Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents Final Battle Results

-After the match Bully Ray shows up out of nowhere and low blows Daniels when he's celebrating his career with the fans.

I Quit Match

Bully Ray vs Flip Gordon

Flip hits a springboard flying forearm as soon as the match starts before superkicking Ray and spearing him before Ray rolls out of the ring and beats on him at ringside. Flip tosses a chair to Ray and kicks it in Ray's face before sending him into the railing and hitting a running flying forearm. Ray comes back and rakes the eyes of Flip before wearing a trash can out on him and gets a table out from under the ring. Ray boots Flip before Flip counters a powerbomb into a superkick and gets a table of his own and puts it into the ring. Flip sets the table up in the ring before Ray hits a back drop that sends Flip over the top rope and down onto the floor before hitting Flip with a chain.

Ray gets into a fight with Cary Silkin before he pushes Bobby Cruz and the referee yells at him before Ray shoves him to the ground. Ray gets a kendo stick and points it at Cary before Daniels saves Cary and Flip hits a slingshot cross body over the top rope. Ray sends Flip over the table at ringside before he grabs Flip's girlfriend and starts to powerbomb her through the table. Ray demands that Flip get on his knees before Cary hits Ray with the kendo stick. Flip's girlfriend low blows Ray before they kiss and Flip rolls Ray back into the ring before hitting him with the kendo stick with the United States flag on it off of the top rope.

Flip chokes Ray with the stick before Silas Young saves him and hits Flip with Misery. Silas douses the table in lighter fluid before Cheeseburger gets hit with Misery and Colt Cabana leaves the broadcast position and lays Silas and Ray out with a chair. Silas low blows Colt and Ray tosses him out of the ring before Silas starts to light the table and the lights go out before Sandman appears in the ring and sends Silas out of the ring with a kendo stick of his own. Flip then superkicks Ray before hitting a springboard Star Spangled Stunner and hits Ray with two kendo sticks at the same time until he quits for the win.

Winner: Flip Gordon defeats Bully Ray when Ray says I Quit.

ROH World Championship Match ​​​​​​

Jay Lethal (c) vs Cody

Cody and Jay exchange words on the mic before the match and grapple before Cody fakes an injury before dropping Jay with a thrusting strike to the throat. Cody plays to the crowd before Jay dropkicks him off of the apron and chops him at ringside before slamming him onto the ground. Jay rolls Cody back into the ring and whips him into the corner before hitting a running chop and a float over suplex for a quick two count. Jay hits a cartwheel dropkick for a quick two count and chops Cody in the corner before hitting a running forearm in the corner. Cody counters the Lethal Combination into a powerslam for a one count before mocking Jay and doing push-ups.

Cody hits a delayed suplex before missing the Disaster Kick, Jay chop blocking him before starting to focus on the leg and knee of Cody. Jay slams the knee of Cody into the ring post repeatedly before trapping it and hitting a running dropkick. They get back into the ring where Jay kicks the knee of Cody and stomps on it for a quick two count. Jay drops Cody with a right hand for a quick two count and keeps focused on the injured left knee of Cody until Jay almost superkicks the referee and Brandi spears Jay before Cody hits Cross Rhodes for a very close near fall. They counter each other until Jay dropkicks the knee of Cody and mocks Cody by going for Cody's brothers move shattered dreams.

Jay jumps over top Brandi when she goes to spear him and spears Cody before Cody pushes Brandi in the way and Jay hits the Lethal Injection. Cody hits Cross Rhodes for a near fall before locking in a figure four before Hangman Page rings the bell and hands Cody his belt. The referee takes the belt from Cody before Jay hits Cody with a cross rhodes for yet another near fall before Cody gets his knees up when Jay goes for Hail to the King. Cody hits Jay with a bionic elbow before Jay sends him to the outside and Jay hits six suicide dives rather than his usual three. Cody then hits Jay with a reverse double underhook piledriver for a near fall before Cody bumps the referee and Jay hits Cody in the knee with the belt before flipping him off and superkicking him repeatedly.

Jay then hits the Lethal Injection and several more superkicks before locking in a figure four and Cody is forced to tap for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal retains his ROH World Championship by defeating Cody via submission with a figure four leg lock.

-After the match Marty Scurll comes out before the NWA champion Nick Aldis comes out and leaves before Marty tosses Jay his belt and leaves.

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