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Last night at Extreme Rules we witnessed Samoa Joe take the Number One contender position for the Universal Championship, currently in the hands of The Beast Brock Lesnar. Joe won't get his Title Match until July 9th at the next Raw exclusive pay-per-view, Great Balls of Fire, so what is in store for him until then? Last night, we also witnessed the crowning of new champions, The Miz won his Championship match against Dean Ambrose, making him 7-time Intercontinental Champion. The team of Cesaro and Sheamus won their cage match against the Hardy Boyz making them 2-time Raw Tag Team Champions. Alexa Bliss was victorious and retained her title with the kendo stick assist. Where do we go from here? Will new feuds begin? Will rematches take place? Let's find out!

We start off with Bray Wyatt making his way to the ring. He says that last night was the beginning of the end. He said he had a chance to save everyone from damnation. He says he is still every bit of the god that he has always been. He is here to cast judgement on those that are guilty, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns are all guilty. One by one they must all be punished and first up is Roman Reigns. Out comes Roman. Roman says the crowd's chants are why he is "the guy". He then punches Bray and say's that is what happens when your run your mouth in his yard. Match begins!

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

They both come out swinging and Bray catches a high elbow and goes out of the ring. Commercial break. We're back with Bray in control, cover and kick out by Roman, headlock by Bray, crowd chats start, Roman is back up and looks for a Samoan drop and then Bray gets a DDT, cover and kick out again from Roman, headlock again. Roman gets back to his feet and breaks the lock, head butt by Bray, onto the turnbuckle, Wyatt on top rope, Roman lifts him and lands the Samoan drop, cover and kick out from Bray. Both are struggling to get to their feet. Clotheslines by Roman and then huge right hand. Bray rests in the turnbuckle and Roman runs into a foot and then runs into the ring post. Roman rolls out of the ring and slam by Bray onto Roman on the outside of the ring. Commercial break. Back with Roman in another headlock and Roman working his way to his feet. Roman with big right hand and throws Wyatt out of the ring. Roman takes a breather in the ring. Bray gets into the ring before he can get counted out, Reigns with a series of kicks. Bray into the turnbuckle and Roman takes his 10 swings. Bray delivers a big boot, Roman rebounds and covers Bray, kick out. Roman looking for Superman Punch and Roman gets caught and Wyatt goes for cover and Reigns kicks out again! Bray in the corner, lifts Roman to top turnbuckle, Wyatt on the second roper, delivers punches, Roman with head butts, Roman drops down and grabs Bray and delivers huge powerbomb! Roman with the cover and Bray kicks out! Bray is still down and Roman is just waiting for him, looking to finish, locked and loaded, misses then lands Superman Punch, Bray kicks out again! Roman back to his feet, mixed reaction for Roman from the crowd, Bray rolls out before Roman can land a spear, Roman does however, land a drive by! Then Bray gives a huge clothesline. The ref is counting, Bray rolls in, followed by Roman who just beat the count. Reigns back up first, Bray looks for Abigail, reversed into a roll kick out, Superman Punch followed by a Spear. Cover and pin! Roman Reigns picks up the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns after Superman Punch and a Spear

Backstage Enzo and Cass do an interview about his attacker. Tonight they have a match against Gallows and Andersen. Enzo says he has no idea who did it. He thinks Corey Graves may have the scoop. Cass says he doesn't know but the fact that some people think it was Cass himself really insulted him. Cass says he always has Enzo's back. Charlee and Enzo exchange flirting looks.

Kurt Angle is looking at his phone when Alexa Bliss comes up. She says she is here to help him, she's done with Bayley, tonight she wants to celebrate her entire life. She wants to do a "This is My Life" segment. Kurt says that's a terrible idea since last week's segment was one of the worst in the history of Raw. Angle says tonight she is having a title match against Nia Jax tonight! Seriously.

Samson starts in the ring trying to sing his song, then Dean interrupts and takes out Samson, then grabs the mic and says he wants his rematch with Miz, Miz comes on the screen and says there will not be a rematch tonight, just a celebration for his Comeback Tour. Ambrose is distracted and Samson takes him out for interrupting his song.

Backstage Ambrose is looking for Miz's dressing room and asks Angle for a rematch even if it's backstage. Angle tells him he needs to cool off and let the celebration go as planned.

Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring. Joe says he is going to make this very simple, he does not feat Brock Lesnar. He is incapable of fearing him because he is too envious. He wants everything he has and he wants to take it from him. He wants Brock's schedule. He wants his ability to instill fear in other men. He wants Paul Heyman to be his advocate, negotiate contracts and run errands. Most importantly, he wants the Universal Championship. He says he will take the championship from Brock. Out comes Paul Heyman.Heyman says that Joe is a destroyer and has rightfully earned the championship opportunity. Heyman says he understands that Joe doesn't fear him, however, Brock Lesnar doesn't fear Joe either. What bothers Heyman about Joe is that Joe has an opponent that doesn't fear him. Heyman says it doesn't matter how merciless Lesnar's opponents are, Lesnar always pulls through. Heyman says Joe is Lesnar's worst case scenario, he wants to go to war with Lesnar. It's Heyman's job to make sure that Lesnar is Joe's worst case scenario. They shake hands, Joe stops Heyman, threatens Heyman with a Coquina Clutch and has a message for Brock and wants Heyman to describe to Brock what the clutch feels like. He puts him in the clutch and Heyman passes out.Joe goes to the back leaving Heyman's lifeless body in the ring behind him.

Backstage Kurt confronts Joe and Joe says that he will take down anyone who stands in his way. He asks Kurt if he is going to be in his way and Kurt gets in his face. Rollins interrupts and says he can take on Joe and Kurt makes the match for tonight.

Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno (non-title match)

Sheamus and Slater start it off with Sheamus throwing Slater into the ring post. Sheamus goes for a quick cover and Slater kicks out, headlock, punches by Slater, clothesline by Sheamus, tag to Cesaro. Cesaro with a headlock, Slater is able to get him out of the ring and Sheamus is in. Cesaro prevents Rhyno from making a tag, Rhyno fights Cesaro outside the ring. Sheamus gives Slater a big boot, cover and win by Sheamus and Cesaro.

Sheamus grabs a mic and says that's how you win and asks the crowd if they are happy the Hardy Boyz came back. Cesaro makes a joke that the Hardy Boyz themselves are not happy to be back and that they are dreaming of their rematch. They don't just set the bar, they are the bar.

Winners: Cesaro and Sheamus, Sheamus with the cover on Slater after Big Boot.

TJP sees Neville backstage, congratulates him, and says it's time for his chance at the Championship. Now that Aries is out of the picture it is time for him to get a shot. Neville says he may speak to Kurt Angle if he handles business with Mustafa Ali.

TJP vs. Mustafa Ali

Back and forth and TJP takes control, Ali flips him out of the ring onto the apron and TJP grabs Ali's hair throwing him down. TJP puts his boot on Ali's face and into a headlock. Ali gets up, and TJP slams him back down. Ali back up again and punches TJP's midsection. Ali is able to get a DDP off the turnbuckle and positions TJP in the corner. TJP kicks Ali off, gets up and gets Ali to the middle of the ring and delivers Detonation Kick. Cover and win.

Winner: TJP with Detonation Kick

Out comes Neville after TJP's win. TJP looks at him expecting props. Neville says he doesn't know how to break it to him but he talked to Kurt Angle and he has unfortunate news, TJP says we will talk to Angle now, TJP turns to walk and Neville takes him out from behind. Neville says that he will have his shot tomorrow at 205 Live.

Goldust brings us another vignette saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, for R-Truth this is just a big game, but not for him. He sees the bigger motion picture, soon the biggest names in Hollywood and the brightest starts in the sky will be glittered in gold. It will be so beautiful. The golden age is back.

Backstage Alexa talks to Mickie and Dana and asks them if they think it is unfair that Nia gets the Championship match before them. Alexa is working them, Dana says that they do not have a Nia Jax problem, she does. Mickie throws in that they will be ringside during her match.

Angle goes up to the commentary table and pulls Corey Graves aside to talk about something on his phone. Graves dodges questions about the encounter.

Kurt Angle gets questioned backstage what his conversation with Graves was about, all Kurt said was that it was a private matter and left the building. As Angle left, Ambrose snuck back in.

Kalisto vs. Titus O'Neil

Titus grabs Kalisto and body slams him, looks at Apollo who is ringside, behind him Kalistogets him down for a minute, goes to the turnbuckle, Titus catches him, Kalisto tries to roll him up, no luck, Titus falls on Kaliso, goes for a pin and then Kalisto rolls through and Kalisto picks up a win with a roll up!

Winner: Kalisto with a roll up

Akira Tozawa was looking at the match backstage, looking to possibly join the Titus brand before the match was through. May not be the case now.

Backstage, Miz and Maryse are walking and see a lifeless Cass under some equipment. Enzo goes to him and asks what happened. Cass is holding a chain which could tell us who is behind the attacks. Cass looks at Enzo suspiciously, Enzo says his attacker had it three weeks ago. Now Enzo needs a new partner for tonight.

