Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents Final Battle Results

WOH Championship Four Corners Survival Match

Sumie Sakai (c) vs Kelly Klein vs Madison Rayne vs Karen Q

Kelly goes after Madison as Sumie and Karen go at it in opposite corners before Madison gets a quick two count off of a roll up on Karen. Madison and Sumie hit dueling moves to the outside before they get back in the ring and square off, the two locking up before Sumie hits Madison with Mongolian chops. Madison hits a diving cross body for a quick two count before Sumie locks in a cross face chicken wing and Karen locks in a Boston crab on both Sumie and Madison. Kelly tosses Sumie out of the ring before she and Karen double up on Madison before they start arguing and Karen inadvertently hits Kelly, knocking her out of the ring. Madison comes back with a crucifix slam before they hit a tower of doom and Sumie hits a shotgun missile dropkick for a quick two count.

Kelly hits a fall away slam they sends Sumie out of the ring before Karen hits a full nelson slam for a two count and Kelly hits Karen with K Power for the pin and the first elimination. Madison hits a tornado DDT to Kelly for a near fall before hitting Sumie with a cutter for another near fall. Madison hits a sit-out jawbreaker for a near fall before Sumie hits Madison with Smashmouse and Kelly pins her for the elimination. Kelly and Sumie exchange strikes until Sumie hip tosses Kelly and goes for an armbar before Kelly powers out of a triangle choke and gets to the ropes when Sumie goes for an armbar. Sumie hits Smashmouse for a very close near fall before Kelly counters a huricanrrana into a powerbomb for a near fall.

Kelly then hits K Power for a near fall before hitting an avalanche K Power for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kelly Klein defeats Sumie Sakai Madison Rayne and Karen Q to become the new champion when she eliminates Sumie with an avalanche K Power.

Zack Sabre Jr. vs Jonathan Gresham

They start the match off by grappling before getting into a shoving match and Jon locks in a heel hook before ZSJ gets free and locks in a cravat before getting to his feet and releasing it. ZSJ puts Jon in a head scissor before Jon traps ZSJ's leg and they slap each other, Jon getting a very quick two count before ZSJ rocks him with several European uppercuts. Jon dropkicks ZSJ and stomps on his foot before taking him down with a side headlock and pinning his shoulders down for a quick two count. Zack kicks the arm of Jon and hits him with European uppercuts before taking him down and stomping his arm. Jon hits an enzuigiri into a bridging German suplex for a near fall before locking in a single leg Boston crab.

ZSJ transitions into a triangle choke that nearly chokes Jon out before spinning out and locks in an octopus stretch. They then counter each other's submission attempts until ZSJ hits a PK for a near fall before they counter each other until ZSJ wins with a pharaoh pin.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr. defeats Jonathan Gresham via pinfall.

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