Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents Final Battle 2020 Results RUSH & Gresham Retain

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for Ring of Honor Wrestling's final event of the year with Final Battle!


WWE RAW Results & Live Coverage for 9/27/21 Extreme Rules Fallout, WWE Championship Match

We're told about Flamita, Bandido, Kenny King and EC3 not on tonight's show due to possible covid exposure before Ian, Caprice and Dalton Castle break down tonight's card.

ROH Television Championship Four Corners Survival Number One Contender Match 

Dak Draper vs Tony Deppen vs LSG vs Josh Woods

Dak tosses Tony out of the ring before starting the match with Josh by grappling on the mat before exchanging a series of standing switches and Dak locks in a standing side headlock. LSG tags himself in and counters a Doctor Bomb before Tony tags himself in and LSG and Tony run the ropes until LSG dropkicks Tony. LSG sends Tony through the ropes and hits a wrecking ball dropkick before Josh and Dak grapple and Josh gets a series of two counts. Dak drops Tony with a right hand when he comes in and boots Tony out of the air when he goes for a springboard for one. Dak hits a delayed suplex for two before Tony counters the Magnum KO and Dak locks in a gut wrench stretch before hitting a delayed superplex for a near fall that Josh breaks up.

Dak sends Josh back out of the ring before missing a running knee drop and LSG comes in and rocks Dak with strikes and follows up with Rocket Bye Baby into a springboard cross body for a near fall. Everyone hits a move before it's Dak and LSG in the ring and they hit a tower of doom when Josh comes back in before Josh and Dak exchange strikes until Dak hits a Doctor Bomb for a near fall. Josh then locks in a triangle choke before transitioning into a knee bar and Josh and Dak are sent out of the ring before Tony comes in and rolls LSG up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tony Deppen defeats LSG, Josh Woods and Dak Draper via pinfall to earn a shot at Dragon Lee's ROH Television Championship.

- We get a video package promo for our main event later tonight between the ROH World champion RUSH and the challenger for his title Brody King.

- Backstage Tony is interviewed about his winning the number one contendership for the ROH Television Championship.

- We get a video package promo by Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham where Jon will be defending both his PURE and the ROH World Tag Team titles, Jay talking about his experience of having to defend two titles in one night in his career.

- Backstage Shane Taylor and S.O.S. are backstage where it's announced that Shane and S.O.S. will become the new ROH Six-Man Tag Team champions by forfeit. Shane then says that they're going to make history when they win and that they're not a charity and to keep the belts until MexiSquad are able to defend them.

- Brian Johnson is interviewed backstage where he says that he's going to make an example of Danhausen in their match up next where Danhausen will get an Ring of Honor contract if he wins.

- We get a video package for the bitter rivalry between The Righteous and The Kingdom ahead of Vincent and Bateman taking on the revived Kingdom as OGK; Matt Taven and Mike Bennett.

- Backstage Jay Briscoe is interviewed about how his match against EC3 was called off where he says that he has real business to take care of. Jay tries to team with Mark, but Mark tells Jay that he already has a partner before Shane shows up and they agree to a match.

- We get a series of graphics for the PURE Division's tag team match rules before we get a video package for Fred Yehi and Wheeler Yuta and The Foundation.

Wheeler Yuta & Fred Yehi vs The Foundation (Rhett Titus & Tracy Williams)

The four shake hands before the match before Fred and Tracy start things off by exchanging wrist locks and arm wringers before Tracy tags Rhett in. Fred and Rhett exchange chops before Fred locks in a Koji Clutch and Rhett gets to the ropes to use his first rope break. Yuta comes in and has a test of strength with Rhett before hitting a leg lariat for one before The Foundation double up on Yuta. Rhett locks in a Cloverleaf and forces Yuta to use his team's first rope break before hitting a back suplex and Rhett hits a diving punch to the spine of Yuta. Rhett hits a gut wrench suplex before missing a tag to Tracy and allowing momentum to shift in the favor of Fred before Tracy uses the second rope break.

Fred hits a flat liner into a Koji clutch for a save that Tracy makes and uses up their final rope break before Fred breaks up a pin to use the second rope break for his team. Rhett dropkicks Yuta off of the top and down onto the floor before Fred tags in and brawls with Tracy until Fred counters a cross face and Tracy goes for a piledriver before Fred drives him into the corner. Tracy fights out of the corner before Fred hits a flat liner and locks in a Koji Clutch before Yuta locks in dragon sleeper to Rhett at ringside. Rhett gets free and uses Yuta's body to break up the hold before Fred hits a brain buster and Yuta and Rhett come in. Yuta gets a series of near falls before Rhett hits a spinning back suplex for a near fall before Yuta hits an enzuigiri into a bridging German suplex for a near fall.

Fred and Yuta double up on Rhett before Yuta hits a diving splash for a near fall before The Foundation double team Yuta for a near fall. Yuta counters a piledriver once before Tracy hits it on the second attempt and Fred breaks the pin attempt to use their third and final rope break. Tracy then locks in a cross face and forces Yuta to tap in the ropes for the win.

Winner: The Foundation defeat Wheeler Yuta and Fred Yehi via submission.

Main Show

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

The Foundation (Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham) (c) vs PCO & Mark Briscoe

Jay talks trash before the four men adhere to the Code of Honor before Jay and Mark kick things off with Jay locking in a hammer lock and Mark elbows him to get free. Jay takes Mark down before Mark comes back with chops and Jay rolls out of the ring, Jay upset that Mark is fighting him rather than wrestling with him. Jay gets back in and PCO comes in and threatens to break Jay's arm in half before locking in a cross armbar and Jay gets to the ropes for the break. Jay and Jon talk at ringside before Jon enters the match for the first time before PCO drops him when Jon goes for a single leg. PCO hits Jon in the throat with an open hand before hitting him with a right hand and throwing him out of the ring before Mark and PCO hit a series of topes.

Mark hits a blockbuster off of the apron before PCO and Mark beat on their opponents around ringside and Mark brings a chair into the ring. Mark hits a cannonball over the corner post and takes out Jon and Jay before PCO and Mark chop each other and PCO misses a Swanton Bomb onto the apron. Mark brings Jon into the ring and hits a suplex for two before The Foundation hit Mark with a waist lock into a dropkick and a German suplex. Jay stomps and chops Mark in the corner before Mark comes back with a back elbow and a headbutt before PCO gets the hot tag. PCO takes out both members of The Foundation before PCO punches Jon dangerously low before hitting a powerslam that Jay breaks up.

Mark hits a missile dropkick before PCO hits a moonsault to Jon for a near fall that Jay breaks up before J&J hit PCO with a flurry of kicks for a near fall. Jon and Jay hit a double powerbomb to Jay onto PCO before hitting a Doomsday Device and Jay hits a suicide dive as Jon hits a shooting star press for a near fall. PCO then sends Jay off of the apron before accidentally spearing Mark and Jon rolls him up for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Foundation retain their ROH World Tag Team titles by defeating PCO and Mark Briscoe via pinfall.

Rey Horus vs Dalton Castle

Dalton backs Rey to the ropes for a clean break before Rey gets several two counts off of quick roll ups before Rey kicks Dalton in the midsection and sends him over the top rope and down onto the floor. Dalton hits a t-bone suplex before taking him down with a waist lock and hitting a back suplex and Rey rolls out of the ring before getting back in and dropkicking Dalton off of the apron. Rey hits a flipping senton over the top rope before Dalton accidentally sends himself over the barricade and onto the floor. Back in the ring Rey hits a running clothesline into a heel cleaner for two before hitting a tornado DDT for a near fall before Dalton hits a powerslam for two. Rey then hits a Tornado Driver off of the top for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rey Horus defeats Dalton Castle via pinfall.

The Righteous vs OGK

The four brawl as soon as OGK get into the ring and OGK hit Vincent with a superkick and a spine buster before Bateman comes in and focuses on the knee of Matt. Mike comes in and chops both members of The Righteous in the corner before hitting a suplex and a spine buster. Mike gets distracted by Vita who does the splits under the bottom rope and Bateman capitalizes before chopping Mike in the throat and choking him in the corner. Vincent hits a side Russian leg sweep for two before Bateman tears at the face of Mike on the mat and Vincent locks in a standing guillotine on Mike. Mike hits a brain buster to free himself and get the hot tag to Matt who hits a dropkick into a clothesline and a spinning heel kick.

Matt hits a Russian leg sweep into a rolling neckbreaker before booting Vincent off of the apron and hitting a suicide dive before punching him at ringside. Bateman attacks Matt and brings him back inside before Matt hits a springboard dropkick into Just the Tip before Vincent chokes him when he goes to hit Bateman with The Climax. Bateman hits a rolling neckbreaker for a near fall before Vincent hits a Swanton Bomb for a near fall and Vincent and Matt brawl until they drop each other with a pump kick. Mike and Bateman come in and exchange strikes until Mike spears Bateman and OGK hit an assisted spiked piledriver for a near fall. Mike knocks Bateman off of the top and hits a Driver onto the edge of the apron before Vincent suplexes Mike onto the floor.

Back in the ring Matt hits a PK before Vincent gets his knees up when Matt goes for the Aurora Borealis before Matt counters Orange Sunshine. Matt goes for a Koji Clutch before Vincent gets to the ropes for the break before hitting a diving splash off of the top and onto the floor. OGK then hit Bateman with shining wizard/back pack stunner for the pin and the win.

Winner: OGK defeat The Righteous via pinfall.

- Vita attacks Matt and Mike after the match before Vincent hits Matt with Orange Sunshine and ties Matt to the ropes with zip ties. Vita then chokes Matt unconscious while Vincent looks on before bringing a piece of wood into the ring and smashes Mike's ankles with a chair.

Danhausen vs Brian Johnson

Danhausen immediately drops Brian with a boot for an early near fall before Brian counters a fireman's carry and chops Danhausen in the throat. Danhausen hits a flying knee off of the apron before tossing Brian back into the ring and Brian crotches him on the top turnbuckle before hitting a diving cutter for two. Brian stomps Danhausen and mocks him on the mic before demanding that the camera stay on him and hits a scoop slam into a fist drop. Danhausen comes back when Brian swears at him before Brian hits a diving clothesline and a lariat for a near fall before arguing with the referee. Danhausen hits a northern lights suplex into a rolling German suplex before hitting a running uppercut in the corner and a bridging German suplex for a near fall.

Danhausen grabs his teeth and hits a GTS for a near fall before Brian kicks the ropes when Danhausen is between the ropes. Danhausen rolls Brian up for a near fall before teeth fly out of the mouth of Danhausen and hit the referee before Danhausen fakes being hit by the mic. The referee then disqualifies Brian and declares Danhausen the winner.

Winner: Danhausen defeats Brian Johnson via disqualification and earns a Ring of Honor contract.

ROH Television Championship Match

Dragon Lee (c) vs Tony Deppen

Lee dropkicks Tony out of the ring before hitting a suicide dive and sending Tony into the barricade before hitting a diving stomp for two once they get back into the ring. Tony dropkicks Lee off of the apron and hits a flipping senton through the ropes before tossing him back into the ring and hitting a shotgun dropkick. Lee hits a running dropkick in the corner before dropping Tony with an open hand palm strike and slapping him across the back of the head. Tony comes back with a series of open hand palm strikes before rocking Lee with a jumping knee and no selling a snap German suplex. Lee hits a Canadian destroyer before the two exchange forearms until Tony trips Lee and sends him face first into the middle turnbuckle before hitting a Code Breaker for a near fall.

Lee hits a diving stomp for a near fall before setting Tony on the top turnbuckle and Tony hits a somersault neckbreaker into a V-Trigger for a near fall. Lee then hits a V-Trigger of his own before hitting a poison hurricanrana into the Dragon's Breathe into Incineration for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dragon Lee retains his ROH Television Championship by defeating Tony Deppen via pinfall.

Shane Taylor w/S.O.S.vs Jay Briscoe

Shane overpowers Jay before running him over with a shoulder block and Jay comes back with punches in the corner before Shane nearly knocks Jay out with a stiff forearm. Shane drives Jay into the barricade before Jay drops Shane with a running boot at ringside and rolls him back inside before rocking him with uppercuts in the corner. Shane nearly knocks Jay out with a pair of right hands before choking him in the ropes before coming back with jabs and a DVD as Mark comes out to ringside. Jay counters Tower City and goes for a sleeper before Shane drives him into the corner and Jay jumps on his back and deepens the sleeper. Jay sends Shane down onto the mat and chokes Shane before Shane gets to the ropes for the break before Shane counters a Jay Driller.

Jay then clotheslines Shane for two before hitting a neckbreaker for two before Shane headbutts Jay and hits the Marcus Garvey Driver into Welcome to the Land for the pin and the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor defeats Jay Briscoe via pinfall.

- Shane shakes hands with Jay and Mark after the match before he and S.O.S. leave.

ROH PURE Championship Match

Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Flip Gordon

Flip backs Jon into the ropes before he turns out and breaks it without the ropes before they exchange hammer locks and Flip gets to the ropes for the break. Jon takes Flip down and Flip rolls him back for two before Jon controls Flip on the mat and Flip gets to the ropes to use his second rope break. Flip pins the shoulders of Jon down onto the mat for several two counts before Jon takes him down and kicks his arm. Jon hits an arm drag and stomps the arm of Flip before focusing on joint manipulation and getting several two counts off of a crucifix. Flip and Jon exchange before Jon takes Flip down and locks in a short arm scissors and twisting the ankle of Flip.

Flip backs Jon into the corner before Flip accidentally uses his third and final rope break before chopping Jon across the chest. Flip gets two off of a crucifix before hitting an enzuigiri and the two exchange chops and run the ropes before Flip rolls Jon up. Flip lands on his feet when Jon hits a hurricanrana before superkicking Jon who uses his first rope break and Flip stomps him in the corner. Flip sets Jon on the second rope before Jon shoves Flip off of the top and grabs his knee before the referee checks on Jon. Flip immediately focuses on the now injured knee of Jon until they exchange strikes and counter each other's suplex attempts.

Flip drops Jon when he kicks his leg and hits a fisherman's suplex for two before locking in a half crab and Jon sweeps him. Jon kicks the elbow of Flip before falling onto the mat and Flip hits a dragon screw into an STF before Jon gets to the ropes for the break. After Jon uses up his second rope break he counters a suplex attempt and Flip rocks him with an enzuigiri before Jon counters a sunset bomb and Flip hits a falcon arrow for a near fall. Flip locks in another STF before Jon elbows Flip and gets to the ropes for his third and final rope break. Jon focuses on the arm of Flip before Flip rocks Jon with a closed fist and the two exchange before Flip locks in a kneebar before transitioning into a half crab.

Flip reapplies the STF before they spill through the ropes and down onto the floor before Flip rolls Jon back in and Jon kicks the arm of Flip. Jon then hits a hammer lock back suplex for a near fall before hitting Flip with a flurry until the referee calls for the bell when Flip is unconscious.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham retains his ROH PURE Championship by defeating Flip Gordon via referee stoppage.

ROH World Championship Match

RUSH (c) vs Brody King

RUSH immediately beats Brody down before Brody sends him across the ring and RUSH and Brody send each other out of the ring with a forearm. Brody hits a suicide dive before throwing RUSH into the barricade and brutalizing the champion at ringside before sending him into the post. Brody slams RUSH onto chairs at ringside and hits a running senton onto RUSH onto the chairs before smashing his face into a table and rolling him back inside. Brody gets two back in the ring before choking RUSH in the corner and hitting a cannonball for two, RUSH grabbing the bottom rope for the break before RUSH hits a snap German suplex into a knee. RUSH sends Brody out of the ring and hits a flipping senton over the top rope before sending Brody into the barricade and opening the barricade.

RUSH slams the door of the barricade into Brody before chopping him and sending into the barricade before choking him with cables. RUSH whips Brody with the cables and chokes him before chopping him and tossing Brody back into the ring before playing to no crowd. RUSH locks in a triangle choke in the ropes before Brody comes back with open hand chops RUSH sweeps him before stomping him in the corner. RUSH teases The Horns and kicks Brody in the face before posing and hitting an overhead belly to back suplex for two. RUSH sends Brody out onto the apron before crotching Brody on the top turnbuckle before hitting a superplex for a near fall.

Brody comes back with a black hole slam for a near fall before chopping RUSH in the corner and mocking him. The two exchange strikes until RUSH stomps Brody in the corner and Brody spears him when RUSH teases The Bulls Horns. Dragon Lee then comes out and distracts the referee before their father La Bestia del Ring hits Brody with a chair and RUSH pins Brody with The Bulls Horns for the win.

Winner: RUSH retains his ROH World Championship by defeating Brody King via pinfall.

- After the match The Foundation come out onto the stage and have a stand off with Los Ingobernables in the ring as we go off the air.

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