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Last night we witnessed a crazy ambulance match, with Braun Strowman winning the match, then Roman Reigns injured Braun leaving him completely bloody. The Beast Brock Lesnar retained his Universal Championship title, but will Samoa Joe be hungry for more, or will someone else try to step up to claim a title shot? What is next for the rest of the competitors we saw last night at Great Balls of Fire? We find out tonight on Raw!

Here we go! We start with a recap of the ambulance match and the aftermath.

Big Cass starts us off as he makes his way to the ring. Cass asks the crowd "How you doin?" He says he is doing spectacular and after his match against Enzo last night, he couldn't be any better. We see Enzo backstage last night having difficulty moving around and going to get checked out. Big Cass says he is moving all the way to the top of the totem pole. Cass tells the doubters out there that one day he will be the Universal Champion, and he will shove it down everyone's throats. He says he will be a main eventer and be the face of the WWE. He says no one is on his level and no one is bigger than Big Cass. The Big Show interrupts him. Cass whispers something to Cass and Show head butts him, The two brawl. Show corners him and gives him knee after knee and punch after punch. Cass escapes the ring and retreats up the ramp.

We will get a Braun Strowman update later tonight and we will hear from Brock Lesnar.

Elias Samson vs. Finn Balor

Elias starts with his guitar in the ring. He sings about Finn Balor being just a man and he will knock him off his pedestal tonight. Finn interrupts with his entrance. Lock up and then slam by Elias. Finn back up, lock up again, Finn gives hits and then headlock by Finn. Finn takes and elbow to the face, Samson takes a dropkick. Samson moves Finn to the corner, then Elias gets a kick to the ear. Samson moves outside the ring by the ramp. Commercial break. We come back with Elias in control with Finn in a lock. Finn gets out and moves into a roll up but Elias kicks out. Finn takes a knee to the torso. Finn gives a dropkick to Samson, Balor with chops in the turnbuckle, then Balor runs into a boot. Finn knocks Samson off the top rope knocking him outside the ring. Samson catches Finn's boot while he is running on the apron and Finn slams down onto the apron rolling back into the ring. Samson comes back in and puts Finn into an armbar. Finn comes back with a double stomp, then Samson comes back and gets Finn in the corner and lands blows. Samson with a roll up and Finn kicks out. Samson with another cover and kick out again. Finn with and elbow and then an overhead kick. Slingblade by Finn, dropkick and moves to top rope, Coup de Grace by Balor and takes the win.

Winner: Finn Balor via pinfall after Coup de Grace

The Hardy Boyz come out, congratulate Finn Balor on his win, and make their way to the ring.

Jeff Hardy says that last night they came up short and maybe they should fade away and classify themselves as obsolete. Matt says they are nowhere near done and have only begun to make magic in the WWE Universe. Gallows and Anderson come out and say that they are the "old Hardy Boyz" and tell them to get out of the ring, they are magic killers. Matt challenges them to a match right now. The ref comes out and they have a match!

The Hardy Boyz vs. Gallows and Anderson

Matt starts off with Anderson and exchange blows. Jeff comes in and they work together and slam him down. Gallows comes in and Poetry in Motion by the Hardy Boyz. Gallows and Anderson step out of the ring to catch their breath. Commercial break. Gallows is in control over Jeff, Anderson tags in, Anderson makes the cover on Jeff and Matt saves his brother. Jeff is able to get some momentum and hot tag to Matt, Mattwith the headbutts, gets Anderson in the turnbuckle and hits his head against the turnbuckle all the way down. Anderson caught in a Side Effect, Matt to second rope, elbow drop, looking for Twist of Fate but doesn't land it. Gallows gives Matt kick to the back of the head which the ref doesn't see, Magic Killer after tag to Gallows! Jeff tries to break the cover but is too late. Gallows and Anderson pick up the win here.

Winner: Gallows and Anderson via pinfall after Magic Killer

The Revival come out to the ring where the Hardyz are recovering and start beating them up! Wilder with a knee to the face of Matt and Jeff is the victim of a Shatter Machine. The Revival is back and ready for action.

