Ring of Honor Final Battle Results A New Era Begins, All Titles Change Hands at Final Battle

Hey Fight Fans, we hope your day has been a great one and that you're ready for Ring of Honor Wrestling's final pay-per-view event of the year with Final Battle!

Pre-Show Hour One

IPW Tough Luck Results (3/12): TLC Match For IPW Title Headlines

Silas Young & Josh Woods vs Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry

Joe and Silas lock up several times, but neither man budges before they sweep each other's legs and Silas takes Joe down with a side headlock takeover. Joe gets back to his feet and drops Silas with a shoulder block before Josh and Dalton enter and the two collegiate grapplers wrestle on the mat. They each get a one count before countering hip tosses by each other until Dalton poses and Josh goes for a pose of his own before Silas tags himself in. Joe and Dalton drop Silas with a double back elbow for one before Joe hits a delayed suplex for two before Silas comes back with a jawbreaker. Josh gets dropped as soon as he comes back in and Silas clotheslines Dalton from the apron before Silas comes in and stomps Dalton.

Silas whips Dalton into the corner and drops him with a boot before grape vining his legs and tagging Josh in. Josh locks in a half nelson before Dalton hits a t-bone suplex and Joe hits Josh with a neckbreaker and Silas with a DDT before hitting a double fall away slam to Silas and Josh. Dalton slams Josh to the mat and hits him with a knee before countering Misery by Silas who hits the Anarchist neckbreaker. Josh then turns a Bang-A-Rang into a pinning attempt for two before everyone hits a move and Josh hits Deez Knees for the pin and the win.

Winner: Josh Woods and Silas Young defeat Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry via pinfall when Josh pins Dalton after Deez Knees.

-We see The Bouncers drinking in the crowd after the match before we go to The Allure being interviewed about Angelina's title defense against the debuting powerhouse Maneater before Angelina lists off how she's been in the business over two decades and has faced plenty of larger women.

-ROH alum and one half of the legendary tag team Motor City Machine Guns Alex Shelley comes out onto the stage and says that Ring of Honor Wrestling is professional wrestling's greatest classroom and that plenty of students went on to become stars outside of the company. Alex says that he's never wrestled Colt Cabana before challenging him to a match and Colt accepts. Colt says that he is a wrestler at heart even if he has been doing commentary before Colt leaves to get ready for their match on pay-per-view.

-We get a video package explaining the reason behind the grudge match between Rhett Titus and Kenny King up next.

Kenny King w/Amy Rose vs Rhett Titus

They lock up and go all over the ring before breaking and locking up again before getting into each other's faces and Kenny drops Rhett with a shoulder block. The former partners and former best friends counter and mirror each other before having a test of strength and exchanging hammer locks. Rhett takes Kenny down with a waist lock before Kenny clotheslines him and Rhett chops him before Kenny snaps Rhett's neck into the top rope. Kenny harasses Rhett's wife and child at ringside before Rhett hits a 450 to the outside and a belly to belly suplex onto the floor. Rhett tosses Kenny back into the ring and clotheslines him right back out of the ring and Rhett goes over and holds his baby before stalking Kenny.

Rhett hits a suplex onto the floor before dropping Kenny with a running back elbow before Kenny hits a spinebuster onto the apron. Kenny puts Rhett back into the ring for two before hitting a t-bone suplex into the corner for two and locking in a camel clutch. Rhett breaks free and counters a back suplex before Rhett rocks Kenny with a right hand before dropping Kenny with a clothesline. Kenny catches Rhett on the top turnbuckle with an enzuigiri before Rhett counters a superplex and pushes Kenny away before hitting a diving cross body for a near fall. Kenny hits a spinebuster for a one count before Rhett dropkicks him when he goes for a Lethal injection and hits Kenny with his own finisher the royal flush for a near fall.

Rhett then hits several running kicks in the corner into a snap mare and gets distracted by Amy Rose before Kenny hits a low blow and the Royal Flush for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kenny King defeats Rhett Titus via pinfall with the Royal Flush.

-We go ringside to The Bouncers where they say that they're winning belts next year and are divided on who will win the ROH World Championship match between RUSH and PCO before they start arguing.

Dan Maff vs Jeff Cobb

They shake hands before the match before running into each other and Jeff dropkicks Dan, but he doesn't move before dropping Jeff with a shoulder block. Dan hits a senton into a suicide dive before hitting a running chop in the corner and Jeff hits a fall away slam into a standing moonsault for a surprising one count. They chop each other before Dan launches Jeff across the ring with a shoulder tackle and hits a cannonball in the corner before missing the second one. Dan drops Jeff with a back elbow before Jeff suplexes Dan from the apron into the ring and Dan counters the Tour of the Islands. They exchange superkicks before Jeff clotheslines Dan and falls out of the ring before Jeff gets back into the ring and hits a dead lift German suplex.

