Raw Results 7/10 What is Next for Universal Champion Brock Lesnar?! Ambulance Match Aftermath and More!

Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins

Lock up and Bray has the advantage sending Seth into the corner. Seth movs to the middle of the ring, lock up again, they take turns beating each other up in the corner. Seth with a superkick, cover and kick out. Bray with a take down. Cover by Bray and kick out. Bray in the corner and looks at Rollins. Goes for Sister Abigail, Seth gets out of it, Bray out of the ring and Seth goes for a suicide dive, Bray catches him. They move back in the ring, Seth gets Bray's fingers, actively targeting them as payback from the eye shot yesterday. Seth keeps going after him, Bray catches Seth from the top rope and takes him down. Seth rolls out the ring and Bray has a break to catch his breath. Bray is in control after the break, having Seth in a lock, Bray stomps on Seth's back and continues with a headlock. Seth gets out, punches to torso, dropkick to Bray, Bray with elbow to the face, Bray with running clothesline in the corner, cover and kickout by Seth, Bray with hits to Seth in the corner, Seth rallies, huge DDT by Bray! Cover and Seth kicks out. Rear chinlock by Bray, Seth gets out, by getting kicked by Bray. Bray with a headbutt to Seth in the turnbuckle. Seth sits on the ringpost and Bray is on second rope. Seth hits Bray's hand causing him to fall. A series of kicks to Bray. Both men down. Rollins is faster to get up. Seth with right hands kick, stomp to his hand, slingblade, Bray rols out the ring. Suicide dive, Bray gets hit by Seth with a right arm off the top rope, cover and kick out. Seth with blockbuster and Bray kics out. Seth to top rope, Bray grabs him, Rollins counters, cover by Seth and kick out. Bray with a headbutt to Seth's eye blinding Seth, Bray with Sister Abigail, cover and Bray takes the win!

Winner: Bray Wyatt via pinfall with Sister Abigail

Bray disappears from the ring and the Miz and the Miztourage show up for payback from earlier. Seth's vision is poor and he is down 3 to 1. Seth tries to get an upperhand but just gets beat down. Dean Ambrose comes out with a chair to help out Seth. He unloads chair shots on Miz. Dean stands tall in the ring. Seth and Dean may not be friends, but do have a mutual enemy.

Angle says on the phone that neither one of them have anything to be ashamed of. He tells the person on the other end of the line to come to Raw next week and they will tell the whole world together and that he loves them.

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