Ring Of Honor All-Star Extravaganza Results: Title Change, Ladder War, ROH Championship

Welcome to the Fightful.com live viewing party for Ring of Honor All-Star Extravaganza! Tonight Ring of Honor is back on pay-per-view and just like two of the guys in the main event, they intend to give you more bang for your buck! Tonight is set to be an amazing night of wrestling as we have Jay Lethal going up against the IWGP Intercontinental Champion; Tetsuya Naito, Adam Cole defends his ROH World championship against Michael Elgin and in our main event, for only the sixth time in Ring of Honor history we have a Ladder War! The Addiction are planning to leave ASE as champions, but The Motor City Machine Guns and The Young Bucks are looking to dethrone the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions of the World!

The show begins at 9 PM EST!

Grizzled Young Vets Announce They've Been Fined For Breaking Wes Lee's Hand On NXT

Bobby Fish vs Donovan Dijak ROH TV Title Match

They start with the code of honor surprisingly enough. Fish starts off with a stiff kick to Dijak then starts telling Dijak what he's going to do to him. Bobby goes for a single leg, but can't get Dijak down. Fish kicks his leg again then tries to take him down, but he's shoved away, Dijak following it up with a kick then Fish gets out of the ring to regroup, saying that everything is on his time. Bobby comes back in and goes for a cross body, but Dijak catches him and tries to throw Fish out of the ring, but Bobby stays on the apron. Dijak starts favoring his leg, Fish going for a series of splashes, but Dijak drops him with a discus boot for a quick 1 count.Dijak hits a double foot stomp into Fish in the corner for a quick 2 count, following it up with a release suplex that sends Fish across the ring for a close 2 count. 

Dijak hits Fish with a forearm then applies a cravat, but Fish gets out of it, only to get a stiff right hand for his troubles. Fish backs Dijak into the corner with a shoulder tackle then drops Dijak with a shoulder block. Fish hits a running knee in the corner then follows it up with an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle for a close 2 count. Fish hits a dragon screw leg whip then goes for a kneebar that Dijak turns into a pin. Dijak hits Feast Your Eyes out of no where and nearly gets the win, but Fish gets his foot on the ropes at 2 and 3 quarters! Dijak goes to the top rope on one leg and goes for a corkscrew moonsault, but catches nothing but mat, screaming in pain afterwards.

They get to their knees and exchange forearms, getting to their feet, Fish going for a kick then Dijak goes for a chokeslam, but Fish rolls into a kneebar. Fish can't get the tap as Prince Nana helps him. Dijak goes for Feast Your Eyes, but Fish counters into a rear-naked choke and chokes Dijak unconscious for the win. Great match to start us off tonight!

Winner: Bobby Fish via submission

The All Nyte Express vs Shane Taylor & Keith Lee vs War Machine vs Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana Four Corner Survival Match

The match starts with War Machine and Taylor and Lee going after one another then Colt and Castle play to the crowd in the ring. A bunch of indecision about who's starting the match, King and Rowe starting, King capitalizing when War Machine try to go after Taylor and Lee. Castle and Titus getting in, he and Cabana hitting Titus with a series of string then Cabana almost gets a Gedo Clutch victory, getting a close 2 count. Shane Taylor comes in and drops Cabana then tries to go after War Machine, almost getting rolled up by Titus. Something strange happens as Cabana and Castle get tagged in, playing to the crowd as Castle shows off ridiculous flexibility, Cabana trying to pin him; I have no idea if they would have won or lost that one. Titus and King start shoving Colt and Castle as War Machine and Taylor and Lee brawl on the outside. Cabana takes out everyone on the outside then Titus hits a splash onto Castle for a close 2 count. 

We have ANE and Castle left in the ring, until Taylor runs in and turns Titus inside out. Somehow Rowe picks up Taylor and tosses him, but Lee hits him with a brutal sitout powerbomb then I don't know how, but Dalton Castle hits a deadlift german suplex onto Lee! Oh my god! Keith Lee just did a swanton over the top rope?! How?! This is amazing, Shane Taylor and Keith Lee are ridiculously athletic. Hanson dives off the top rope and takes out everyone, leaving Castle and Titus in the ring. Castle hits Bangarang out of no where for the pin and the win. What an amazing display of talent for the ROH tag team division, Taylor and Lee did great in their PPV debut even if they didn't win.

