RAW Live Coverage 1-2: Goldberg Returns, Braun Probably Kills Sami Zayn, And More!

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On Tonight's Episode:

Goldberg comes back.

(Probably to cut another promo about how much he loves his weird shirtless son)


Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman
Last Man Standing Match

(aka Braun Strowman Commits Murder on National TV.)

Also a bunch of other stuff.
That stuff will probably suck.


Mick Foley is out to start the show, and he's had a haircut.

It looks like it was cut with a weed whacker, but it's definitely a haircut.

He says his resolution was to make a change this year.

Also, to make sure Kevin Owens has to defend his Universal Title without the help of Chris Jericho, and he gestures to the shark cage at the top of the ramp.

Owens and Jericho come down to the ring and they re-hash everything about this stupid Roman Reigns-rematch-with-Jericho-in-a-shark-cage angle, and Kevin Owens says that Mick Foley has had it out for them for months.

Mick says you're right, I'm sorry, and since this is the Kevin Owens Show, we're going to have an actual "Kevin Owens Show" and the guest is going to be GOLDBERG.

Owens and Jericho say mean things to Foley. (And with good cause. He's terrible in this segment.)

Stephanie McMahon comes out to defend Foley and she makes a match Chris Jericho vs Roman for the US Title, and if Roman is disqualified or loses vs countout, he loses the title.

Also, Kevin Owens will face Seth Rollins and the loser will be banned from ringside in that US Title match.

Also, that match starts ...







Rollins hits a coupe of plancha crossbodies to the outside, then Owens takes control by throwing Rollins into the barricade and stomping him down inside the ring.

Rollins comes back briefly, but Owens shuts that down pretty quick.


Back from the break and Kevin is in the driver's seat. Until he misses an attempted cannonball to the Seth against the barricade.

A popup powerbomb misfires as well, countered by an Enzuigiri.

Advantage Rollins.

Slingblade, then a few moves later, Rollins hits a suicide dive to the outside and throws Owens into the timekeeper's area.

Owens hits Rollins in the gut with the ring bell, the ref sees it, disqualifies him.

WINNER BY DQ: Seth Rollins

Now Kevin Owens is banned from ringside for Jericho's match.

This is the worst episode of Raw in the history of ever.


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