Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents Final Battle Results

ROH World Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder War Match

SoCal Uncensored (c) vs The Briscoes vs The Young Bucks

The Briscoes start throwing chairs in the ring and let SCU and the Bucks brawl before each member of the Bucks and SCU hit a move to the outside. The Briscoes set up a table at ringside before Matt hits a twisting cutter off of the apron and The Briscoes double team Matt with a chair. Jay hits a diving stomp through the table as Mark throws a chair at Matt and Kaz and hits them with a trash can. Mark brings a ladder into the ring and spins it around on his head while hitting everyone with it until the Bucks superkick him. Jay tosses Nick out of the ring before Matt powerbombs Jay onto the ladder and hits Sky with an inverted code red before the Bucks hit dueling suicide dives.

SCU hit Naito's sweeping leg drop before the Bucks and SCU stop each other from climbing the ladder. Kaz hits a springboard code breaker before Jay drops Kaz ankle first onto the ladder and Mark drops Sky with a chair when he throws it at his face. Sky sends Jay into a chair in the corner before Sky hits a flipping senton to the outside and Nick hits a corkscrew moonsault to the outside. Jay hits a DVD to Matt over the top rope and through the table at ringside before Jay grabs a staple gun, but gets low blowed by Kaz. MCU hits a cutter through a table at ringside before Matt grabs a sledgehammer and Jay tells him to hit him before he tosses it away and superkicks him out of the ring.

The Bucks hit a pop-up spear before Sky hits a huricanrrana to Nick onto the ladder and Matt catapults the ladder into the face of Sky. Matt climbs the ladder before Jay hits him with a chair and drops him onto it before Nick hits a sit-out facebuster and Jay slams Sky down before everyone hits a move. The Briscoes counter The Meltzer Driver and Jay hits Matt with the Jay Driller before Kaz counters the Redneck Boogie into a Styles Clash onto a chair. Kaz knocks Mark off of one ladder and nearly through another before Jay sends Nick off of another ladder and to the floor. Jay then knocks Kaz off of the ladder before grabbing the belts for the win.

Winner: The Briscoes defeat SoCal Uncensored and The Young Bucks to become the new ROH World Tag Team champions when they win Ladder War.

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