARE FOOT!!!! MONSTERS!!! Tandem Sharpshooters on the Rascalz, but the Bros. hit double Germans on the Bucks! Riddle is working Matt Jackson’s injured back now! Riddle hits a Bro-To-Sleep on Nick Jackson! Matt Jackson hits a Sliced Bread on Cobb!

Rascalz hitting tandem offense on the Chosen Bros! JEFF COBB HITS A PUMPHANDLE SUPLEX ON BOTH RASCALZ!!!!! WOW!!!! Nick Jackson runs WILD on the Rascalz! MASSIVE ROUNDHOUSE TO DEZMOND BY NICK JACKSON!!! MATT WITH A TOPE CON HILO TO THE CHOSEN BROS!! RASCALZ WITH TANDEM OUTSIDE DIVES!!!! THIS MATCH IS WILD!! DOUBLE SUPERKICK TO WENTZ OUT OF THE PUSHING BACK SUPLEX MOONSAULT!!!!!! Cobb catches Nick out of the air from a Meltzer Driver and the Bros. hit tandem Piledrivers! Bros. call for the Doomsday Knee Strike! Matt Backflips out of it!! REFEREE JUSTIN BORDEN EATS A DOUBLE SUPERKICK!!!!!!! THIS IS SERIOUS!! Cobb with a double German to the Young Bucks! I want to see a Rascalz/Chosen Bros. match, that’d be SICK! Chosen Bros. hit the Missile Launcher Bro to Sleep on Wentz, but there’s no ref! A ref is out!! NICK SWANTONS THE REF!!! MATT RIDDLE IS PISSED! Double low blow to the Bros. by Matt Jackson! The Bucks blow a kiss to Dave Meltzer, and hit the Meltzer driver!!! RICK KNOX IS HERE!!!!!  EVEN WITH A BROKEN CLAVICLE, RICK KNOX IS HERE!!!!!! HE DOESN’T COUNT THE THREE!!!!! HE FLIPS THE BUCKS OFF!!!!! BUCKS HAVE HIM IN A FULL NELSON!!! KNOX DODGES A SUPERKICK!!!!! KNOX SUPERKICKS NICK JACKSON!!!! RESEDA IS UNGLUED!!!!! WENTZ WITH THE OVER THE TOP ROPE DIVE OFF OF DEZMOND’S BACK!!!! The Bros are back!! Xavier counters the Missile Launcher Bro to Sleep! Xavier counters Tour of the Islands into a Crucifix!! Top Rope Meteora by Wentz!!! THE RASCALZ HAVE DONE IT!!!! THE RASCALZ DID IT!!!!! THEY ARE THE NEW PWG WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS AFTER ONLY TWO MATCHES IN PWG!!!!!


Winners and NEW PWG World Tag Team Champions: The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz)


WHAT. A. MATCH. It started off slow as a typical Chosen Bros. match, but that went balls to the wall and went insane after a short time. What more needs to be said? That was phenomenal.

My rating: ****¾


And that’s PWG All Star Weekend 14, Night One, and this was a HELL of a show. The worst thing on the show was Lee/Hangman, and I can’t say that match was awful, or even bad. Everything else was good to outstanding. This was a absolutely great PWG show, and Night Two has a LOT to live up to. What a show!


Thank you so much for reading! I’m KOSS, and I’ll see you again soon for Night Two!


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