Winner: Colt Cabana and Dalton Castle via pinfall with the Bangarang

Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi

As if things couldn't get better we have what I am anticipating as the match of the night. No code of honor for this one, the two going to the center and exchanging strikes then Kama hits a huricanrrana that Lee lands on his feet. They exchange strikes then Lee dives onto Kama on the outside. Kama hits a diving sunset flip powerbomb onto the floor then a powerbomb. Kama goes to dive off the apron onto Lee, but Lee gets out of the way. Kama throws Lee over the railing then tosses him right back over it onto the floor. Kama runs and hits a shotgun dropkick over the railing, putting Lee back into the ring for a quick 2 count. Kama goes for a dropkick, but Lee hits it instead then dives over the top rope onto Kama, sending him to the floor. Lee ties Kama to the tree of woe via the bottom turnbuckle on the outside and hits a double foot stomp; very unique way to do Alberto's finisher. Lee hits a powerbomb for a quick 2 count then sets Kama on the top rope, going for Alberto's finisher where Kama holds the ropes, but Kama dodges it and hits a suplex into the corner that sends Lee to the outside. 

Kama hits his signature super senton onto Lee on the outside. They get into the ring at the count of 19 and exchange chops on their knees in the center of the ring. Lee gets a roll up for a quick 2 then Kama gets one of his own. Lee hits the kitchen sink then a bridged suplex for another quick 2 count. Lee chops Kama in the corner then goes for a codebreaker, but Kama sits him on the top rope. Kama hits a spinning powerbomb/piledriver for a quick 2 count. Kama hits a series of dragon suplexes then Lee counters a standing spanish fly for a quick 2 count; the pace is ridiculous. Kama hits a bridged german suplex for a very close 2 count. Lee goes for a Fujiawara armbar, but Kama gets to the ropes. Lee hits a running huricanrrana that sends Kama to the floor from the mat as the crowd chants "fight forever". Lee rolls Kama back into the ring then hits a double nothern lights suplex into a brainbuster for a close 2 count. 

Kama counters a phoenixplex into a destroyer out of no where and gets a very close 2 count; that was insane! Lee is perched on the top rope, Kama getting hit with the El Patrone finisher, going for another phoenixplex that's reversed into another destroyer as Lee somehow gets out. Kama hits a firemans carry fall away suplex in the corner, but Lee hits a phoenixplex for a the pin and the win. Amazing match by these guys; I'm a big Kamaitachi fan, but both of these guys just tore the house down.

Winner: Dragon Lee via pinfall with a Phoenixplex

Kyle O'Reilly vs Hangman Adam Page

They forego the code of honor, immediately locking up to start the match, no clean breaks here. Kyle drops Adam then mounts him, hitting a series of strikes then transitions into an armbar, but Page gets out of it. Kyle focuses on Adam's arm. Page goes out onto the apron, Kyle dropping him to the floor with a boot. Kyle goes for a standing guillotine on the apron, but Page counters with a neckbreaker on the apron that sends Kyle to the floor. Page gets Kyle back into the ring and goes for a huricanrrana, but Kyle counters. Page just mounts Kyle and hits him with a series of right hands, whipping Kyle into the corner then drops him with a clothesline to the back of his neck. Page whips Kyle into the corner then hits a series of chops, Kyle trying to counter, but Page hits a powerslam for a quick 2 count. They exchange forearms then Kyle turns Adam inside out with a knee, following up with a series of leg kicks to his arms and legs. Kyle hits a flurry of punches and kicks then a sweep that drops Page. Kyle hits a splash then a back body drop into a kneebar, but Adam gets to the ropes. 

They get out onto the apron then Page drops Kyle with a forearm after taking his mouthpiece out. Page hits a standing shooting star shoulder block that barely hits Kyle. Kyle hits a dragon screw in the ropes then Page hits a slingshot lariat for a close 2 count out of no where. Kyle drops Page with a knee then Page hits him with a boot. Page goes for Rite of Passage, but Kyle counters into an armbar. Kyle gets the tap for the win then Page attacks Kyle after the match.

Winner: Kyle O'Reilly via submission

-Page puts a chair around Kyle's arm and throws him into the post. Adam says his mission was to take Kyle out and that's what he did. 

-Silas Young is interviewed by Kevin Kelly out of no where. Silas says he couldn't find a third partner.

ACH, KUSHIDA & Jay White vs Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe & Toru Yano ROH Six-Man Tag Team Tournament Match

They adhere to the code of honor to start the match. ACH and KUSHIDA play rock, paper, scissors to decide who starts the match, ACH winning. ACH and Mark Briscoe start it off, Mark showing off his power and ACH his speed. ACH hits a series of backflips then a dropkick before tagging in KUSHIDA. Mark drops KUSHIDA then tags in Yano, but KUSHIDA hits him with a series of kicks. Yano ducks out of the ropes, but KUSHIDA stays on him until he tags in Jay Briscoe, KUSHIDA tagging in Jay White. Briscoe and White exchange holds  then Briscoe drops White with a foearm. The Briscoes hit a double running knee in the corner, ACH coming in and trying to help, but Mark sends ACH outside. Jay Briscoe takes everyone out on the outside as Yano takes the padding off the turnbuckle. Dem Boys double team White then Mark drops him with a dropkick for a quick 2 count. Briscoe tags Yano back in who hits White with the turnbuckle padding. Yano whips White into the exposed turnbuckle, but White does the same to Yano. White tags in KUSHIDA who takes out the Briscoes on the apron then drops Yano with a series of dropkicks. 