It's time for The Mizzies! Miz says this is the only award show to see who are the real winners and losers from last night. Best Supporting Actor goes to Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel for their role in the Miztourage! Bo says "thank you" to the Miz who has changed his life. Curtis says he looks and feels like a million bucks. The next Mizzie is for best Leading Lady is Maryse! She is on the verge of tears and says she couldn't accomplish this without Miz. The final Mizzie award is for Greatest Man in WWE- Miz says Dean Ambrose? Then says "just kidding" it's for the Miz! The Miz calls out Seth Rollins, the Hardy Boyz and Akira Tozawa for saying they would win and not follow it up. Miz gives Dean Ambrose props for being a tough competitor. Dean Ambrose comes out to the ring and takes Miz down right away. The Miztourage get Dean off of Miz and the Miz keeps going at him, the Seth Rollins comes to Dean's aid! Seth and Dean are left standing in the ring.

Dean asks Seth what that was backstage. Dean says he doesn't trust Seth and that they aren't going to happen. There will be no Shield reunion.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss

Alexa and Sasha start us off, Alexa retreats right away, Alexa tags in Nia who pushes Sasha, Bayley tags in, Sasha knocks Alexa off apron. Alexa and Sasha fight inside the ring, Sasha gets hits on Nia and Bayley hits Nia with a knee to the face. Nia and Alexa retreat out the ring to catch their composure. Commercial break. We come back with Nia in charge and has Bayley in a hold, Bayley breaks out, tag to Alexa, Alexa with running slap, cover by Bliss, kick out by Bayley, tag to Nia, Nia with headbutt, Nia with hold, Bayley with elbow, tries to make a tag but can't reach, Alexa back in, Alexa tries to get Sasha, Nia crushes Bayley, Alexa knocks Sasha off apron, Alexa delivers Twisted Bliss off top rope! Cover and Sasha breaks up the cover, Nia with Sasha out of the ring, Bayley gets back up, roll up and takes it. Bayley and Sasha pick up the win.

Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks via roll up

Goldust says even though Truth tried to ruin the premiere, Goldust will still give the audience what they want, an encore. The Shattered Truth Part 2 is coming soon.

Video package on ambulance match from Great Balls of Fire.

R-Truth vs. Goldust

Goldust with a cheap shot to start, Truth comes back with hits to Goldust in the corner, slam by Truth, kick by Goldust then Truth back with hits in the coner, Truth takes a big hit from the second rope down to the mat. Goldust with a big right hand, then Goldust pets Truth and then goes back to hitting him. Big chops in the corner by Goldust. Goldust with a cover and kick out. Headlock by Goldust. Truth back up and punch to the torso, spinebuster by Goldust, cover and Truth gets the rope break. Truth in the corner, Goldust delivers blows, Truth sends Goldust down with a powerbomb. Both men are down, Truth slowly rises, then Goldust, Truth knocks Goldust down, Truth with big spinning elbow. Goldust gets Truth in the back of the knee after Truth misses a scissors kick. Goldust working on Truth's leg. Goldust gets caught with a heel kick to the face, Truth with a cover and Goldust kicks out. Goldust sends Truth into the ringpost. Gets Truth in the center of the ring. Goldust with a slam, cover and picks up the win.

Winner: Goldust via pinfall

General Manager Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring. He says that last night was a hugely successful event, however, they also got a little out of hand with the Ambulance Match. Braun refused medical treatment and we don't know if or when he will return. Angle introduces Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Angle says that 14 years ago, Lesnar defeated Angle, Angle says he gets better and better every year. Angle congratulates Brock. Angle says he thinks they would be curious on his ideas of who would face Brock at Summerslam for the title. Heyman says they don't need to be out there for that and try to leave. Out comes Roman Reigns. He comes into the ring. Angle tells Roman that he has a lot of nerve coming out to the ring last night. Roman says that he can't say that since they were part of the Attitude Era, says Angle should thank him for taking care of the Braun problem since Angle didn't and Brock wasn't around to do it himself. Roman says that Angle owes him. Brock takes the mic and says that Roman doesn't deserve a shot at the title. Out comes Samoa Joe. Joe says that Brock escaped Joe last night, not beat him, and that Roman has never beaten Joe. Heyman says Joe will never see Brock in a title match again. Brock gets in Joe's face. Joe says he needs to listen to Heyman who is protecting him. Roman taunts Joe. Joe calls Roman "mouthy" for someone who lost to Braun. Angle says next week Roman vs. Joe. The winner will be number one contender for the Universal Title at Summerslam.

