Ring of Honor Episode 272 - Damien Martinez & BJ Whitmer VS War Machine, 8-Man Tag Team Main Event & More!

Will Ferrara & Cheeseburger vs Tempura Boyz (Yohei Komatsu & Sho Tanaka)

Will and Cheese double team TB early then dive out onto them when they are sent out of the ring. Yohei hits an enzuigiri when Sho sends Cheese into him then TB hits a flapjack for a quick 2. Yohei pulls Burger off the apron before Will can get to his corner, Sho putting on a rear chin lock, but Will gets out and Sho accidentally hits Yohei allowing Will to tag in Cheeseburger who chops Yohei repeatedly, paying homage to Satoshi Kojima then Jushin Thunder Liger with rapid fire chops then a shotei as we go to commercial. Sho hits Ferrara with a back elbow then a innovative double team move then a superkick package piledriver for the pin and the win.

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Winner: The Tempura Boyz via pinfall

-After the match Prince Nana and Donovan Dijak come out to the ring and hits a backbreaker chokeslam on Will twice.

Donovan Dijak vs Joey Daddiego

Dijak hits a backbreaking fall away slam, just tossing Joey across the ring then Joey hits a brainbuster on Dijak for a close 2 count. Joey goes up top, but Nana distracts him allowing Dijak to hit Feast Your Eyes for the pin and the win.

Winner: Donovan Dijak via pinfall

Damien Martinez & BJ Whitmer vs War Machine (Raymond Rowe & Hanson)

Martinez throws Hanson out of the ring, but Rowe takes them both out before Hanson drags Damien out of the ring. BJ sends Rowe into the barricade then Hanson hits a boot to BJ then they exchange strikes, BJ throwing Hanson into the barricade as Damien hits Rowe with a series of knees then a thrust kick that makes Rowe sit on a chair at ringside. Rowe sets up a table, but BJ hits him with a series of Mongolian chops, Hanson coming over and help him finish with one table then Rowe sets up another table as Damien and Hanson exchange strikes as we go to commercial.

BJ and Rowe are in the ring and Hanson hits a jumping knee, but BJ hits a clothesline that turns him inside out. They get to their feet and exchange strikes then Rowe drops BJ, Damien coming in and Hanson sends him to the outside as they exchange strikes on the outside and the inside now. BJ pushes the referee down and goes back to hitting Rowe then Rowe does the same and the referee has had enough and calls for the bell before getting a big boot by BJ for his troubles.

Winner: No Contest

-After the match Martinez chokeslams Rowe through a table then he and BJ take out Hanson. They beat up on Hanson and Kevin Sullivan talks to Hanson, talking about his career then Steve Corino comes out and squares off with Hanson, but they both leave as we go to commercial.

Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley), Lio Rush & Jay White vs The Briscoes, Silas Young & Jay Lethal

Everyone shakes hands except Silas then Lio and Lethal start the match off. Lethal is in control early then sends Lio to the outside Lio sends Lethal to the outside with a spinning back kick, Jay keeping Lio from diving out onto him momentarily, but he does then Jay dives out then Mark does as well as Shelley hits a superkick to Jay then Silas hits a clothesline off the apron as we go to commercial with everyone on the outside.

Lethal and Lio are back in the ring while everyone else fights in streams on the outside, covered in them at one point then Lio tags in MCM, Mark joining commentary momentarily to say he got hit with a trash can then MCM double team Jay as Alex stays in and puts a straight jacket submission on Lethal then tags in Lio who hits a double foot stomp on Lethal for a quick 2 count. Lethal finally gets to his corner and Silas tags himself in and hits on Lio before Mark gets tagged in as we see The Rebellion walk down to ringside. Lethal gets back in and chops Lio then sends him up into the air and straight down for a quick 2 count, Jay coming in as Lethal eyes The Rebellion on the ramp, Jay getting a quick 2 count on Lio as we go to commercial.

We come back with Lethal teasing a Lethal Injection, but Lio rolls him up for a quick 2 count then Lethal hits a spinebuster for a quick 2 count. White gets tagged in and takes out everyone on the opposite side then Silas comes in and drops him, but Jay hits a series of back elbows to Lethal and Silas then a dragon suplex that sends Silas to the outside, hitting a missile dropkick on Lethal for a quick 2 count. MCM and The Briscoes square off with Lio diving out of the ring on both sides and takes them out before Sabin and White hit Lethal then White hits a uranage to Lethal, Lio tagged in and hits a frog splash, but Lethal gets his knees up then rolls him up for a quick 2 count, Lethal hitting the Lethal Combination. Lethal goes for an elbow drop, but White knocks him off the top rope. Jay hits a Kiwi Crusher after MCM hit a double superkick then Lio hits a leg lariat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jay White, Motor City Machine Guns and Lio Rush via pinfall

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