KUSHIDA goes for an armbar, but Yano gets to the ropes, KUSHIDA quick following up with a dropkick to the arm. Yano hits a neckbreaker and tags in Mark who hits a side russian leg sweep for a quick 2 count. Mark tags Jay in and hits a floatover suplex for a quick 2 count. KUSHIDA tries to fight his way out of the double team of the Briscoes and manages to hit them with a double springboard back elbow. ACH gets tagged in then takes out Mark before hitting an arching dive over the top rope. ACH turns Mark inside out with a lariat then Jay goes to hit ACH, but he dodges it. ACH, KUSHIDA and White hit a serires of triple team offense on Mark, but Yano breaks up the pin. Jay hits a uranagi then tags in Mark who drops White with a boot. Mark hits a neckbreaker for a quick 2 count, turning ACH inside out with a lariat. Jay goes for the Jay Driller, but it's countered by KUSHIDA. Mark hits Froggy Bow and somehow White kicks out at the count of 2. Dem Boys and Yano do some triple teaming on White, keeping ACH and KUSHIDA  on the outside. Yano goes for a low blow then pushes White into KUSHIDA, getting a very close 2 count off of roll up. KSUHIDA gets in after White hits a uranagi then KUSHIDA goes out onto Jay on the outside. ACH hits the Midnight Star for the pin and the win. Good match by these six men.

Winner: ACH via pinfall with the Midnight Star

Jay Lethal vs Tetsuya Naito

Naito murders the announcer before the match starts then they get right to it. Lethal drops Naito for a quick 2 count. Lethal sends Naito to the outside with a dropkick then Naito hits his signature pose once he comes back in the ring. They replay Naito murdering Bobby Cruise as Naito chases Lethal around the outside of the ring, stalking him and hitting him with a series of calculated strikes; well until Lethal tosses him into the barricade. Lethal dives out after Naito then tosses him back into the ring for a quick 2 count.Naito hits a springboard tornado DDT then chokes Lethal with his shirt. They exchange chops and forearms in the corner, Naito hitting his signature leg sweep dropkick for a quick 2 count. Naito hits a step up enzugiri then Lethal hits the Lethal Combination out of no where. Naito and Lethal exchange forearms in the center of the ring, Lethal hitting a series of belly to back suplexes. Lethal goes to the top rope and hits Hail to the King for a close quick 2 count. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Naito dropkicks him when he's upside down then hits a missile dropkick of his own. Naito sets Lethal on the top rope and hits a frakensteiner for a quick 2 count. 

Naito hits a belly to back suplex for another quick 2 count. Naito teases Destino, but Lethal counters. Naito goes for it again and gets hit with a cutter. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Naito ducks, Lethal hitting a kick that turns Naito inside out. EVIl tries to interfere then Naito hits an inverted atomic drop into a jackknife roll up.for a quick 2 count. Lethal applies a crossface then EVIL pulls the referee out of the ring and stomps on Lethal in the ring. Lethal drops EVIL then hits another cutter on Naito for a very close 2 count. Naito goes for sunset powerbomb, but Lethal counters and hits the Lethal Injection for the pin and the win. Great match by the reigning IWGP Intercontinental Champion and the former ROH World Champion!

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall with the Lethal Injection

Adam Cole vs Michael Elgin ROH World Championship Match

Elgin goes right after Cole to start the match, the two locking up, getting a clean break out of it. Elgin mocks Cole then is turned inside out by Elgin with a clothesline. Elgin follows up with a spinning side slam for a quick 2 count then Cole hits an ushigaroshi out of no where. Cole focuses on Elgin's knee with the ring post then stomps on it. Elgin hits a series of german suplexes, ending with a release one. Elgin hits a series of clothesline in the corner, going for another german, but Cole counters. Elgin hit a jumping enzugiri then a falcon arrow for a close 2 count. They exchange kicks then Cole drops Elgin with a leg lariat for a close 2 count of his own. Elgin counters Cole and hits a brutal release german suplex into the turnbuckle. Elgin goes to the top rope, but Cole counters and hangs him in the tree of woe. Cole hits a superkick to the injured leg and applies a figure four, but can't get the tap as Elgin gets to the ropes. Elgin hits a series of discus lariats then hits a destroyer off the top rope for a very close 2 count; jesus christ that was crazy!