On Miz's Comeback Tour, Maryse and Miz celebrate in the ring, feeling themselves. A man in a bear costume is inside the ring. Maryse says she didn't get the bear for him. Miz starts beating up the bear thinking it's Ambrose, it's just a regular guy. Then a giant present comes out to the ring. Miz is suspicious of this as well and starts beating up the present. Maryse tells him to stop but he doesn't. It ends up actually being a grandfather clock from Maryse that she got him because it is timeless like Miz. She is mad at him for destroying it and leaves to go backstage. Miz starts yelling and calling out Ambrose, seeing where he is hiding. Ambrose was dressed as a tech guy and is in the ring behind Miz, Miz turns around knowing Ambrose is behind him but Dean is too quick and hits the Miz with Dirty Deeds.

Gallows and Anderson vs. Enzo and The Big Show

Enzo's mystery partner is the Big Show, apparently Enzo has a minimum height requirement for his friends. Enzo is doing a promo making jokes at Big Show. Big Show is not amused. Big Show is getting annoyed at Enzo and gives him the death glare. Enzo wants Show to loosen up. Show says they are like the mammoth and squirrel from Ice Age. Enzo and Gallows start off, big boot by Gallows, tag to Andersen and beats him up in the corner. Enzo makes the tag, Big Show makes quick work of Gallows and Anderson. He puts them both in the turnbuckle, shoulder tackle and chokeslam to Anderson. Tags Enzo in, Show lifts Enzo and tosses him into Anderson, cover and win by Big Show and Enzo.

Winners: Enzo and The Big Show; Enzo over Anderson after Big Show throws Enzo into Anderson

Cass is now suspicious of Big Show, Big Show says he doesn't sneak around, if he was coming for someone, you would see him.

R-Truth's vignette is on and he says the truth is, he is coming for Goldust. They were friends and he turned his back on him. Truth says Goldust is gonna get GOT.

Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax (Women's Title Match)

Alexa backs away from Jax right away, Mickie and Dana appear ringside. Alexa slaps Nia and knows it was a bad choice. Nia sends Alexa flying back and forth, Alexa ends up in the corner and Nia crushes her, Alexa jumps on her back and Nia tosses her off and then repeated elbows to the torso. Alexa kicks Nia in the face and Alexa rolls out of the ring and starts crawling and ends up in front of Mickie and Dana and starts pushing them. Alexa does it on purpose to keep her title. Dana and Mickie attack Alexa and Nia takes out Mickie and Dana. Nia throws Alexa in the ring, Alexa give her a big drop kick. Alexa escapes but not Mickie and Dana. Nia takes out her frustration on them.

Winner: Nia Jax Disqualification

Alexa Bliss retains title

Backstage Paul Heyman is getting checked out by medical staff and gets a phone call. He says that it is time to instill the fear of Brock Lesnar into Samoa Joe and next week is the time to unleash the Beast.

Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins

Joe goes in hard with Seth in the corner, Joe gets knocked down by swings from Rollins, knee to Rollins' midsection, chops to Joe, head butt to Seth knocking him down. Joe throws him out the ring. Rollins comes back in with more strikes and then huge elbow to Seth getting him down. Joe gets thrown out the ring this time, Seth looking for Suicide Dive but Joe catches him with a kick. Joe throws Seth into the barricade. Joe picks Seth up and throws him into the ring, Joe is up and grabs Seth and gives him quick punches. Knee to the torso, chop by Joe, more rapid punches and another knee. Now punches by Seth and goes to jump off the top rope and Joe catches him. Seth goes to the corner and big kick by Joe who is in clear control of the match. Commercial break. Joe still in control and Seth is struggling to get up. Joe takes a kick to the face, Seth gets on the top turnbuckle and Joe knocks him off, Joe goes for a cover and Seth kicks out. Seth gts up and punches Joe's stomach, Atomic Drop by Joe, running senton, and Seth still won't give up. Joe has Seth in an arm hold and Seth punches him in the face, Joe finally lets go and then huge powerslam by Joe, cover and Seth kicks out again. Seth in the corner taking chops, Seth tries to give Joe elbows and kicks Joe in the head taking Joe down. Joe rolls out of the ring and Seth suicide dives at him, throws Joe back in the ring, slingblade by Seth, another suicide dive to Joe on the outside of the ring, they are back in the ring, Seth to second rope, blockbuster by Rollins, Joe out of the ring and another dive. Back in the ring, flying clothesline by Seth, cover and kick out by Joe. Elbow to the face by Joe, Seth slams Joe and covers, kick out again. Seth with a kick to the face, Seth to top rope, Bray Wyatt comes up on the titantron allowing Joe to get Seth in the Coquina Clutch and Joe wins! Wyatt provided the distraction Joe needed.

Winner: Samoa Joe with Coquina Clutch

What will happen when the Beast is unleashed on Raw next week! As always, fighttful.com has you covered!

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