Ring of Honor Episode 291 Results 8-Man Vegas Wildcard Match & More!

Caprice Coleman vs Chris Sabin

They lock up for a clean break to start the match, Coleman ruffling Sabin's hair before he backs off, then hits him with a series of right hands before they exchange wrist and head locks. They run the ropes until Sabin hits an enzuigiri into a release face buster, then King distracts Sabin before Coleman hits a missile dropkick for a quick two count as we go to commercial.

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Sabin counters a German suplex, then Coleman hits a triple flipping northern lights suplex for a near fall, then Sabin rolls through a sunset flip and hits a PK. Sabin hits a missile dropkick, then a running boot in the corner before hitting a falcon arrow for a near fall, Coleman hitting a cutter for a near fall of his own. Sabin hits Kenny with a cannon ball at ringside, then rolls Coleman up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Chris Sabin via pinfall

Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara vs Roppongi Vice

Rocky and Cheese start it off by exchanging forearms, then try to knock each other over until Cheese drops Rocky and hits Trent with a series of kicks before Will and Cheese are taken out by RPG as we go to commercial.

Rocky is in control of Cheese as we come back, hitting him with a series of clotheslines until Cheese drops him with one of his own, then tags in Will as Trent gets tagged in. Will sends Rocky out of the ring and hits a jumping flat liner on Trent for a quick two count, Trent hits an enzuigiri before missing a spear and being sent shoulder first into the ring post and to the floor. Rocky hits a meteora off of the apron to Will, then RPG double team him once they're back in the ring for a near fall with a hanging missile dropkick. Cheese comes in and stops RPG from hitting Strong Zero, then Will hits a code red for a near fall that Rocky breaks up before Cheese sends Rocky out of the ring and hits a springboard cross body. Will and Trent exchange forearms, then exchange running back elbows before Will hits a release German suplex. Trent catches Will and RPG hit Strong Zero for the pin and the win.

Winner: Roppongi Vice via pinfall

8-Man Vegas Wildcard Match

Lio Rush and Jay White start it off with grappling, then exchange hammer locks and head locks before they run the ropes and Lio flips a lot before they square off after Rush misses a series of kicks. Silas tags himself in before Hanson tags himself in, then Silas tags in Lethal before the team of Silas, Lethal, Hangman Page and Jay White start brawling as we go to commercial.

Colt drops Lethal  after hitting a hopping splash for a quick two count as we come back from commercial before tagging in Hanson. Hanson hits Lethal with a series of right hands in the corner, then slams him down before Fish hits a slingshot senton for a quick two count. Fish hits a snap suplex into a float over suplex for a quick two count, then Silas and Page cheap shot Fish before Page tags himself in. Page hits Fish with a series of forearms in the corner, then a slingshot in the ropes for a quick two count before tagging in Silas. Silas hits a dropkick, then tags Page back in as Fish tries to fight back only to be dropped with a leg lariat for a near fall.

Silas sends Fish out of the ring, then Page hits a running shoot star press off of the apron before Fish counters Misery, then Silas hits a Green Bay plunge for a near fall. Fish fights off both Silas and Page before tagging in Hanson who takes out all four men on the opposite team with clotheslines. Everyone hits each other with a move next, then Lethal hits Colt with a Lethal Combination before Lio hits him with a powerbomb and goes for a frog splash, but Lethal gets his knees up and hits the Lethal Injection for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall

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