Ring of Honor 15th Anniversary Results: Hardys, Christopher Daniels Gets His Shot, Bully Ray, More

Adam Cole vs Christopher Daniels ROH World Championship Match

They shake hands before the match, then Cole drops Daniels before mocking him and playing to the crowd. They lock up and Cole drops Daniels again before slapping his head repeatedly, continuing to mock him. They lock up again for a surprisingly clean break, then Cole plays to the crowd again, Cole saying that he's in Daniels' head and the crowd is behind him, Daniels dropping him with a right hand, then chopping him in the corner before hitting him with a leg lariat. Cole catches Daniels running in and superkicks him before stomping him in the corner, then Daniels sends him out of the ring.

Daniels hits an Asai moonsault and doesn't get near the railing, then Cole superkicks him, sending his head into the side of the ring post. Daniels gets up bleeding, then Cole sends him back into the ring post, then back into the ring. Cole whips Daniels into the corner, then drops Daniels repeatedly with kicks and big boots before Daniels counters into an STO and a Koji clutch, but Cole gets his foot on the ropes. They exchange strikes in the center of the ring, then Daniels comes back, dropping Cole repeatedly and hitting an STO, finishing with a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. Daniels misses The Best Moonsault Ever and gets superkicked for a near fall, then hits a shining wizard and an ushigaroshi for another near fall.

Daniels hits a frankensteiner off of the top rope for a near fall of his own, then they exchange strikes before hitting a double clothesline. Daniels goes for an Angels Wings off the top rope, but Cole counters and hits Daniels with his own finisher for a very close near fall. Cole hits a shining wizard and goes for another one, but Daniels hits an ushigaroshi of his own for a near fall. Cole hits Daniels with a series of kicks, then Daniels hits a Styles Clash for another near fall, Cole sending Daniels into the referee, then Cole goes to superkick Daniels, but he superkicks the referee who rolls out of the ring. Kazarian comes out to the ring and puts Daniels into the ring, Cole nearly hitting him with the belt, but Kaz turns on Cole, showing he didn't actually join Bullet Club before leaving. Daniels hits Cole with a uranage, then The Best Moonsault Ever for the pin and the win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels via pinfall

-After the match the roster who aren't Bullet Club come out and give Daniels a round of applause at ringside.