Ring of Honor Wrestling Television Episode 358 Results ROH Six-Man Tag Team Title Match, Jonathan Gresham vs KUSHIDA

Jonathan Gresham vs KUSHIDA

They go back and forth to start the match before KUSHIDA locks in a cross-face, but Gresham is quick to get out of it. They get to their feet and exchange strikes until KUSHIDA hits a stiff forearm that rocks Gresham before Gresham hits KUSHIDA with an enzuigiri. Gresham hits a German suplex for a quick two count before KUSHIDA locks in the Hoverboard Lock. Gresham then gets to the ropes for the break before KUSHIDA hits Back to the Future for the pin and the win.

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Winner: KUSHIDA defeats Jonathan Gresham via pinfall with Back to the Future.

Jenny Rose & Mayu Iwatani vs Odeo Tai

Rose and Kagetsu lock up to start the match before Rose puts Kagetsu in a headlock, then drops her with a shoulder block. Kagetsu comes back with a series of strikes before distracting the referee and allowing Kimura to attack Rose and Mayu with the Odeo Tai sign. Kagetsu distracts the referee while Kimura strikes Rose and Mayu with the Odeo Tai for a quick two count on Rose. Odeo then double team Rose for a near fall that Mayu breaks up before Kagetsu hits Rose with a falcon arrow for the pin and the win.

Winner: Odeo Tai defeat Mandy Rose and Mayu Iwatani when Kagetsu hits Mandy with a falcon arrow.

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Title Match

The Kingdom (c) vs Kenny King, Eli Isom & Chuckie-T

The two sides brawl to start the match before Isom and Taven exchange strikes, then Eli hits a fall away slam to Matt before Isom goes to the second turnbuckle. Matt catches Eli up top when Vinny pops a balloon and distracts Eli. The Kingdom go for Rockstar Supernova, but Chuck and Kenny drag them out of the ring before King and Vinny and TK and Chuck exchange strikes at ringside. Taven then blocks a huricanrrana by Eli before the rest of The Kingdom come back in and they hit Eli with Rockstar Supernova for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Kingdom retain their ROH Six-Man Tag Team titles by defeating Kenny King, Eli Isom and Chuckie-T via pinfall when The Kingdom hit Eli with Rockstar Supernova. 

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