Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents Final Battle 2017 Results

ROH World Television Championship Four Corner Elimination Match

Kenny starts off the match with Silas, taking control eearly before Silas tags Martinez in. They counter each other before Martinez drops Kenny with a right hand and a headbutt, then Shane tags himself in and clotheslines Martinez over the top rope. Silas tags in once Martinez gets out of the ring. Kenny hits a twisting corkscrew senton over the top rope and takes everyone out at ringside before Martinez hits a flipping senton that does the same, Martinez landing on his feet however. Kenny catches Martinez on the top before Martinez pushes him away and hits a spinning wheel kick.

Everyone hits a move before they all four get back to their feet and exchange strikes. Kenny hits a springboard blockbuster that sends Martinez out of the ring before Shane hits a DVD into the corner and a splash off of the second turnbuckle for a near fall. Kenny hits the Royal Flush before Martinez hits a springboard corkscrew leg drop and pins Shane and eliminates him. Silas and Kenny take Martinez out and sends him out of the ring before Silas hits a running splash off of the apron. Kenny and Silas double team Martinez before hitting a blockbuster powerbomb to the floor.

They get back in the ring and Kenny hits the Royal Flush to Martinez before Silas knocks Kenny out with a beer bottle and eliminates him when Beer City Bruiser distracts the referee. Martinez hits a roundhouse kick into a chokeslam for a near fall that BCB breaks up by pulling Silas out of the ring. Martinez hits a tope to the outside before Silas sends him into the railing and knees him repeatedly in his injured ribs. They then get back in the ring and Silas hits Misery for the pin and the win.

Winner: Silas Young defeats Punishment Martinez via pinfall with Misery to become the new Ring of Honor Television champion.

New York City Tag Team Street Fight Match

The Briscoes vs Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer

They brawl at ringside to start the match before they get back in the ring and Tommy hits a running cross body and a blockbuster back out of the ring. Bully hits a running cross body off of the apron before Tommy and Mark get back into the ring. The Briscoes double team Tommy before Jay hits a tope to the outside onto Bully, then Mark and Jay put chairs into the ring. The Briscoes beat on Ray and Dreamer in opposite corners before everyone grabs a chair and duel with them. They duel with kendo sticks and light sabers before the Briscoes dropkick a table into Bully and Tommy before Mark hits a blockbuster off of the apron and onto Tommy onto a ladder.

Jay and Bully counter each other until they lay each other out with chairs, then Bully and Tommy hit a 3D onto a table that hasn't been set up. Tommy sends Mark through a table at ringside before Bully hits a splash onto Jay through a table for a near fall before Bully lights a table on fire. The Briscoes then hit a cutter onto a table that collapses before Mark hits a Froggy Bow through the table for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Briscoes via pinfall

-We get an announcement where we are told that Women of Honor will crown their first champion next year.