Ring of Honor Episode 320 Results Motor City Machine Guns vs War Machine, The Kingdom in Action & More!

The Kingdom vs The Dawgs vs Coast to Coast

Ali is in control early, sending both Dawgs out of the ring and hitting a flipping senton that takes them both out before everyone takes turns diving out of the ring as we go to commercial.

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The Kingdom team up on Ali as we come back from commercial, then the Kingdom and Dawgs start taking turns yanking each other off of the apron. Coast to Coast then hit a double coast to coast dropkick for a near fall before the Kingdom get back in and hit a double team to LSG for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Kingdom via pinfall

-We get a video package for Dalton Castle attacking Cody.

-Cody comes out to the ring and talks about his title defense against Dalton Castle at Final Battle before having an impromptu match where he tortures a guy who looks like Dalton until he taps in under a minute. Dalton then comes out to the ramp and smiles at Cody before leaving as we go to commercial.

Cody mocks Dalton as we come back from commercial, Dalton now at ringside as Cody is between the ropes hanging over the apron before Dalton attacks Cody and holds the belt up as we cut to a video package for Bully Ray's departure from Ring of Honor.

Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship Match

Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs War Machine

WM double team Alex to start the match, Rowe using Hanson as a human battering ram at one point before Hanson plays to the crowd and rubs his beard and hair all over Alex's face. WM start tagging in and out and hitting running splashes and cross bodies for a near fall that Chris breaks up only to be beaten down by Rowe. Sabin sends Hanson off of the apron before MCM double team Rowe, then sends them both out of the ring and hit topes to the outside. They get back in the ring and Alex plays to the crowd and poses before MCM hit a double team move for a near fall as we go to commercial.

Hanson hits his trademark endless clotheslines in the corner before Chris hits him with an enzuigiri only for Rowe to drop Chris with a knee. Hanson hits a springboard back elbow to Alex before MCM drop him with a series of kicks. MCM then take out Rowe before Hanson fights them off and does a cartwheel before hitting a tope to the outside. The Addiction then show up and interfere before being dispatched, but Sabin ends up pinning Hanson in the confusion for the win.

Winner: Motor City Machine Guns retain the ROH Tag Team Championship by defeating War Machine via pinfall

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