Good evening Fight Fans! We hope your day has been a great one and that you're ready for the weekend with Ring of Honor Wrestling's annual event Best in the World!


Flip Gordon vs Rush

Rush kicks away Flip's hand when he tries to shake hands before Rush repeatedly shoves Flip away when he goes for a waist lock. Flip chops Rush repeatedly and he just smiles and fixes his hair before Flip slaps him in the face and Rush tosses Flip to the mat before sending him out of the ring. Rush hits a running forearm that knocks Flip off of the apron before tossing him into the barricade and eventually into the front row. Rush tosses Flip back into the ring and chops him in the corner before hitting a snapmare into a dropkick to the back of the neck of Flip. Rush does push ups and chops him more before Flip catches Rush coming in and hits an enzuigiri before hitting a springboard dropkick.

Flip hits a running clothesline into the corner before Rush grabs him and hits a uranage before he kicks Flip in the face and does the Los Ingobernables pose in the center of the ring. They exchange forearms until Flip hits a Pele kick into a roundhouse kick and hits Rush with forearms, Rush telling him to bring it before the referee pulls him away and Rush collapses to the mat. Flip hits a knee and a falcon arrow for a near fall before Flip hits a springboard spear for a near fall of his own. Flip hits a bicycle knee before Rush drops him with a clothesline and they chop each other in the corner before Rush stomps Flip in the corner. Flip gets several near falls before tossing Rush out onto the apron, Rush catching Flip when he goes for a suicide dive and tossing him into the barricade before throwing a trash can full of streams at him.

Back in the ring Rush gets several near falls before Rush nearly launches Flip out of the ring with a running shotgun dropkick in the corner for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rush defeats Flip Gordon via pinfall with a running shotgun dropkick in the corner.

-The NWA World Heavyweight champion Nick Aldis comes out to the ring to address the match that he was supposed to have with Colt Cabana against the Briscoes. Nick wishes Colt well before James Storm interrupts him and mocks him before saying that he's beat both Nick and Colt before talking about his twenty years in the business. James gets into the ring and squares off with Nick before Nick introduces his tag team partner Eli Drake. Eli comes out to the ring and confirms that he is the newest acquisition of NWA before leaving. We end the pre-show with a video package for Dalton Castle's match against the former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight champion Dragon Lee.