Jeff lays into Dan with forearms and chops in the corner before Dan suplexes him and turns him inside out with a lariat for a near fall. Jeff counters two attempts at a burning hammer and hits a belly to belly suplex into the corner before countering the burning hammer a third time and hitting two Tour of the Islands for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb defeats Dan Maff via pinfall with the Tour of the Islands.

-They then exchange open hand palm strikes and hand shakes after the match.

Main Show

Villain Enterprises (Flip Gordon & Marty Scurll) vs Bandido & Flamita

Flip and Flamita gets things started with Flip locking in a side headlock and dropping Flamita with a shoulder block before Flamita hops up and they run the ropes before exchanging flips. They shove each other before Bandido and Marty come in and exchange wrist locks, head scissors and side headlock takeovers before Bandido hits a huricanrrana into a dropkick. Bandido dropkicks Flip and he and Flamita double up on Flip for an early two count and Flip rakes the eyes of Flamita and Marty hits a thrust kick from the apron. Flip hits a diving stomp before Marty gets a two count off of a sunset flip and Marty stomps the hand of Flamita. Flip comes in and hits a snap mare into a PK for two before VE cut the ring off before Flamita drops Marty and Flip with kicks and makes the tag to Bandido.

Flamita hits a 619 before Bandido hits a running shooting star press for two and Marty rocks Bandido with an uppercut before Bandido hits Flip with a Muta lock and Flamita hits a basement dropkick into a standing moonsault by Bandido for a near fall that Marty breaks up. Flamita and Bandido clear the ring before Flamita hits a flipping senton over the top rope off of Bandido's shoulders before Flamita hits an assisted moonsault back in the ring for a near fall. Bandido is sent out of the ring before Marty hits a tornado DDT into a superkick by Flip for a near fall before VE hit several superkicks and Bandido hits a double missile dropkick into a tope to the outside. Flamita hits Flip with a Flimafly before Flip kicks Bandido off of the top and down onto the floor and VE hit Flamita with a shiranui powerbomb combo for a near fall. Marty accidentally kicks Flip before Flamita superkicks Flip and Marty hits a half dragon suplex and Flip a jumping swinging neckbreaker.

Bandido then hits a moonsault powerslam to Flip before Marty locks on the Cross Face Chicken Wing, Bandido getting free before Flamita hits a springboard 450. Bandido hits X Knee before Flamita and Bandido hit a 21-plex 619 combo called the 2619 for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bandido and Flamita defeat Villain Enterprises via pinfall with the 2619.

-We get a video package for the next match between former stable mates Matt Taven and Vincent who were a part of The Kingdom.

Matt Taven vs Vincent

Matt rushes Vincent and hits a tope when Vincent gets out of the ring before Matt pulls up the padding at ringside and Vincent drives Matt into the barricade. Matt sends Vincent into the crowd and hits a running cross body before returning Vincent to ringside and rolling him back into the ring. Matt hits an enzuigiri into a back stabber and a sliding knee before he goes up top and lands on his feet when Vincent rolls out of the way. Matt hits a spinning heel kick into a sit-out powerbomb for two before Matt locks in a variation of a clover leaf before Vincent gets to the ropes for the break. Matt rocks Vincent with an enzuigiri and hits a side Russian leg sweep into a swinging DDT for two before Vincent counters the Climax and hits a neckbreaker in the ropes.

Vincent hits a back drop onto the apron and suplexes Matt onto the exposed concrete before tossing Matt back into the ring and saying that this is all he's wanted for eleven years. Vincent focuses on the injured knee of Matt before Vincent hits a side Russian leg sweep for two and they kick each other before Matt drops Vincent. Vincent rolls out onto the apron and snaps Matt's neck into the top rope before Matt knocks him off of the apron and hits a suicide dive. Matt hits a diving splash onto Vincent onto the apron for a near fall before Vincent hits the running elbows in the corner into a side winder and a swanton bomb he calls Redrum for a near fall of his own. Matt hits the Climax for a near fall with Vincent's foot under the rope before he hits it again for another near fall and gets the hatchet out from under the ring.

Vincent then hits a shiranui for the pin and the win.

Winner: Vincent defeats Matt Taven via pinfall with a shiranui.

-After the match Vincent opens his arms and Matt goes to hug him before he's attacked from behind and tombstoned by Bateman. Vincent then hits Matt's surgically repaired ankle with a chair before Bateman holds up a hand and the commentary speculates that there could be five more members before Vincent and Bateman leave.

Street Fight Match

Bully Ray vs Mark Haskins

Ray lays out Mark and his wife with a barbed wire board before the match starts and hits Mark with a chair before the match finally starts. Bully rolls Mark into the ring and hitting an elbow drop before tearing at the lacerations of Haskins before tossing Mark across the ring with German suplexes and playing to the crowd. Ray brings a portion of railing into the ring and hits a German suplex onto it before propping it up in the corner and Mark counters a German only for Bully to hit the Bully Bomb. Ray grabs a cheese grater out from under the ring and Mark drops him with an enzuigiri before Ray knocks him over when Mark runs into him. Ray brings a kendo stick and a chair into the ring before he grabs a mic and says God bless New York city before calling Mark a jobber.

Mark calls Ray a pussy and flips him off before saying "fuck you" and seemingly getting more angry by the moment when Ray hits him with a kendo stick. Mark sends Ray face first into a chair before wearing said chair out on the back of Ray until tossing the chair to him and booting it into his face. Mark gets out a ladder and brings it into the ring before slamming Ray's arm onto the chair and trapping his arm in the chair and snapping his arm. Ray shoves the ladder over and Mark falls onto the railing in the corner before Ray gets out a table and brings into the ring as well as the board of barbed wire.

Ray sets the barbed wire board on top of the table before he goes for a frankensteiner and Ray powerbombs him into it. Ray hits an elbow drop to break the board and table for a near fall before laying out the referee in frustration as the announcers make note of and we see that Mark's back is oozing blood. Ray brings another table into the ring and covers his face in Mark's blood before Mark's wife shows up and grates the crotch of Ray with the cheese grater. The Haskins then send Ray through the table before Mark hits a diving stomp for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mark Haskins defeats Bully Ray via pinfall with a diving stomp.

Colt Cabana vs Alex Shelley

Colt takes Alex down before the high flying Shelley hops right back up and they exchange wrist locks and rolls until they chain grapple and Colt stands on his head with a shoulder stall. Alex stretches Colt before Colt reverses it and stretches Alex before transitioning into a body scissors and they roll around until Alex transitions into a pendulum surf board stretch. They get back to their feet and run the ropes until Colt startles Alex and blocks a cradle by Alex for two before Alex traps the arm of Colt and pins him.

Winner: Alex Shelley defeats Colt Cabana via pinfall.

Angelina Love w/Mandy Leon vs Maria Manic

Maria runs to the ring and drives Angelina into the corner before suplexing her and hitting a scoop slam before tossing Mandy off of the top when she tries to interfere. Maria takes out both members of The Allure with running splashes in the corner before tossing Angelina across the ring and hitting a drive by dropkick. Maria plays to the crowd before hitting a sit-out powerbomb and boots the hair spray out of Mandy's hand and hitting Angelina with a fall away slam when she goes for a diving cross body. Maria goes to powerbomb Angelina onto the apron before Mandy grabs her ankle and Maria slams her onto the floor before throwing Angelina over the announce table. Maria drinks some water and takes a fan's scarf before tossing Angelina back into the ring and applying a torture rack before Angelina submits for the win.

Winner: Maria Manic defeats Angelina Love via submission with a torture rack 

ROH World Television Championship Match

Shane Taylor (c) vs Dragon Lee

They shake hands before the match before Lee hits a running shotgun dropkick and stomps Shane before sending him out of the ring and Shane chokeslams Lee onto the apron. Shane chops Lee at ringside and sets him in a chair before hitting him with forearms and a running knee before hitting a leg drop onto the apron. Back in the ring Shane drops Lee with a right hand for a two count with a lax pin before hitting a scoop slam and a leg drop for another lax pin. Shane chops Lee in the corner and whips him across the ring before missing a running back elbow and Lee sends the champion out of the ring before hitting a suicide dive that sends Shane up the ramp. Lee hits a flipping senton and a single leg slingshot kick in the corner into a running delayed dropkick in the corner for two. Lee hits another running dropkick in the corner before rocking Shane with a jumping knee and a running knee before he goes up top and hits a diving stomp onto Shane onto the apron.

Lee hits a diving stomp once they're back in the ring for a near fall before they exchange chops until Shane drops Lee with a headbutt. Shane turns Lee inside out with a lariat and rocks him with a knee before hitting a package piledriver for a near fall before Lee hits a German suplex and an enzuigiri after trapping Shane in the ropes in the corner. Lee hits a diving stomp and a running knee for a near fall before Shane counters a suplex attempt into Welcome to the Land for a very close near fall. Lee rocks Shane with a knee before Shane grabs a chain and goes to hit Lee with it before Lee hits a Canadian destroyer. Lee stuffs the chain in his knee pad and hits Shane with a knee for a surprising one count before hitting a twisting neckbreaker for a near fall.

Lee then finishes Shane with a running knee for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dragon Lee defeats Shane Taylor via pinfall with a running knee strike to become the new ROH World Television champion.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

The Briscoes (c) vs Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham

Mark backs Jon into the ropes for a clean break before Jon takes Mark down with a single leg and they roll around until they get to the ropes for the break. Lethal and Jay enter the match and Lethal tags right back out before Jon tries to take Jay down before Jay drives Jon into the corner and Mark suplexes him. Jon grabs the ankle of Jay before Lethal tags himself in and stomps Jay before he goes for a cartwheel dropkick, but Jay is ready and quickly backs into a neutral corner. Mark comes in and drops Lethal with an uppercut before Lethal chops him in the corner and Jon kicks Mark off of the apron when he hops over the top rope. Lethal and Gresham beat on Mark at ringside before The Briscoes come back and Mark hits a cannonball over the top rope and onto the floor.

Mark hits a diving elbow drop off of the apron and drops Jay with a kick to the side of the head crane style once they're back in the ring. Lethal and Gresham hit Mark with a dragon screw leg whip into an enzuigiri before Lethal hits a suicide dive and Gresham a PK into an enzuigiri to Jay. Mark hits a diving cutter to Jay before The Briscoes hit the Redneck Boogie for a near fall that Lethal breaks up. Jay hits a running clothesline in the corner before Mark drops Lethal for two and headbutts him before The Briscoes drop Lethal with a double shoulder block. Lethal gets the tag to Gresham who knocks Jay from the apron and hits a split legged missile dropkick before hitting a springboard moonsault into a suicide dive.

Lethal hits a Lethal Injection to Mark before Jon hits a shooting star press for a very close near fall that Jay breaks up. Jon butterflies the arms of Mark before Lethal focuses on the injured knee of Mark and Jon dropkicks it before Mark hits a uranage. Jay and Jay brawl until Briscoe headbutts Lethal and hits him with an uppercut before Mark gets a two count off of an inside cradle. Jay hits a Jay Driller for a near fall that Jon breaks up by pulling the referee out of the ring and Lethal hits Jay with the belt for a near fall. Lethal locks in a figure four before Mark drops Jon onto the apron and hits a Froggy-Bow to break the hold.

Lethal then rolls Jay up while holding the tights for the pin and the win after Jon knocks Mark off of the top rope when they go for the Redneck Boogie.

Winner: Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham defeat The Briscoes via pinfall to become the new ROH World Tag Team champions.

Friday the 13th Main Event Massacre ROH World Championship Match

RUSH (c) vs PCO

They run at each other before RUSH rocks PCO with a knee and PCO turns RUSH inside out before RUSH throws a chair at the arm and head of PCO before sending him into the barricade. RUSH whips PCO with a cable before rolling him back into the ring and hitting a snap mare into a dropkick to the back of the head and doing push ups. RUSH stomps the shoulders of PCO and slaps him across the face before doing the tranquilo pose and PCO just smiles before RUSH locks in an armbar in the ropes to the count of four. RUSH grabs a step ladder and tosses it into the ring before throwing it at PCO and wedging it in the corner. RUSH whips PCO into the ladder and plays to the crowd before hitting a running splash in the corner and PCO follows him in with a running splash of his own.

PCO whips RUSH into the ladder and hits a pop-up powerbomb before RUSH rolls out of the ring and PCO follows him with a cannonball to the outside. PCO sets RUSH up on the apron and misses a senton onto the apron before he crashes down onto the corner of the apron and down onto the floor. RUSH suplexes PCO onto the table at ringside before driving his head into it and into the barricade on the ramp before RUSH spits on the hearse by the stage that PCO drove to the arena. RUSH hits PCO with a piece of the barricade before setting railing on top of it and piling chairs on top of it before they go up onto the stage. RUSH throws PCO off of the stage and onto the pile below before playing to the crowd and Destro shows up and revives PCO by charging him with jumper cables to the car battery. PCO chokeslams RUSH onto the hood of the car and hits a leg drop before they meet on the roof and RUSH hits an overhead belly to belly suplex that sends PCO off of the car.

RUSH throws a case at PCO and smashes his face into it before he makes his way back to ringside and gets several doors out from underneath the ring. RUSH sets up several doors before hitting a snap German suplex into a shining wizard for a near fall before putting PCO through the doors and taking out Destro. PCO then sets RUSH on a table and hits a moonsault through the table for the pin and the win.

Winner: PCO defeats RUSH via pinfall with a moonsault through a table to become the new ROH World champion.

-We end the show with Villain Enterprises coming out and celebrating with PCO as we go off the air.

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