Ring Of Honor Episode 258 The Addiction & Kamaitachi vs CHAOS & More!

Welcome to the Fightful.com recap for this week's episode of Ring Of Honor Wrestling. Tonight is set to be a great episode as in our main event we have The World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Of The World; The Addiction taking on arguably the strongest stable in New Japan Pro Wrestling; CHAOS. We also have the return of Steve Corino on commentary and the return of the dominant force that is Shane Taylor and Keith Lee!

-We open with Steve Corino back on the commentary team for the first time in almost a year.

Red Titus & Kenny King vs Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa

Tama and Titus start it off, Titus getting the edge, until Tama gets in some offense via some wrist locks. Titus applies a headlock. They run the ropes as Tama tags in Loa who gets two very quick near-falls. Titus tags in King who takes down Loa then goes to the outside to pose as we go to commercial.

We're back with Loa and Titus, Loa hitting a sky high back body drop then tags in Tama. King gets tagged in then takes out Loa on the apron and hits a massive spine buster on Tama for a quick 2 count. The four men square off in the center of the ring then go outside of the ring with King hitting a corkscrew plancha that takes out the sons of Haku. Tama takes out both members of the Cabinet then tags in Loa, getting a close 2 count off of a double team move. Tama and Loa hit Guerrilla Warfare for the pin and the win. Good showing for The Guerillas of Destiny.

Winner: The Guerillas of Destiny via pinfall

-They show a video package of how Naito and EVIL betrayed Jay Lethal last week. Lethal then cuts a promo for their match at All-Star Extravaganza as we go to commercial.

Shane Taylor & Keith Lee vs Soon To Be Dead Jobbers

They start with the code of honor. Lee tosses Phoenix up then headbutts him, tagging in Taylor who takes out the other guy then they hit a powerbomb splash combo for the pin and the win; that splash was brutal and shook the ring!

Winner: Keith Lee and Shane Taylor via pinfall

-Taylor gets on the mic after the match and calls out War Machine. Looks like we're getting an impromptu match as we go to commercial.

Shane Taylor & Keith Lee vs War Machine

Taylor drops Rowe with a right hand then tags in Lee, the two doing some offense and frequent tags, keeping Rowe isolated. Rowe goes for a single leg takedown, but gets clubbed. Rowe hits both Taylor and Lee with right hands then hits a running forearm on Taylor, tagging in Hanson who repeatedly splashes into Taylor and Lee in the corners. Lee counters then hits a belly to belly on Rowe. Taylor turns Hanson inside out with a lariat then a Saito suplex; these guys are incredibly athletic for their size. Hanson hits Lee with a chair, but Lee and Taylor get two chairs and set them up in the ring. Lee hits a brutal powerbomb through the chairs as we go to commercial.

Winner: No contest; both teams disqualified

Kazuchika Okada & Roppongi Vice vs The Addiction and Kamaitachi

Kama and Romero start it off, but Kama wants Okada who obliges. They lock up then get a clean break, Kama hitting a few kicks then Okada hits three flapjacks on Kama and The Addiction as we go to commercial.

Rocky Romero is in as we come back, hitting repeated clotheslines on Kazarian in the corner. Romero tags in Baretta who takes out Daniels and Kamaitachi on the outside. Daniels hits a moonsault knee drop then tags in Kama who runs the ropes at the speed of light dropping Baretta then tags in Daniels again. Addiction double team Baretta then Kaz tags in Kamaitachi who stomps on him, Daniels getting in then Kazarian back in. The Addiction hit another double team move on Baretta as we go to commercial.

Baretta finally mounts some offense and tags in Okada as we come back from commercial, Okada taking out all of the heels. Okada hits the reverse upper cut for a quick 2 count then hits his signature elbow drop. Okada goes for RAINMAKER, but it's countered. Rocky takes out Daniels and Kazarian then Kamaitachi. Okada hits his reverse neckbreaker, but Kamaitachi breaks up the pin. Romero takes out Kama on the outside then Daniels hits Angels Wings; following it up with The Best Meltzer Ever for the pin and the win; that was a great match, I'd never seen that version of the Meltzer Driver before.

Winner: The Addiction and Kamaitachi via pinfall

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