Ring of Honor Episode 299 Results The Debut of Chuck Taylor, The ROH TV Title is on the Line & More!

The Bullet Club (The Young Bucks & Adam Page) vs Roppongi Vice & Chuck Taylor

They brawl to start the match before Tiger Hattori gets things under control, then it's just Page and Taylor in the ring before he dropkicks him out of the ring. Taylor, then flips over the top rope and takes out Bullet Club before playing to the crowd. Chuck and Beretta play to the crowd before Rocky comes in and stops them, seemingly jealous, then Rocky does his endless clotheslines, nearly clotheslining Beretta and Chuck several times. The Bucks double team Chuck and Rocky before they send Beretta out of the ring, Page holding him as Nick hits a senton onto the floor as we go to commercial.

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 Taylor hits a missile dropkick that sends Page out of the ring before he takes out both Bucks and powerbombs Nick into Matt for a near fall. Beretta comes in and Nick sends Beretta into Chuck, but they fight him off and double team Matt before Adam Page turns them both inside out with a clothesline. Rocky saves Chuck and sends Page and Nick out of the ring before Nick accidentally moonsaults onto Page. Chuck hits a swanton bomb before Beretta hits a shining wizard and a piledriver for a near fall. Chuck and Nick exchange forearms and kicks until Nick sends Chuck out of the ring with a back elbow, then hits a superkick into a German suplex to Beretta on the apron. Nick hits a sling shot facebuster to Rocky in the ring and a tornado DDT onto Chuck on the apron before the Bucks hit More Bang for Your Buck for a near fall that Rocky breaks up. Bullet Club sends Rocky out of the ring, then hit a trio of superkicks to Chuck before the Bucks accidentally superkick Page. The Bucks superkick Beretta out of the ring, then Rocky when he tries to save Chuck, then finally hit another to Chuck before they go for the Meltzer Driver, but are stopped. Chuck then hits the Awful Waffle for the pin and the win.

Winner: Roppongi Vice & Chuck Taylor via pinfall

-We get a very nicely done video package for the career of Jay White.

Shane Taylor Rhett Titus vs Jay White & Jonathan Gresham

They brawl around ringside, throwing each other into the railing repeatedly before Taylor and Gresham get into the ring to start the match, Shane hitting a massive splash for a near fall as soon as it starts, but Jay breaks it up. Shane beats on Gresham in the corner after Rhett drags Jay out of the ring and keeps him occupied at ringside before Shane drops Jon for a quick two count that he himself breaks up. Shane tags in Rhett who hits a running knee in the corner into a gut wrench powerbomb and a splash for a near fall. Rhett tosses Jonathan into their corner and he and Shane start tagging in and out as Jay makes his way back up onto the apron after several minutes as we go to commercial.

Gresham tries to fight out of the corner as we come back from commercial only to get dropkicked for his troubles by Rhett and sent back into their corner. Shane gets tagged in and Gresham sends Shane into the bottom turnbuckle before he sends Rhett into him and he hits a bronco buster by accident. Gresham tags Jay in and they start double teaming Rhett, Jay hitting a flat liner into a German suplex that sends Rhett out of the ring before Gresham and White double team Shane, Jay even managing to suplex Shane for a near fall. Chaos ensues as Kenny King comes down to the ring and the Motor City Machine Guns come in and double team him before Jay hits a swanton onto all of the Rebellion on the outside before the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: No contest

Marty Scurll vs KUSHIDA ROH TV Title Match

They exchange wrist locks to start the match, then KUSHIDA knocks Marty down before Marty plays to the crowd, KUSHIDA signaling that he must be crazy before suplexing him from behind. KUSHIDA does Marty's pose before hitting a snapmare into a cartwheel dropkick as we go to commercial.

KUSHIDA is in control as we come back from commercial, knocking Marty down repeatedly before locking in an armbar, but Marty rolls over into a pinning attempt for a quick two count. KUSHIDA hits a rolling DDT before Marty counters a fisherman's buster, but KUSHIDA sends him out of the ring with a rolling kick. Marty has the security and medical staff help him at ringside, KUSHIDA moonsaulting onto them when he goes for Marty, but he moves out of the ring, them getting back in the ring and Marty snapping the fingers before teasing the Cross Face Chicken Wing, but KUSHIDA rolls him up for a near fall. They exchange forearms before KUSHIDA hits a series of kicks, then Marty does his signature fake out into the thrust kick to the knee before KUSHIDA hits a Pele kick. KUSHIDA goes for a springboard back elbow, but is caught in the Cross Face Chicken Wing, only for KUSHIDA to roll back and put him in the Hoverboard Lock, but Marty counters and snaps his fingers. KUSHIDA hits Marty with a right hand that sends him back into the ropes, but he comes back with a lariat that turns KUSHIDA inside out before he goes for the Chicken Wing. The lights go out just as he does and come back on with Adam Cole dressed like Marty. KUSHIDA capitalizing on the distraction and hitting a DDT into a roll up for the pin and the win.

Winner: KUSHIDA via pinfall

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