At the announcer's table, Corey Graves gets some kind of message on his phone and walks away from the table. Angle is backstage with Corey Graves and says that he can't let this get out, but that at the same time he should go public with it. He is concerned about getting fired. Angle looks super concerned and stressed.

Akira Tozawa and Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar and Neville

We start with Dar and Cedric, Dar goes for a kick but gets an elbow to the nose. Dar ends up out the ring in Alicia's arms, Alicia keeps Cedric from hitting Dar and Dar goes back in the ring, Cedric tags to Tozawa and gets a big dropkick, cover and kickout by Dar. Dar to the corner and takes hits. Tag to Neville, Tozawa with a slam to Neville, Dar gets kicks in while ref is distracted. Neville is in control. Commercial break. Neville still in control. Tozawa gets a tag to Alexander, Alexander with fancy footwork and gets a kick to Neville's face. Cedric to toprope, Dar tries to intevene, Cedric sees it but Neville is on his feet, gets Cedric off his feet and he falls on the turnbuckle. Neville to top rope looking for a superplex, Neville falls on his groin on the top rope. Tozawa gets tagged in, Alexander takes out Dar, Tozawa to top rope, senton off top rope by Tozawa! Cover and win by Tozawa and Alexander!

Winners: Akira Tozawa and Cedric Alexander via pinfall

Backstage Seth Rollins says he wanted to shut up the Miz and Bray Wyatt should know that one shot to the eye and a win will stop him. Bray has a video saying that the finest parts of Seth are all a part of Bray now. He can't change who he is. Bray says he is here and his music hits.

Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins

Lock up and Bray has the advantage sending Seth into the corner. Seth movs to the middle of the ring, lock up again, they take turns beating each other up in the corner. Seth with a superkick, cover and kick out. Bray with a take down. Cover by Bray and kick out. Bray in the corner and looks at Rollins. Goes for Sister Abigail, Seth gets out of it, Bray out of the ring and Seth goes for a suicide dive, Bray catches him. They move back in the ring, Seth gets Bray's fingers, actively targeting them as payback from the eye shot yesterday. Seth keeps going after him, Bray catches Seth from the top rope and takes him down. Seth rolls out the ring and Bray has a break to catch his breath. Bray is in control after the break, having Seth in a lock, Bray stomps on Seth's back and continues with a headlock. Seth gets out, punches to torso, dropkick to Bray, Bray with elbow to the face, Bray with running clothesline in the corner, cover and kickout by Seth, Bray with hits to Seth in the corner, Seth rallies, huge DDT by Bray! Cover and Seth kicks out. Rear chinlock by Bray, Seth gets out, by getting kicked by Bray. Bray with a headbutt to Seth in the turnbuckle. Seth sits on the ringpost and Bray is on second rope. Seth hits Bray's hand causing him to fall. A series of kicks to Bray. Both men down. Rollins is faster to get up. Seth with right hands kick, stomp to his hand, slingblade, Bray rols out the ring. Suicide dive, Bray gets hit by Seth with a right arm off the top rope, cover and kick out. Seth with blockbuster and Bray kics out. Seth to top rope, Bray grabs him, Rollins counters, cover by Seth and kick out. Bray with a headbutt to Seth's eye blinding Seth, Bray with Sister Abigail, cover and Bray takes the win!

Winner: Bray Wyatt via pinfall with Sister Abigail

Bray disappears from the ring and the Miz and the Miztourage show up for payback from earlier. Seth's vision is poor and he is down 3 to 1. Seth tries to get an upperhand but just gets beat down. Dean Ambrose comes out with a chair to help out Seth. He unloads chair shots on Miz. Dean stands tall in the ring. Seth and Dean may not be friends, but do have a mutual enemy.

Angle says on the phone that neither one of them have anything to be ashamed of. He tells the person on the other end of the line to come to Raw next week and they will tell the whole world together and that he loves them.

Next week should be interesting! We have you covered as always here at Fightful.com!

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