Ring of Honor Episode 333 Results ROH World Tag Team Championship Match, Cody vs Matt Taven & More!

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs Best Friends

Chuck and Chris start the match off by locking up before exchanging arm drags and shaking hands. Beretta tags in just as Alex does, the two exchanging chops until Beretta pokes Alex in the eye and BF double team Alex. BF go for a hug, but Chris breaks it up and everyone counters each other until BF hit a double running clothesline in opposite corners and hugging as we go to commercial.

BF are in control as we come back from commercial, Chuck hitting a sit-out powerbomb for a quick two count before Chris hits a tornado DDT that sends Chuck out of the ring. MCM double team Beretta before Beretta comes back momentarily, MCM immediately coming back with a series of double team moves and sending him out of the ring. Beretta accidentally hits a wrecking ball dropkick into Chuck before BF hit a cutter onto the floor. BF then run up the ramp and hug before The Briscoes show up and kill everyone for the disqualification.

Winner: Best Friends win via disqualification, but Motor City Machine Guns keep the belts when The Briscoes show up and attack everyone.

-We come back from commercial to a video package for Punishment Martinez.

Marty Scurll vs Shane Taylor

They brawl to start the match, Shane tossing Marty around before Marty fails to suplex Shane and gets dropped with a knee for the midsection. Marty sends Shane over the top rope before hitting a thrust kick from the apron, then rakes his eyes when be grabs another kick. Shane then tosses Marty into the railing repeatedly before playing to the crowd as we go to commercial.

Marty comes back with a series of offense including a missile dropkick that sends Shane out of the ring as we come back from commercial. Marty for a for a tope to the outside, but Shane catches him before Marty uses the ring post to hit a tornado DDT onto the floor. Marty rolls Shane back into the ring for a near fall before Shane drops him with a right hand when he goes for a suplex, then Shane drops Marty again with a knee before hitting a splash for a near fall. Shane catches Marty in the ropes before hitting a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall, then Shane micks Marty with his signature spinning and yelling before the two exchange strikes and Marty manages to suplex Shane for a very close near fall. Marty then plays to the crowd before Shane counters a Cross Face Chicken Wing and Marty gets a bag of powder out from under the ring and throws it in Shane's face before rolling him up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Marty Scurll defeats Shane Taylor via pinfall after throwing powder in his face and rolling him up.

-After the match Punishment Martinez comes out of nowhere and squares off with Marty before Martinez kills him with a sit-out chokebomb and leaves as we go to commercial.