RAW Live Coverage and Discussion: Will Seth Agree To A Hold Harmless Match? Goldberg, Lesnar and More!

Winner: Cruiserweight Champion Neville

Cut to Austin Aries News Report. He asks New Day who they think will win on Sunday. New Day says it comes down to who can move their hips. Austin says he is trying to be serious. He obliges. New Day says Neville doesn't move his hips so Austin will surely win.

Roman out to the ring next.

Reigns pacing around the ring. Roman sucks chants going on. Lots of chicks in the front row are very happy to see him though. He's getting a ton of boos when Roman says he headlined WrestleMania twice and this year is the biggest moment of his career facing the Undertaker. He says he is going to put the deadman down. He doesn't care what anyone thinks. It is his time. This is his house. This is his yard. Undertaker can be heard and says the ring is his yard. The titantron shows graves and Undertaker says that they graveyard is Roman's yard and he has a special place in hell for Roman. At WrestleMania the Roman empire will fall and the ultimate thrill ride will be his last ride. Then a gravestone is shown with Roman's name and April 2nd.

Arena goes dark, Undertakers music hits, lights up and Undertaker is behind Reigns. Undertaker says at WrestleMania Roman will "Rest in Peace". Taker puts his arms up and slowly lowers them with the lights dimming as he lowers his arms.

Enzo and Cass come out for their match against Gallows and Anderson. Enzo says this Sunday they are going to win the Championships. Enzo and Cass cut a good promo. Especially with the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Cheap pop but I'll allow it. Gallows and Anderson interrupt before they can get called SAWFT. Cesaro and Sheamus attack Gallows and Anderson on their way to the ring from behind. Cesaro and Sheamus try to take out Enzo and Cass also. Cass takes out Cesaro and Sheamus then Gallows and Anderson take out everyone.

For Women's History Month, WWE celebrates Maya Angelou.

Backstage, Kevin Owens is being interviewed. He says that Jericho was never his best friend. Owens says Jericho was right for making fun of him for being a Jericho fan because his fans are morons. He wants to be the guy who gets Zayn fired. He says that he will take Zayn's career away from him. At WrestleMania he is going to get the United States Championship and be the cause of his demise.

Recap of Seth Rollins and Triple H's history. Video package was good, if you missed it, it is worth checking out on YouTube.

Time for the match that will decide Sami Zayn's career.

No-Disqualification Match: Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Owens immediately goes to work on Sami with knees to the face in the turnbuckle. Zayn responds with punches, then back and forth from the two. Zayn gets Owens in the turnbuckle and delivers punches to the head. Owens rolls out of th ring. Zayn comes after him and Zayn is driven into the barricade. Owens throws Zayn over the barricade and the fight continues into the crowd. They get into the tech area and Owens drives Zayn's head into the side of the announce table. Zayn gives kicks to the head and he lunges and flips at Owens taking him down. Ugh and then freaking commercial in the middle of a no-disqualification match.

Back and the action has gone back to the outside of the ring where it appears that the steel steps have been used. DDT on the steps by Owens! Owens throws Zayn in the ring and goes for the cover. Sami kicks out. Owens with a clothesline into Sami in the turnbuckle. Owens runs at him in the corner,. Zayn catches him and then suplexes him in the corner and Owens looked to have landed weird. Zayn runs through the ropes and delivers tornado DDT to Owens. Zayn throws Owens in the ring and Sami runs into a superkick. Owens covers and Sami kicks out. Owens goes to the top rope, frog splash, cover and kick out again by Sami. Owens stands Sami up and delivers Blue Thunderbomb. Cover and kickout. Samoa Joe makes is way to the ring and grabs a chair. Jericho's music hits and comes behind Joe and gets the chair and unloads on Joe! Sami sneaks the win with a roll up! Owens beats up Sami some more and Jericho comes in at Owens with the chair. Jericho grabs a mic. He asks Owens if he knows what happens when you betray Chris Jericho? Pen is up, and Owens has finally made the list.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman make their way to the ring. Paul gets interuppted with Goldberg chants almost immediately. They then turn into Suplex City chants. Heyman says that the Universal title is the "Holy Grail" of WWE. He says that Brock wants the title, needs the title, lusts after the title and Goldberg has the title and is a real life superhero as of right now. Heyman says that Goldberg even has what Sting couldn't get. Heyman says that at WrestleMania Goldberg is going to Suplex City where Goldberg can check in but won't be able to check out. Brock does not fear the spear because Goldberg cannot survive the F5.

Goldberg makes his way to the ring. Goldberg stays at the top of the ramp. He says people did not come to see them talk, but to see them fight. Goldberg wants action now and spears Brock outside the ring! Heyman goes around to check on Brock. Goldberg goes in the ring and raises his title at Brock.

Sunday should be good! Excited to see what the actual match will be like between the two. Thanks for sticking with me throughout Raw and I will catch you next week for the Raw after WrestleMania. Don't forget to check out the podcast at fightful.com going on now with Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski!