Ring of Honor & New Japan Pro Wrestling Presents War Of The Worlds Results

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for Ring of Honor & New Japan Pro Wrestling Presents War Of The Worlds! Tonight we have an action packed show as in our main event Christopher Daniels defends his ROH World title against Cody Rhodes and Jay Lethal! We also have Marty Scurll defending his ROH Television title against Matt Sydal and much more so be sure to come back here at 9 PM EST for what should be a great event live from the big apple!

Silas Young vs Bobby Fish vs KUSHIDA vs Dalton Castle

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They brawl to start the match, then roll each other up before KUSHIDA locks in the Hoverboard Lock only for Silas to break it up. Silas hits Mercy when Dalton goes for a Bangarang, then KUSHIDA drops Silas with a right hand. Dalton then hits Silas with the Bangarang after sending KUSHIDA out of the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle via pinfall

Frankie Kazarian vs Hangman Page

Kaz moonsaults out of the ring before the match starts, then Kaz sends Page into the railing before he drops him on a chair and a security guard. They get back in the ring to start the match, then Page superkicks Kaz out of the ring before hitting a standing shooting star press to the floor. Page sends Kaz head first into the ring post, then clotheslines him once they're back in the ring for a quick two count. Kaz rolls Page up for a quick two count, then hits a backstabber into a kill switch. They take turns spitting in each others faces before brawling, then Kaz hits a slingshot cutter for a near fall. Page rolls Kaz up for a near fall, then rolls him up again using the ropes for the pin and the win.

Winner: Hangman Page via pinfall

SANADA & EVIL vs Sabin & Gresham vs War Machine

Gresham and Hanson start it off until SANADA tags himself in, Gresham and SANADA exchanging wrist locks and arm drags before EVIL pulls him out of the ring and tosses him into the railing. EVIL rolls him back in and SANADA ties both Sabin and Gresham into knots before hitting a basement dropkick. EVIL hits a high angle senton, then Gresham kicks SANADA after having him grab EVIL so he has SANADA do a dragon screw to EVIL. WM take control with Hanson clotheslining both SANADA and EVIL repeatedly before Rowe sends Hanson into EVIL. Rowe catches Sabin coming off of the top rope, then sends Rowe into Hanson before hitting an enzuigiri before Rowe hits a double belly to back suplex to Sabin and Gresham. SANADA hits a springboard dropkick before EVIL hits Rowe with a chair before Gresham and Sabin take out EVIL, then SANADA dives over the top rope and takes them all out. 

WM come back in and take out Sabin before Rowe dives out onto everyone as Hanson picks up the pin and the win.

Winner: War Machine via pinfall

Jay White vs Will Ospreay

Will attacks Jay immediately, then they exchange forearms before Will hits Jay with a series of kicks, only for Jay to come back with a series of chops in the corner. Will sends Jay out of the ring with a huricanrrana before they do a bunch of flips on the outside, then Will dives out of the ring, but Jay catches him and sends him directly into the barricade. Jay whips Will across the ring, then dropkicks him for a quick two count. Jay puts Will in a Muta lock, but Will manages to get to the ropes fairly quickly, then Will hits a flying forearm for a quick two count of his own. Jay hits a series of various suplexes to Will before Jay hits one into the corner before they exchange running back elbows and European uppercuts.

They exchange forearms before Will comes back with a series of strikes, then Jay hits a flatliner before they exchange German suplexes. Jay turns Will inside out with a lariat, then hits a release German suplex before Will hits a standing Spanish fly. Will hits a Code Red for a near fall, then Will tries to hit a moonsault to the outside, but Jay catches him and back suplex him onto the apron. Jay hits an Alabama slam, then a reverse exploder suplex before he goes for the Kiwi Crusher, but Will counters with a cutter. Will goes for the OsCutter, but Jay catches him and puts him in a crucifix before Jay hits the Kiwi Crusher, but Will kicks out. Jay sets Will on the top rope, then Will hits a Cheeky Nandos before hitting an OsCutter off of the top rope for the pin and the win.

Winner: Will Ospreay via pinfall

-Punishment Martinez comes out and clears the ring after the match.

CHAOS vs The Briscoes & Bully Ray

The Briscoes and Bully take out CHAOS before the match rings, then Mark suplexes Barreta onto the floor. Mark grabs a chair and hits Barreta with it while Ray beats on Goto at ringside. The Briscoes are in control once they're back in the ring until Goto drops Ray with a headbutt and sends him out of the ring. RPG hits Mark with a leg drop off of the top rope wit ha chair, then Rocky tosses a chair in the face of Jay, then Barreta dives out of the ring and takes out Ray on the floor. Barreta hits Mark with a chair while Rocky stomps on Bully to keep him out of the ring. RPG hit a drop toe hold into a chair ala Raven, then Rocky hits a dropkick to the chair for a quick two count.

