Ring of Honor Wrestling Television Results for 10/4/19 Episode #420 Global Wars Espectacular

Bárbaro Cavernario vs RUSH

Rush kicks Cavernario away when he goes for a hand shake before Cavernario tries to knock RUSH over and they run the ropes until they exchange arm drags and mirror a dropkick. RUSH hits a running splash in the corner and a rebound snap German suplex for a two count before chopping Cavernario in the corner and hitting a snap mare into a dropkick to the back of the head. Cavernario comes back with right hands for the moment, but RUSH beats him down before he runs out of the corner and drops RUSH when he goes for the Bulls Horns. Cavernario hits a springboard splash for a two count and a huricanrrana that sends RUSH out of the ring before hitting a triangle springboard cross body to the outside onto RUSH. Cavernario then hits a cannonball through the middle and bottom turnbuckle and onto RUSH as we go to commercial.

Cavernario nearly knocks RUSH out with a headbutt and goes for another splash, but RUSH gets his knees up and sends Cavernario out of the ring hits a flipping senton over the top rope, RUSH landing on his feet. RUSH does the tranquilo pose and whips Cavernario into the railing before he tosses him back into the ring and hits an overhead belly to back suplex in the corner. RUSH then finishes with the Bulls Horns for the pin and the win.

Winner:RUSH defeats Bárbaro Cavernario via pinfall with the Bulls Horns.

-We get a shot of the number one contender tournament that culminates at Final Battle as well as two matches at Glory by Honor before we have a video package for Dalton Castle and Marty Scurll where the two talk about how important it is to become the Ring of Honor World champion, Marty even teasing that he may retire if he doesn't become champion ahead of Dalton's match against PCO and Marty's against Jay Lethal as we go to commercial.

-We get highlights of a six-man tag match from Global Wars between Jeff Cobb, Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham against Stuka Jr., Triton and Caristico in which Team ROH won as we go to commercial.

-A ROH World Championship match between RUSH and Jeff Cobb is announced for Honor United before we get highlights of another match from Global Wars between Team CMLL and Villain Enterprises.

Volador Jr., Stuka Jr. and Caristico vs Rey Bucanero, Okumura and Hechicero.

Hechi and Stuka kick off the match by dropping each other before Hechi repeatedly tries for a pump handle that he turns into a submission and hits a double leg. Stuka hits a head scissor and Hechi hits him with punches and chops into a flap jack and Stuka hits a huricanrrana and tags in Volador as Rey gets the tag on the opposite side. They run the ropes until Volador hits a huricanrrana that sends Rey out of the ring and Caristico and Okumura come in, the two exchanging chops until Okumura drops Caristico as we go to commercial.

Caristico hits a huricanrrana that sends Okumura out of the ring before Stuka and Hechi expose their chests and exchange chops until Hechi hits a shotgun dropkick. Hechi locks in a surf board stretch before Volador, Rey and Hechi triple team Volador Stuka, Okumura getting a two count that Caristico breaks up before Stuka hits a monkey flip to Okumura and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to the other two. The tecnicos then clear the ring and hit triple topes to the outside before Hechi drops Caristico and plays to the crowd as we go to commercial.

Caristico hits everyone on the other team with a huricanrrana before he and Stuka set their opponents up in the corner and Caristico catapults Stuka into them in the corner for a near fall. Hechi chokes Stuka before Stuka hits a diving splash for a near fall that Okumura and Rey break up, the tecnicos clearing the ring again before Caristico hits a suicide dive and Stuka hits an Asai moonsault. In the ring Hechi man handles Volador before he makes the mistake of setting him on the top turnbuckle and Volador hits a springboard frankensteiner he calls the Volador Special for the pin and the win.

Winner: Volador Jr., Caristico and Stuka Jr. defeat Hechicero, Okumura and Rey Bucanero via pinfall when Volador pins Hechicero with the Volador Special.

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