Ring of Honor Wrestling Television Results for 4/19/19 Episode #396 Bandido vs PJ Black

Kenny King vs Tracy Williams

They lock up to start the match before they exchange head locks and wrist locks before exchanging strikes. Tracy counters the Royal Flush for a two count before clotheslining Kenny and hitting a fisherman's buster for a near fall. Kenny then counters a diving cross body into the Royal Flush for the pin and the win.

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Winner: Kenny King defeats Tracy Williams via pinfall with the Royal Flush.

Reno Scum vs The Bouncers

 Adam kicks Brian and locks in a side headlock before Brian drops him with a shoulder block before clotheslining him. Brian hits a running splash in the corner and tags in BCB who clotheslines Luster out of the ring and hits a diving leg drop for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Bouncers defeat Reno Scum via pinfall.

PJ Black vs Bandido

PJ and Bandido lock up before exchanging wrist locks, PJ hitting a snapmare and a diving stomp before Bandido hits a Spanish fly off of the top for a near fall. They both miss moonsaults before Bandido hits his signature 21-plex for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bandido defeats PJ Black via pinfall with a 21-plex.

-We end the show with Tenille Dashwood backstage having been put through a table by Bully Ray.

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