Goto hits a rolling kick in the corner, but Bully sends him out of the ring before RPG get taken out by Jay with a chair before Mark hits Barreta with a blockbuster from the apron. Goto and Ray exchange strikes in the ring before Mark drops Goto with a discus forearm, then hits him with a series of European uppercut. Rocky hits his signature clotheslines in the corner, before Mark drops him with a Pele kick, then they hit a double doomsday device. The Briscoes and Ray get a table out and set it up in the ring before Ray puts Barreta through a table and they hit Rocky with a 3D for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Briscoes & Bully Ray via pinfall

Marty Scurll vs Matt Sydal

They start off by exchanging arm drag take overs and taking each other down before Sydal hits a huricanrrana into a dropkick. Scurll teases the chicken wing, then they roll each other up for a quick two counts before Marty plays to the crowd and Matt makes him pay for it with a back elbow into the corner and an enzuigiri before hitting a shotgun dropkick in the corner. Scurll hits a thrust kick on the apron, then focuses on the arm and fingers of Matt once they're back in the ring before Matt counters a brainbuster with a huricanrrana into a roll up for a near fall, then Matt misses a shooting star press. Marty then locks in the Cross Face Chicken Wing for the tap and the win.

Winner: Marty Scurll via submission

Los Ingobernables de Japon vs The Young Bucks ROH World Tag Team Title Match

Naito is hesitant to start the match as always, trying to get in the head of Nick before they mock each other, then Naito spits in his face before BUSHI dives out of the ring and takes out Matt. Naito tags BUSHI in and he chokes him with his shirt before Nick dropkicks him, then tags in Matt, the duo dropkicking Naito out of the ring after sending BUSHI out next. Nick flips over Matt who's upside down in the ropes and takes out Naito and BUSHI before LIJ double team Nick before Naito runs the ropes, then stomps on Nick's head. Nick comes back and takes out Naito in the ring before hitting BUSHI with a tornado DDT from the apron, then the Bucks hit a draping swanton bomb for a near fall. BUSHI dropkicks Matt, then Nick superkicks him before Naito hits a reverse frankensteiner onto Matt before the Bucks start a superkick party, then Matt superkicks Nick before superkicking the referee.

BUSHI hits an MX, then Naito hits a Destino off of the top rope for a near fall before Nick breaks it up with a swanton bomb off of the top rope. The Bucks send Naito out of the ring, then hit a double 450 splash on BUSHI for a near fall before hitting the Meltzer Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Young Bucks via pinfall

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Adam Cole

They lock up for a clean break before Tana plays air guitar, then they exchange wrist locks before grabbing each others hair, then Cole backs Tana into a corner before playing to the crowd. Tana puts Adam in a octopus hold, then Cole hits an enzuigiri that sends Tana out of the ring. Cole sends Tana into the railing repeatedly, then Cole stomps on Tana and chokes him in the corner once they're back in the ring. Cole hits a float over suplex for a quick two count, then Cole runs the ropes before mocking Tana and putting him in a rear chin lock. Tana comes back with a shoulder block, then hits an elbow drop into a flipping senton for a quick two count of his own. Cole hits an ushigaroshi for a near fall, then Tana misses a swanton bomb before Coke counters for another near fall. Cole kicks the knee out from under Tana, then spits on him before playing to the crowd, only for Tana to hit a straight jacket German suplex with a bridge for a near fall. They exchange forearms, then Cole hits an enzuigiri before Tana hits a shotei, then Tana hits a neckbreaker and a sling blade for a near fall. Tana goes for a High Fly Flow, but Cole gets his knees up, then hits an ushigaroshi for a near fall before Cole hits a High Fly Flow of his own for another near fall. Tana misses another High Fly Flow and Cole hits a shining wizard before Tana counters the Last Shot, Tana finally landing the High Fly Flow for the pin and the win.

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi via pinfall

-After the match the Bucks come out and Kenny Omega appears on screen and tells the Bucks about how Cole tried to fire them a few weeks ago and that there has to be a villain. They then proceed to fire Adam Cole from the Bullet Club and we see that Marty Scurll is now the latest member of the group when he pulls out a Bullet Club umbrella. The Bucks then superkick Cole as Marty takes his jacket off and unveils a Bullet Club t-shirt.

Christopher Daniels vs Cody Rhodes vs Jay Lethal ROH World Championship Match

Lethal dives out onto Cody before diving out again onto Daniels and Cody, then Lethal hits a cart wheel dropkick that sends Cody out of the ring. Daniels and Jay tease their finishers before exchanging strikes until Cody dropkicks them both. Cody puts Daniels in a figure four, but he's quick to get to the ropes, then Cody sends Jay into the ring post before Daniels sends him into the barricade. Daniels hits a slingshot leg drop, then a suplex before he hits a springboard moonsault for a quick two count. Lethal and Daniels double team Cody before sending him out of the ring, then hits a slingshot moonsault for a quick two count on Daniels. Cody hits the Beautiful Disaster for a series of two counts, then beats on Daniels in mount before the referee pulls him off. Cody sets up a table at ringside, then Lethal and Daniels suplex him from the apron to the mat before Jay drops Cody with a clothesline. Daniels takes out both Cody and Lethal before hitting Cody with an STO and Lethal with a blue thunder bomb before hitting a moonsault that takes both of them out at ringside.Cody sends Daniels out of the ring, then he and Jay exchange strikes before Cody misses a moonsault. They hit a tower of doom spot, then Cody hits the Cross Rhodes for a near fall that Cody breaks up his own before Lethal elbow drops Daniels. Cody sends Daniels through the table, then Lethal rolls him up for a near fall before Cody backs Lethal into the referee, following up with a low blow. Lethal comes back with a Lethal Injection for a near fall, then Cody hits another Cross Rhodes for a very close near fall. Cody then locks in a figure four before Daniels hits a moonsault out of no where for the pin and the win on Cody.

Winner: Christopher Daniels via pinfall

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