Ring of Honor Wrestling Episode 332 Results The Addiction vs BULLET CLUB, Coast to Coast vs War Machine, Punishment Martinez in Action & More!

Punishment Martinez vs Dobbs

Martinez boots Dobbs across the ring before the match starts, then clotheslines him in the corner before dropping him with a forearm, Dobbs slapping Martinez before dropkicking him. Martinez then turns Dobbs inside out with a spinning roundhouse before hitting a roundhouse kick and South of Heaven for the pin and the win.

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Winner: Punishment Martinez defeats Dobbs via pinfall with South of Heaven

-After the match Dalton Castle comes out and suplexes Martinez out of the ring before Martinez leaves as we go to commercial. 

Coast to Coast vs War Machine

Ali hits a tope to the outside and takes out both Hanson and Rowe before he and LSG take them both out once they're in the ring. WM come back and Rowe uses Hanson as a weapon before they double team Ali and Hanson rubs his beard all over Ali's face. Hanson tags Rowe in and Rowe suplexes Hanson onto Ali before Rowe goes over and attacks LSG and knocks him off of the apron. Ali counters a back suplex before knocking Hanson off of the apron and dropkicking Rowe before tagging LSG in. LSG hits a 450 splash to Rowe for a near fall that Hanson breaks up before Ali hits a spinning uranage and Hanson drops him with a hand spring back elbow as we go to commercial.

Rowe catches LSG before WM hit a diving clothesline German suplex combination for a near fall, then hit a series of gutbusters and backbreakers until Hanson hits a splash off of the top for another near fall. LSG tags Ali in before Hanson hits his endless clotheslines in the corner until C2C come back with a series of double team moves and Ali manages to beat Rowe down until Hanson comes in and they hit a pop-up powerslam for a near fall. C2C hit their namesake finisher Coast to Coast for a very close near fall before WM come back and hit Fallout for a very close near fall of their own. Rowe then drops Ali with a running knee before Ali rolls Rowe up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Coast to Coast defeat War Machine via pinfall when Ali rolls Rowe up.

-Bully Ray comes out to the ring and talks about his time in Ring of Honor before Jay Lethal comes out and tells Bully how much he has helped him and the roster before Bully leaves his boots in the ring as we go to commercial.

-We get a recap of the Women of Honor before The Addiction comes out to the ring.

The Addiction vs BULLET CLUB

Scorpio starts the match off with Marty with Marty in control early and playing to the crowd until Scorpio tags Daniels in.Daniels says he wants Cody in and Marty gives him his wish, tagging in Cody and the two exchange hammerlocks and strikes until Daniels counters an early Cross Rhodes. Cody counters the Angels Wings and drops Daniels before getting a quick two count off of a lax cover and mocking Daniels before Kaz attacks Cody from behind. Adam comes in and brawls with Kaz before they clothesline each other over the top rope and brawl at ringside. Everyone gets out of the ring and BULLET CLUB beat on The Addiction until Cody hits a tope over the top and takes everyone out at ringside. Cody rolls Daniels back into the ring and BULLET CLUB gang up on him and each hit a running forearm in the corner before playing to the crowd as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial to Cody trying to fight his way out of the corner and powerslam Kaz before finally tagging Adam in, Adam turning Scorpio inside out with a clothesline before hitting a tope through the ropes and taking out Daniels at ringside by tossing him repeatedly into the railing. Adam superkicks Kaz when he tries to interfere before getting back in the ring and kicking Scorpio out of midair and powerbombing him for a near fall. Adam hits a dropkick to Daniels before hitting a standing moonsault to Scorpio for a near fall, then The Addiction come back with a triple team move for a very close near fall. Cody and Marty double team Scorpio before Marty goes for the Cross Face Chicken Wing, but Daniels stops him and sends him out of the ring before hitting an Asai moonsault to the outside. Everyone hits a move to the outside before Adam rolls Scorpio back into the ring only for The Addiction to hit a triple team move for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Addiction defeat BULLET CLUB via pinfall when Kaz hits a backstabber and Scorpio hits a jumping knee.

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