Ring of Honor Wrestling Television Results for 4/14/19 Episode #394 Jonathan Gresham & Silas Young

Dalton Castle & The Boys vs Local Talent 

Clark backs Boy #1 into the corner and Dalton comes in and takes Clark down. Clark and Alex hit Dalton with a flap jack on Castle. Alex and Karl doubles up on one of the Boys until Dalton sends Alex out of the ring. Dalton and Karl exchange chops before Dalton clotheslines him and before Clark sends him out of the ring. Dalton then pulls Clark out of the ring and the Boys switch places before the fresher Boy rolls up Karl for the pin and the win.

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Winner: Dalton Castle and The Boys defeat local performers via pinfall.

The Bouncers vs Voros Brothers

BCB clotheslines Chris and punches him before tossing him onto the mat. Brian comes in and hits a splash to both of his opponents in the corner before slamming them to the mat and tagging BCB back in. BCB then sends Chris out of the ring and hits a backbreaker as Brian hits a diving leg drop for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Bouncers defeat two local performers when Brian pins Patrick with a diving leg drop.

Silas Young vs Jonathan Gresham

They lock up and Silas backs Gresham to the ropes for a clean break before taking him down with a side headlock takeover before Jonathan reverses into one of his own. They get to their feet and exchange forearms before Jonathan hits an enzuigiri into a German suplex. Jonathan hits Silas with a running forearm for a quick two count before Silas boots him, Jonathan hitting another German suplex and another running forearm for a near fall. Jonathan hits a moonsault from the second rope before Silas rolls out of the ring and Jonathan hits a tope to the outside. Jonathan rolls Silas back into the ring and hits a shooting star press for a near fall before locking in an ankle lock that Silas rolls through and sends Jonathan into the referee.

Silas then low blows Jonathan and rolls him up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Silas Young defeats Jonathan Gresham via pinfall with a low blow and a roll up.

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