Ring of Honor Wrestling Television Results for 9/21/18 Episode #366 Lethal & Gresham vs Young & Ray

Best Friends vs The Boys

Boy #1 and Chuckie-T start the match off with the Boy #1 before he and Boy #2 clear the ring. Beretta gets in with Boy #1 and Beretta catches him in the ropes before BF hit a crucifix cutter on the outside. Back in the ring Chuckie-T hits a sit-out powerbomb for a quick two count. Boy #1 hits a DDT before he's hit with a double chokeslam for a quick two count as we return to the action before Boy #2 gets a blind tag and hits a springboard cross body. The Boys then hit a lung blower/MX combo for a near fall before Best Friends win with a Dude Buster for the pin and the win.

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Winner: Best Friends defeat The Boys via pinfall when Beretta pins Boy #2 with the Dude Buster.

Kenny King vs Adam Page

They try to knock each other over until Kenny hits a drop toe hold into a side headlock and they end up on the outside where King sends Adam into the barricade and takes a picture with a fan. Adam comes back with a standing shooting star press off of the apron before Adam hits a suplex onto a pool toy. Adam hits a pump handle slam with a bridge for a quick two count before King drops Adam with a clothesline and a spine buster for a near fall. Adam hits a bridging German suplex for a near fall before turning King inside out with a slingshot lariat for another near fall. Kenny then counters the Rite of Passage into a roll up with his feet on the ropes for a near fall before Adam counters the Royal Flush and they exchange pin attempts until King wins with a small package.

Winner: Kenny King defeats Adam Page via pinfall with a small package.

Top Prospect Tournament Match

Dante Caballero vs Brian Johnson

They exchange standing switches before Brian hits a dropkick and Jeff Cobb comes down to the ring and attacks Dante for the disqualification.

Winner:The referee throws the match out after Jeff Cobb interferes for the third week in a row.

Bully Ray & Silas Young vs Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal

Ray and Gresham start the match off before Ray is quick to tag Silas in who argues with Ray until Gresham hits a dropkick that sends Silas out of the ring. Gresham slaps Ray from the apron before Silas tags him in and Ray starts to leave, but comes back and gets in the ring and hits a high angle back drop. Jay tags in and they both miss dropkicks before they exchange strikes until Ray drops him with a running cross body. Jay and Jonathan hit topes to the outside before they get back in the ring and Ray beats Gresham down until he hits a low dropkick and locks in an octopus stretch. Ray fights out of the submission attempt and chops Gresham in the corner and misses a splash off of the top before Silas and Jay come in. Jay hits the Lethal Combination to Silas before he and Gresham suplex Ray and hit a diving headbutt into a German suplex. Jay then hits Hail to the King before Gresham hits a shooting star press for a near fall that Ray breaks up before Silas hits Misery for the pin and the win.

Winner: Silas Young and Bully Ray defeat Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham via pinfall when Silas pins Jonathan with Misery. 

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