Ring of Honor 15th Anniversary Results: Hardys, Christopher Daniels Gets His Shot, Bully Ray, More

Bully Ray & The Briscoes vs Davey Boy Smith Jr. & War Machine

Smith and Ray start it off with Smith stomping Ray in the corner, then Ray comes back and clotheslines him before chopping Smith in the corner. Mark gets tagged in, then he and Jay end up getting suplexed by Smith. The Briscoes double team Smith, then War Machine come in and kill Mark, Jay and Ray, sending Ray and Jay out of the ring. WM double team Mark, then Rowe uses Hanson as a weapon, suplexing him onto Mark. Smith gets tagged back in and hits a scoop slam and a belly to back suplex for a quick 2 count,

Rowe getting tagged back in. WM double team Mark for a quick 2 count, then Hanson drags Mark away from his corner, tagging Smith back in. WM and Smith triple team Mark, then Jay finally gets tagged in, dropkicking Hanson and sending Smith off of the apron, following up with a neckbreaker for a quick 2 count. Rowe and Smith argue allowing Jay to tag in Bully Ray who hits Rowe with a uranage, Smith hitting Ray with a big boot, then Jay sits Smith out of the ring. Jay dives out onto Rowe at ringside, then Mark and Jay hit him with a diving cross body, Bully then does one and takes out WM and Smith before Jay hits a Jay Driller and Mark a Froggy Bow, then Mark, Jay and Bully hit Hanson with a 3D for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Briscoes & Bully Ray via pinfall

The Broken Hardys, The Young Bucks & Roppongi Vice ROH Tag Team Championship Las Vegas Street Fight Match

The Bucks and Hardys square off, but are soon interrupted by RPV assaulting the with a trash can and it's lid, clearing the ring. They hit Matt Hardy with a double jumping knee, then Nick hits Barreta with a piledriver that sends him out of the ring. Rocky hits Matt Jackson with a neckbreaker, then the Hardys get back into the ring, double teaming Rocky. The Bucks and Hardys square off again, the two teams killing Rocky and Barreta when they interrupt their arguing. The Hardys chop the Bucks in separate corners, then the Bucks superkick them before going for a swanton bomb and a leg drop, mocking both Hardys, but Matt and Jeff roll out of the way.

Jeff gets a ladder and he and Matt take out the Bucks before Rocky dropkicks the ladder, then hits Broken Matt in the corner, the two then fighting for the ladder before Barreta comes and helps Rocky. Jeff takes out both members of RPV, then Matt takes him out before Broken Matt powerbombs him, Nick superkicking him immediately for his troubles. They go in and out of the ring with dives, then Nick hits a 450 splash on a trash can for a near fall, then Matt superkicks Barreta, Matt hitting a Twist of Fate, then a Side Effect before Jeff goes for a swanton, but Matt gets his knees up. Rocky puts on a sleeve full of thumbtacks and clotheslines everyone with it repeatedly, then RPV hit Strong Zero for a near fall.

Barreta dumps a bunch of thumb tacks in the ring, then the Bucks hit an electric chair facebuster into the tacks. The Bucks superkick everyone, then feed Barreta tacks before superkicking him following up with a Meltzer Driver onto the tacks with Rocky for a near fall that Broken Matt breaks up. Broken Matt and Jeff hit the Bucks with a Twist of Fate into the tacks, then Broken Matt gets out a table and Jeff a ladder, respectively. Jeff sets the ladder up in one corner and Matt propping the table against the ropes since it's missing a leg, The Hardys sending the Bucks out of the ring then putting Barreta onto the table as Jeff climbs the ladder and hits a swanton bomb through the table for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Broken Hardys via pinfall