Ring of Honor Wrestling Television Results for 1/18/19 Episode #383

Facade vs Eli Isom

They lock up before Eli takes Facade down and Facade counters into a head scissor verkre they run the ropes and Eli drops Facade. Facade hits a single leg drop and rolls Eli up for a two count before hitting a springboard roundhouse kick for a near fall. Eli comes back with a step up enzuigiri and an overhead belly to back suplex before hitting a suicide dive as we go to commercial.

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Facade is in control as we come back to the action before hitting a springboard shooting star press and rocks Eli with a roundhouse kick before hitting a burning hammer. Facade hits a running springboard dropkick for a near fall before Eli turns him inside out with a lariat and hits a brainbuster for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eli Isom defeats Facade via pinfall with a brainbuster.

-We get a recap of Villain Enterprises from last week.

TK O'Ryan vs Rush

They grapple to kick off the match before Rush plays to the crowd and they German suplex each other before hurrying to their feet. Rush and TK exchange right hands before TK drops Rush with a boot and sends him into the railing. TK rolls Rush back into the ring and Rush rocks him with a superkick before dropping him with a back elbow as we go to commercial.

Rush and TK exchange chops in the corner before Rush stomps TK and does the tranquilo pose that Naito borrowed from him. TK powerbombs Rush for a two count before Rush suplexes him into the corner and hits a running splash before TK hits a spine buster for a near fall. Rush then hits a superplex and a running splash before hitting a running basement dropkick in the corner for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rush defeats TK O'Ryan via pinfall with a running basement dropkick in the corner.

No Disqualification Match

Silas Young vs Beer City Bruiser

They brawl to start the match before BCB clotheslines Silas over the top rope and they spill onto the floor before Silas shoves BCB into the ring post. Back in the ring Silas sends BCB throat first into the top rope and Silas hits an enzuigiri before BCB powers out of a DVD and hits a cannonball off of the apron as we go to commercial.

We come back to BCB in the ring after having set a table up at ringside during the break before Silas hits a draping, spinning neckbreaker. Silas puts a table in the ring and sets it up in the corner before wedging a chair in the opposite corner. BCB hits a cannonball into Silas and through the table for a near fall before BCB goes head first into the chair in the corner and topples through the ropes and out of the ring. BCB suplexes Silas onto the floor and lies him on two chairs set up together before he takes too long and Silas catches him up top. BCB then hits a move off of the top before slamming Silas onto a chair in the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back to Silas on the chairs in the ring before he hops up and sends BCB off of the top and through the chairs for a near fall. Silas ties BCB to the ropes and hits him with a chair repeatedly before Brian Milonas saves BCB and cuts him free before Silas pushes Brian off of the top turnbuckle and through a table at ringside. BCB drops Silas with a lariat before lying a chair on him and hits a twisting elbow drop for a near fall before hitting Silas with a beer keg. BCB then lies Silas on a table before he moves and BCB goes through it before Silas hits Misery onto a chair adjacent to the beer cage for the pin and the win.

Winner: Silas Young defeats Beer City Bruiser via pinfall with Misery.

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