Elgin hits the buckle bomb then goes for the powerbomb, but Cole hits a reverseranna into a destroyer, but somehow Elgin kicks out at 2! Cole hits a series of superkicks, but Elgin turns him inside out with a lariat. Cole hits the Last Shot, but Elgin kicks out yet again! Cole puts the figure four back on Elgin. Cole pulls the referee infront of him then hits a superkick to the knee then the head of Elgin then two shining wizards into the Last Shot for the pin and the win. Cole had to do everything to put Elgin away, but he did it, great match!

Winner: Adam Cole via pinfall with the Last Shot

Ladder War VI The Addiction vs The Young Bucks vs The Motor City Machine Guns ROH World Tag Team Title Match

The Bucks try to superkick then The Addiction bring out chairs and take out the Bucks and Guns before sitting down. TA go for a conchairto, but miss then the Bucks hit a stereo superkick that sends them to the outside. Sabin takes out TA on the outside then he and Shelley grab a ladder, well they start to but Matt kicks it, Nick diving out onto them. Nick puts a ladder in the ring then as he and Matt are about to pick it up Shelley stomps on it, smashing their fingers. MCM go for some double team moves, but get superkicked. Matt keeps Daniels on the apron with a headscissor then Nick drives it into the face of Daniels. Matt sets the ladder up, but Kaz pulls him down. Kaz gets on the ladder, but Matt meets him. Shelley sprays Matt in the eyes then Sabin hits Kaz with a chair. MCM throw the ladder onto Kaz, but Daniels comes it and gets dropped into the ladder, already busted open. Sabin hits a spinning neckbreaker on Daniels onto the ladder. Nick and Sabin fighting on the ladder then Mat tosses him into the corner, Nick kicking him in the back. Kaz hits a DDT on Matt as he and Daniels get stuck in the ladder and get a superkick for their troubles. 

Matt powerbombs Daniels onto the ladder then Nick hits a swanton onto Daniels on the ladder, bending the ladder nearly in half. The Bucks take apart the barricade as Kaz goes up another ladder. Matt goes to powerbomb him, but Kaz gets on the ladder. Kaz hits a cutter off the ladder as MCM come back in and whip Matt into a ladder set up in the corner. Sabin sends Kaz through a table with a side effect then Matt gets sent over the top rope through one then Daniels puts Shelley through one with a uranagi. Nick, not to be outdone, hits a 450 splash onto Kaz through a table. Daniels is busted wide open, Kaz bleeding from his back. Daniels and Matt each put a ladder in the ring then Sabin puts one in. Matt and Daniels ascend the ladders on one side and Sabin on the other side, Shelley on the other then Nick hops on the middle ladder, hitting Kaz. Daniels and Shelley fall off of their ladder and Matt and fall then MCM send Nick off the ladder and through a table that just splinters!

Kaz gets whipped into a ladder then Daniels does, MCM putting Daniels between a ladder and propping him up in the corner as Kaz hits him by accident with a chair. MCM hit Kaz with a belly to back suplex into the ladder then they drop Daniels to the mat in the ladder. MCM set the ladder up, but the Bucks come in and get on the ladder, but are yanked down then MCM are superkicked out of the ring. Matt gets on the ladder then Kaz tries to get him, but Matt kicks him in mid air. Daniels drops the ladder that goes outside then the Bucks superkick Daniels off the apron and onto the metal table they made out of the barricade. The Bucks set the ladder up then Shelly goes for a move, only to be put in a tombstone. Daniels knocks Nick off the ladder, but he lands on the ropes and hits a Meltzer Driver onto Shelley. The Bucks go to get the belts, but Kamaitachi stops them out of no where. Daniels hits Angels Wings on Sabin onto a ladder then Jay White comes out and sends Kamaitachi through a table. Daniels hits a low blow on White then The Addiction put White through a table. 

Daniels tosses Nick into Matt then hits a uranagi on Matt, following up with The Best Moonsault Ever. Daniels screams that this will last forever then sets up a ladder. Daniels and Kaz set up a table, putting Matt onto it as Nick comes in and puts a ladder inside the other ladder. Daniels and Nick fight on the ladder, Nick sending Daniels onto the ladder propped up in the corner as Kaz pounds on Matt in the opposite corner. Nick forgoes the titles to hit a Meltzer Driver off the ladder and through a table. The Bucks have trouble getting the belts down, but they manage to and are the new ROH World Tag Team Champions!

A fantastic match by everyone involved and Ladder War is an amazing match, no wonder there have only been six and that rarity makes it even more special.

Winner: The Young Bucks

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